PensionPro - Cumulative Release Notes

This article contains a record of PensionPro release details following the early access launch of PensionPro 2.0.


PensionPro Release 5/1/2024


Enhancements in this release:


  • PensionPro ProPass: The ProPass add-on now provides subscribing firms with access to a learning platform containing interactive, self-guided courses on the use of PensionPro features.
    • A new Security Right, Access LMS, has been added for ProPass subscribers. This Security Right is used for billing purposes, and must be assigned to Employees before the ProPass platform can be accessed.
    • A Learning icon has been added to the PensionPro header at the top-right for users with the Access LMS Security Right. The ProPass platform can be launched from this icon.
    • A ProPass subscription includes access for 4 users. Access can be reassigned as needed. An additional monthly fee will be applied if the Access LMS Security Right is granted to more than 4 users.
    • Older ProPass content has been migrated to the new platform and will no longer be accessed via the Help Center.
    • For more information, refer to the article PensionPro ProPass.



PensionPro Patch Release 4/23/2024


  • The resolution for the issue affecting Contact & Employee deactivation via the API has been re-implemented following additional fixes.



PensionPro Patch Release 4/23/2024


  • The API fix specified in the prior release has been reverted to address additional issues that were introduced. This fix will be re-added at a later date.



PensionPro Patch Release 4/22/2024


Fixes in this release:


  • Data Collection – Value discrepancies between PSL and PensionPro: Resolved an issue where non-numeric characters typed with a Currency input field activated could, in some cases, cause the value to be displayed incorrectly in PensionPro.
  • Notes – Created By field is blank: Resolved an issue where a Note's Created By information would not be displayed.
  • PlanSponsorLink – File not being removed from My Active Tasks: Corrected some inconsistencies regarding File downloading on PSL.
  • Power Tools – Role assignments for inactive Employees: The Employee Plan Role Import Tool will no longer accept inactive Employees for Plan Role assignment.
  • Project Fields – Display/performance issues: Project Fields will now populate correctly and more efficiently.
  • Plan Cycles – Cannot delete Plan Cycle: Deleting a Plan Cycle with Data Collection on the Team tier no longer requires the Add/Edit Project Security Right.
  • API – Hidden items following Contact/Employee deactivation: Employee and Contact records can no longer be deactivated via the API if any active items are assigned to them.



PensionPro Patch Release 3/27/2024


Changes in this release:


  • Activity Logs
    • The Employee/Contact name has been added to each entry for all firm-wide log exports.
    • Available history for all logs has been reduced from 6 months to 1 month to resolve timeouts when retrieving large volumes of activity. PensionPro’s servers will still retain 6 months of activity data. An enhancement to restore user access to the full 6 months is currently in development.


Fixes in this release:


  • Annual Data Collection – Field does not roll forward: The prior year’s Date of Entry Collection Field now rolls forward properly when launching Annual Administration.
  • Dashboards – Grouped time values not updating: The Total Hours shown for groupings on the Time Dashboard will now be updated appropriately when filters are applied.
  • Document Specifications - Validation missing on Value: The Money Data Type no longer accepts non-numerical values in Document Templates.
  • Fetch, Merge Documents – Timestamp included with date: Resolved an issue that added empty timestamps to date-only items.
  • Reporting – Incorrect data type: Resolved an issue that caused currencies to appear as numbers in the Client Data Collection Summary report.


The following functionality has been removed from PensionPro:

  • Authorized Computer Management



PensionPro Enhancement Release 3/20/2024


Features in this release:


  • User Logs: Activity, Audit, and Authentication logs for PensionPro and PlanSponsorLink users can be accessed in-application.
    • Additional views have been added to the Contact tab for PlanSponsorLink users.
    • Additional views have been added to the Employee tab for PensionPro users. Accessing Employee logs requires the Add/Edit Employee Security Right.
    • Firm-wide logs can be exported from the Firm tab > General view.
    • Logged events are retained for 6 months. Audit and Authentication logs are immediately available for this full time period. Activity data is now logged as of this release.
    • For more information, refer to the article Activity & Audit Logs.


Enhancements in this release:


  • General: Implemented various reassignment controls and error messages throughout PensionPro to mitigate instances of data becoming inaccessible or otherwise difficult to locate due to the deactivation of Employees.
  • General: Refined warning and error notices for consistent language and formatting.
  • Dashboards: To-Dos and Proposals can now be reassigned directly from their respective Dashboards, similarly to Tasks.
  • Data Collection: Changes have been made to the Unlock Task functionality in the Business tier:
    • The Request step can no longer be unlocked as it has no PSL equivalent.
    • The Approval step will now always activate when all unlocked Data Collection Tasks have been completed.
  • Document Specifications: Library templates have been added for the Cycle 3 Cash Balance & Defined Benefit checklists.
  • List Values: The deprecated File Type Document Collection and all associated values have been removed.
    • This will not impact the functionality of existing Document Collection Projects.
  • Power Tools: Enhancements have been made to Power Tools to provide additional convenience.
    • A new action, Start Over and Keep Options, has been added to the Finish step of all Power Tools. If selected, the Power Tool will start over at Step 1, and where possible, will retain any options, column selections, and filters that were previously applied.
    • The Next button on each step now provides alternate actions allowing users to return to previous steps.
  • Projects: A warning will now be displayed when launching a Project with a future Start Date to avoid confusion over these Projects not appearing on Dashboards.
    • The My Projects Dashboard now shows Projects with a future Start Date. Project Start Date has been added to the Columns pane.
  • Projects: Completion percentages for Projects and Distributions will now be visible on the Plan tab within the appropriate views.
  • SalesPitch: The SalesPitch Import Power Tool has been converted from the Tooling Site into the PensionPro application.
  • To-Dos: Enhancements have been made to To-Dos, making them more useful and consistent with other PensionPro features.
    • The Created On field has been added for To-Dos.
    • The Comments functionality for To-Dos has been replaced by Notes. Existing Comments have been converted to Notes.
    • Created On and Plan have been added to the Columns pane of the To-Dos Dashboard. Filtering has been added to the Connection column.
    • Plan, Created On, Started On, and Assigned By columns have been added to the To-Dos List Report. The To-Do Link column has been renamed to Connections.
  • User Preferences: Options have been added to allow a user to reset their experience, notification, and search preferences to the application’s default values.
  • Worktrays: Changes have been made to Worktrays to reduce instances of "lost" Tasks:
    • Worktrays can no longer be deleted; instead, Worktrays are now either active or inactive.
    • Active Worktrays now require at least one Employee member.
    • The Reassign All Tasks In Templates option has been added to the More menu for Worktrays within Worktray Management. This option can be used to quickly update a Worktray assignment across multiple Project Templates.
  • API: The following endpoints have been added:
    • GET /v1/collectionitemfiles/{collectionItemFileId} – Retrieve General Web Collection Item
    • GET /v1/projects/{projectId}/collectionitemfiles – Retrieve General Web Collection items per Project
    • GET /v1/TransferredFiles – Retrieve Secure File Exchanges (all)
    • GET /v1/TransferredFiles/{transferredFileId} – Retrieve Secure File Exchange (single)
    • PUT /v1/projects/{ProjectID}/abort – Abort a Project
    • PUT /v1/tasks/{taskId}/TeamID – Reassign Task to Worktray
    • PUT /v1/tasks/employee/{taskId}/AssignedToID – Reassign Task to Employee



PensionPro Patch Release 2/21/2024


Fixes in this release:


  • General – Incorrect terminology: In-application references to NAIC have been corrected to NAICS.
  • Data Collection – Cannot import census: Updated an error message that incorrectly listed .csv as a valid file type.
  • Data Collection – Missing Collection Field: Resolved an issue that prevented an employee’s Separation Reason from being included on an exported Data Collection Report.
  • Document Specifications – Failed import: An error message will now be provided during import if multiple Specifications use the same Name.
  • Email Notifications – No email on Task reassignment: Resolved an issue that prevented notifications from being sent in some cases where Tasks were reassigned from Worktrays.
  • Fetch – Missing filter values: The appropriate options now display in the dropdown when using a Distribution Type filter.
  • Fetch – Narrow column widths: Columns in certain exported Fetch reports have been returned to an appropriate size.
  • PlanSponsorLink Preferences – Cannot remove Address Change Recipient Role: The None option has been added to the preference’s Value dropdown.
  • Projects – Hyperlink URLs visible in Review: Task Items containing hyperlinked text will now be formatted properly when viewed on the Review tab.
  • API – Links don’t persist when updating To-Dos: Resolved an issue that caused the ToDoLink entity to be removed when using the PUT /v1/todos/{todosId} endpoint.



PensionPro Enhancement Release 2/13/2024


Enhancements in this release:


  • List Values: A new List Value Type, Participant Gender, has been added under Core > Project. Values can be added to this List Type to provide non-binary options for the Gender Collection Field used on the Employee Census step of Annual Data Collection.



PensionPro Patch Release 1/24/2024


Fixes in this release:


  • Dashboards – Cannot group by column: Grouping can now be applied by the Date of Last Interaction column on the Proposal Status Dashboard.
  • Dashboards – Grid preferences not applied: Resolved an issue that prevented grid preferences from saving correctly for the Worktray Dashboard.
  • Employees – Cannot edit username: Resolved an error that prevented editing a blank Login Name.
  • Employees – Cannot set IDs: The Employee ID and Payroll ID fields will now correctly display an error message when less than three characters are entered.
  • Merge Documents – Unhandled exception error: Revised an error message to display more detailed information when a Merge Document cannot be created.
  • Secure File Exchange – Required subdomain selection: When creating a Secure File Exchange in PensionPro, the PSL Subdomain field will now be automatically populated if only one Subdomain is in use.
  • Time Tracking – Cannot edit Plan Cycle for Timeslip: Plan Cycles can now be selected where appropriate for Timeslips entered from the Project tab.



PensionPro Patch Release 1/10/2024


Fixes in this release:


  • Blast Email - Coding in received emails: Resolved an issue where hidden style coding was visible within the email body after sending.
  • Dashboards – Missing dates: The Census Requested date now correctly appears on the Milestones Dashboard.



Hotfix – 1/2/2023


  • Projects – Incorrect dates: Resolved an issue where PensionPro displayed the incorrect year for certain Project dates.


PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 12/28/2023


Fixes in this release:


  • Blast Email – Error displaying recipient results: Data validation has been added when using the Month End filter.
  • Dashboards – Incorrect sorting: Column sorting will now be applied correctly when column grouping is in effect.
  • Merge Documents – HTML in output file: The Sender Signature Merge Field will no longer insert HTML tags during Merge Document creation.
  • Merge Documents – Output file retains conditional coding: Resolved an issue where field coding was not replaced during Merge Document creation.
  • Plans – Cannot deactivate Plan: Revised an error message to indicate when active Distributions are preventing Plan deactivation.
  • Plans – Data not accessible after deactivation: Reverted a change in the visibility of Plan views that accompanied a feature currently in testing.
  • Power Tools – Value not updated: The Employee Role Power Tool will now correctly update the Show on PSL field for selected records.



Update – 12/4/2023


The following enhancement which was initially delayed is now available:


  • PSL Subdomains: Firms may now manage multiple PSL addresses.
    • When in use, PSL Preferences for each subdomain are managed individually under PensionPro > Preferences > PlanSponsorLink Subdomains.
    • A testing subdomain has been provided to preview changes before they are applied to an active subdomain.
    • Additional subdomain addresses may be purchased by submitting a Support request.
    • This feature is exclusive to the Business Bundle tier. For more information, refer to the article PlanSponsorLink Subdomains.


PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 11/30/2023


Enhancements in this release:

  • Power Tools: A new Field Update Power Tool is available for Files. Files that have been uploaded to PensionPro can now be managed in bulk via Power Tools > Field Update > Files.
    • The Data Deletion Manager has been updated to include Files that are Marked for Deletion by the above Power Tool.
  • Interface: Improvements have been made to PensionPro 2.0 to optimize navigation on mobile devices.
  • Plans: To further distinguish and safeguard against changes to a Plan which has been deactivated for all activity, only the General view of a Plan will be accessible after it is deactivated.


Fixes in this release:

  • Annual Data Collection – No employees imported: Added an error message when the census importer cannot identify records to import.
  • Dashboard – Cannot apply multiple sorts: Sorting can now be applied to multiple column groupings at the same time.
  • Distributions – Poor performance: Resolved an issue that resulted in long save times for some Distributions.
  • Document Notifications – Missing text: Resolved an issue that resulted in text being dropped from a Document notification email when an ampersand character was used in the email body.
  • Document Specifications – Sections missing from template: Resolved an issue affecting the visibility of Doc Spec sections and tags on older templates.
  • Events – Tasks Remaining count shows N/A: Resolved an issue that prevented an Event count from being available for Non-Recurring Projects.
  • PlanSponsorLink – Document tab inaccessible: Resolved an issue that caused the Document tab to load indefinitely.
  • Projects – Extendable Non-Recurring Projects: Extensions can now only be created for recurring Annual Administration Projects.
  • Worktrays – Cannot delete Worktray: A Worktray with a completed Task assigned to it can now be deleted without reassigning the Task.


The following features have been removed from PensionPro:

  • Express Import Power Tool
  • DOL Express Import Power Tool


The following services are no longer supported:

  • PensionPro desktop application
  • PensionPro mobile site



Hotfix – Released on 11/27/2023


  • Dashboards – Text wraps in column: Text in a column will no longer wrap to the next line and will instead be truncated if it exceeds the column width.
    • A new item has been added to User Experience Preferences: Wrap Text. When enabled, column text will wrap to the next line if it exceeds the column width. This option is disabled by default.
  • Dashboards – Poor spacing when grouping by column: Extraneous spacing has been removed, and grouping names will no longer be truncated.


PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 11/16/2023


Enhancements in this release:


  • Dashboards: Improvements have been made to simplify Dashboard use:
    • Columns can be added, removed, and reordered via the Columns Panel on the right.
    • Filters can quickly be applied to a column, or to the entire Dashboard. Filters may optionally be applied via the Filters Panel on the right.
    • Groupings can be expanded or collapsed at once using the arrow on the left side of the column header row. Each grouping’s expanded/collapsed state will be retained when navigating away from the Dashboard.
    • Hyperlinks have been added to relevant columns to open a record directly.
    • The following item has been added to User Experience preferences: Hide/Show Filter Row. When enabled, column quick filters are added directly underneath the column header row. This is enabled by default.
    • The following item has been removed from User Experience preferences: Dashboard Virtual Scrolling.
  • Secure File Exchange: Improvements have been made to the Secure File Exchange experience:
    • Secure File Exchange may now be added as a Default Tab in User Experience preferences.
    • The Accessed field in the Secure File Exchange tab on PlanSponsorLink will now update each time any Employee opens the file, regardless of who the original recipient was.
    • The following item has been added to Email Notification preferences: Secure File Exchange Accessed Email Notification. When enabled, a notification will be sent to the Employee who received the Secure File Exchange when another Employee accesses the file.
  • Contact Activity: The PSL Last Login field has been added to the Contact tab > General view. This field will populate with the date and time the Contact last logged in to PlanSponsorLink.
  • Power Tools: Improvements have been made to the Power Tools experience:
    • A user can continue beyond the Filters step without applying any filters.
    • Filters applied automatically by PensionPro based on Power Tool type are now visible to avoid confusion. These filters may not be edited or removed.
    • The Column dropdown that is used when adding a filter will now only show data that has been added as a Column Selection.
    • Hyperlinks have been added to the Selections grid to quickly open relevant records.
  • PlanSponsorLink: Improvements have been made to various PSL functionalities.
    • Managing company address information during Annual Web Collection has been simplified.
    • The notification email sent to the TPA regarding an address change on PSL is now more detailed.
    • Notification emails will now be sent when the Plan Sponsor uploads a document to a Project, Distribution, or Annual Web Collection.
    • Additional Recipient Email and Recipient Role items have been added to PensionPro Preferences to determine where the above document upload notifications are sent. Separate preferences exist for Project, Distribution, and Annual Administration documents.
  • Distribution Files: The access log that exists for Project files is now also available for Distribution files.
  • Account Maintenance: Account Maintenance has been migrated from the Tooling Site to PensionPro 2.0.
  • Error Handling: Error messages in some areas are now more detailed. Error logs are now available for more Power Tools.
  • API: Investment Providers may now be deleted from a Plan using the API.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 11/2/2023


Enhancements in this release:

  • Distribution Tab: The tab's title has been renamed from Project to Distribution to make it easier to identify.


Fixes in this release:

  • Blast Email – Error processing request: The Unsatisfied Collection Items column can now be used safely and will correctly appear on the Filters and Recipients steps.
  • Fetch – Query deletion error: Saved queries containing a column that includes the records above it can now be deleted without issue.
  • Interactions – Email not delivered: A resent Interaction will now be correctly sent to a Contact added as a BCC role.
  • Projects – Task not activating: The first Task in the next Task Grouping will now activate regardless of the order the Tasks in the Grouping before it were completed/overridden in.
  • Security Management – Security Rights not assigned: Resolved an issue where applying a Security Role to an Employee would not assign the corresponding Security Rights.
  • Account Maintenance – Cannot update payment information: Resolved an issue that caused the system to hang when attempting to update payment details.
  • API – Missing endpoints: ShowOnPSL is now available for Distributions, and OnHoldSince is now available for Plans.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 10/10/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Contacts – Multiple primary Numbers: Resolved an issue that allowed more than one Contact Number to be set as Primary.
  • Data Collection – Separation Reason not shown: Resolved an issue that prevented a participant's Separation Reason from being displayed on the employee census.
  • Merge Documents – Error messages in exported document: Corrected an issue from a prior update that caused conditional formatting to no longer function in some cases.
  • Power Tools – Incorrect Contact assigned to Role: Restored an error that displays if the Plan Contact Role Import tool detects two Contact records with the same name.
  • Project Templates – Error on export: A Template that contains no value in the Start Date Increment field will now export successfully.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 9/14/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Data Deletion – Cannot delete Distributions: Resolved an issue that prevented Distributions marked for deletion from appearing in the Data Deletion Manager.
  • Navigation Assistance – Incorrect link: The View 5500 link within the Navigation Assistance menu will now correctly navigate to the 5500 Forms page in FTW.
  • Interactions – Poor load times: Performance has been improved on the Interactions view of the Client tab.
  • Projects – Unhandled Exception error: Attempting to change the Period Start and End dates on Annual Administration Projects to a range that overlaps an existing Plan Cycle record will now return a more descriptive error message.
  • Time Tracking – Incorrect Time Code sorting: The alphabetical sorting of Time Codes from the dropdown within the Add Time Slip window has been corrected to disregard character case.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 8/24/2023


Enhancements in this release:

  • Fee Schedules Power Tool: A new tool for Fee Schedules has been added to the Field Update category of Power Tools.
    • This functions identically to existing Field Update Power Tools and affects Fee Schedules added to Plans.
    • The Start Date, End Date, and Status fields can be updated for Fee Schedules.
    • The Category field can be updated for Fee Schedule Items.
  • Blast Email Preferences: Terminology used within Blast Email Preferences has been updated for consistency across all users.
  • Email Notifications: When the Enable User Email Notifications preference in the Employee profile is set to No, the Email Notification preferences for individual features will now be grayed out and set to No.
  • User Interface: Icons throughout PensionPro have been adjusted for consistency in size. Visual improvements have been made to buttons. A visual indicator has been added to denote that a button is highlighted when using Tab to key through page elements.


Fixes in this release:

  • Fetch – Error exporting query results: Resolved an issue where hiding a column containing sensitive information would prevent Fetch from exporting the requested data.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 8/10/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Clients – Cannot find Client to reassign Plan: Resolved an issue that prevented Client names from appearing in the Search field when reassigning a Plan.
  • Integration – Navigation links do not open the Plan: Navigation Assistance once again directs to the correct pages in
  • PlanSponsorLink – Unable to request a Contact addition during Data Collection: Resolved an issue where the Add button would not be shown if the name of the Contacts step of Data Collection was altered.
  • Power Tools – Tasks not updated: Resolved an issue where the Task Field Update Power Tool would complete without adding an Event to the selected Tasks.
  • Project Templates – Unable to delete Task Grouping: Task Groupings containing a Task with a Status assignment can now be deleted without error.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 7/27/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Dashboards – "All" Worktray missing from Navigation Panel: The "All" Worktray option has been restored to the Dashboards menu.
  • Integration – Error when creating new integration: Revised an error dialog to provide more descriptive text when the FTW API key is invalid.
  • Projects – Unable to save unassigned Data Collection Tasks: Data Collection Tasks that previously had no Employee and Worktray assignments can now be saved without requiring an assignment.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 7/18/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Fee Schedules – Invalid End Date: Resolved an issue where the End Date of a Fee Schedule could be set prior to the Start Date.
  • Integration –  SSO Source Reference grayed out: The SSO Source Reference field can now be set when the PSL SSO Enabled option is not used.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 6/29/2023


Enhancements in this release:

  • Reporting: Changes have been made to improve Reports.
    • The More icon has been removed, and Save and Load buttons have been added to the header directly.
    • A Help icon has been added.
    • Report URLs have been changed from to


Fixes in this release:

  • Reporting – Projects missing from Report: The Project Field Values Report now shows all Projects that have the same name.
  • Search – Percent sign added in search history: The search history will no longer contain percent signs in place of spaces and special characters.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 6/22/2023


Enhancements in this release:

  • Company Directory: A listing of each Employee per Location is now accessible via a new icon in the PensionPro header at the top-right of the screen.
    • This functions similarly to the Company Directory in the Desktop application.
    • The Employees view within Location preferences has been renamed to Directory. Employees can be added to this view to show them under this Location in the Company Directory.
    • Multiple Employees can now be added to the Directory at once.
    • For more information, refer to the article Company Directory.
  • Location Rights Management: Changes have been made to make assigning and removing Location Rights easier.
    • Rights can now be managed per Location. A new view, Access, has been added within a Location’s preferences. Employees can be added to this view to grant them Rights for that Location.
    • Location Rights can still be managed from the Employee tab. When managing Location Rights in this way, an Employee can now be assigned Rights for multiple Locations at once.
  • Task Assignment Management: Changes have been made to make reassigning multiple Tasks easier.
    • A new option has been added to the Reassign Task window found on the Project tab’s Workflow view: Reassign current assignee’s remaining Tasks in this Project. Selecting this checkbox will also reassign the Employee’s other Project Tasks to the new Employee at the same time.
    • A new item has been added to the More menu in the Project tab header: Reassign All Tasks. This item allows Project Tasks to be quickly reassigned from one Employee to another. This functionality requires Manager Security Rights.
    • A new item has been added to the More menu in the Employee tab header: Reassign All Tasks. This item allows Tasks across all Projects to be quickly reassigned from one Employee to another. This functionality requires Manager Security Rights.
    • These changes re-introduce some functionality that existed in the Management Dashboard on the Desktop application.
  • Employee Plan Role Management: A new item has been added to the More menu in the Employee tab header: Reassign All Employee Plan Roles. This item will reassign all of an Employee’s Roles across all Plans to a new Employee.
    • This change re-introduces some functionality that existed in the Management Dashboard on the Desktop application.
  • Events: Tweaks have been made to provide additional convenience when using the Event Management Dashboard.
    • Column widths can now be resized.
    • Plan and Project names can now be selected to open the relevant record in a new tab.
    • The Projects drilldown now contains the Project Manager column.
    • Task details can now be edited directly from the Tasks Completed and Tasks Remaining drilldowns, similarly to other Dashboards. Additionally, double-clicking a Task in these drilldowns will open the Task in the Project Workflow.
  • Dashboards: Tweaks have been made to provide additional flexibility while using certain Dashboards.
    • The Assigned To dropdown on the Proposal Status and Revenue Pipeline Scoreboards now has an option to show items assigned to all Employees.
    • A new Worktray named All is available for users assigned to multiple Worktrays. The All Worktray shows Tasks from all assigned Worktrays. This can be set as the default Worktray in User Preferences.
  • Power Tools: The following Power Tools are now available in PensionPro 2.0:
    • Time for Billing: Marks any selected Time Slips as billed, preventing them from being edited or deleted.
    • To-Dos: Launches a To-Do item for multiple Plans.
  • Power Tools Interface: A new Start Over option has been added to each step within a Power Tool to restart from the beginning. Other minor visual updates have been made.
  • Feature Migration: E-Signature Templates have been moved from the Tooling Site directly into PensionPro 2.0.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 6/15/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • FTW Integration – Navigation Assistance links unavailable: The links to that were missing from the More menu in the Project tab have been restored.
  • Merge Documents – Incorrect ZIP code format: Client ZIP codes that start with one or more zeroes (0) will no longer have the zeroes cut off during the merge process.
  • Interactions – Not showing most recent: Resolved an issue where the most recent Interactions would not be displayed if the total number of Interactions was very large.
  • SalesPitch – Cannot add Proposal: Resolved an issue that caused PensionPro to hang indefinitely when the Add Proposal window was opened.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 6/5/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Data Collection – Employee Data does not load: Resolved an occasional system hang when accessing the Employee Data view in the Project tab.
  • Employees – Cannot remove Security Right: The Access SalesPitch Security Right can now be revoked from an Employee.
  • Event Management – "An unhandled exception has occurred": Resolved an error message generated due to Event requests timing out.
  • Fee Schedules – Schedule missing from Plan: Resolved an issue where a Fee Schedule for a Plan wouldn’t be displayed.
  • Projects – No "On Hold" Reason: The Alert dialog now shows the On Hold Reason on the Project tab as intended.
  • Search – Search Bar not cleared: Resolved an issue where some text would linger in the Search Bar after a search was performed.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 5/18/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Fast Blast – No CC sent to Plan Contacts: Fast Blasts will now be CC’d to any Contact Roles specified in the Blast Email Template.
  • Fast Blast – Improper Template sorting: Blast Email Templates will now be sorted alphabetically in the dropdown menu on the Create Fast Blast window.
  • Fetch – Mixed data types: Resolved an issue where Fetch would display 0 and 1 as No and Yes in number-based columns.
  • Plan Files – Improper File sorting: Administrative Forms will now be displayed in chronological order when sorting by Effective Date.
  • Search – No search results: The forward slash character (/) can now be used in searches.
  • Tasks – Cannot save values: Resolved an issue where Tasks could not be saved or completed if certain Task Items contained a value of 0.
  • User Interface – Improper dropdown sorting: Resolved some cases where values in dropdown menus were not in alphabetical order.



4/24/2023 Hotfix:

  • Dashboards – No refresh following Task completion: Resolved an issue that prevented the My Tasks and Worktray Dashboards from automatically refreshing after a Task was completed.


PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 4/20/2023


New feature: Fast Blast

  • Blast Email Templates can now be sent to one or more Plan Contacts directly from the Plan or Project tab.
  • Sending a Fast Blast is as easy as choosing a Template and selecting the desired Plan Contacts.
  • Sending a Fast Blast does not require Blast Email Security Rights.
  • For more information, refer to the article Fast Blast. Exclusive to the Business Bundle tier.


New feature: Email Image Hosting

  • Images can now be uploaded to PensionPro for use in Blast Email, rather than relying on an external hosting source.
  • Uploaded images can be inserted into a Blast Email Template via a dropdown.
  • For more information, refer to the article Image Hosting for Email.


New feature: Forwarding Interactions

  • Email and Blast Email Interactions can now be forwarded to a new Plan Contact, similar to resending an Interaction.
  • Only available from the Plan tab > Interactions view.
  • Original message cannot be edited, but a forward body can be added.
  • Exclusive to the Business Bundle tier.


New feature: Blast Email Error Log

  • In the event that a Blast Email fails to send, an error log will be made available showing the affected recipients and a description of the error.


Other enhancements in this release:

  • Date/Time Standards:
    • All dates now use a consistent MM/DD/YYYY format.
    • Fields that record timestamps (such as Created On, Updated On, etc.) now display the timestamp in HH:MM AM/PM format.
    • Grouping and Filtering ignore timestamps and only use date values.
  • Feedback Form: A link to the PensionPro Help Desk has been added to the Give Feedback window, allowing users to submit tickets for faster response to technical issues.
  • Power Tools – Field Update: The Active field can now be updated for multiple Contacts at once.
  • Timekeeping:
    • Time Slips on the Time tab are no longer broken up into pages.
    • When filtering by a custom date range, the date picker limits date selections to a 60-day period.
    • New preference added to PensionPro Preferences > Data Security: Allow Editing of Default Project Time Codes. When enabled, users can select a different Time Code when entering a Time Slip from within a Task. Disabled by default.
  • Warning on Refresh: The web browser will now require confirmation when a user attempts to refresh or otherwise navigate away from a page or form containing unsaved data.


API enhancements in this release:

  • Endpoints related to Distributions are now available.
  • Added ability to link with the Interaction POST endpoint.
  • TemplateDataValues is now exposed.


Fixes in this release:

  • Fee Schedules – Cannot enter negative amount: Fee amount values can now be either positive or negative.
  • Interactions – Entries not sorted by time: The Interactions grid will now display the Created On column containing a date and timestamp. The default sorting will be Interaction Date newest to oldest, followed by Created On date/time newest to oldest.
  • PlanSponsorLink – Incorrect Plan sorting: Plans starting with lowercase letters will now sort correctly in Grouped displays.
  • Projects – Currencies display incorrectly in Review step: The Review tab within a Project will now display currency values with a dollar sign and two decimal places.
  • Projects – Incorrect Period Start Date: Resolved an issue where the Period Start Date was being assigned incorrectly for Semi-Monthly Projects.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 4/6/2023


Fixes in this release:


  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Cannot enable MFA: Resolved an issue where changes made to MFA settings would not be applied. 
  • PlanSponsorLink Data Collection – Adding new Address instead updates existing: A new address added during the General step will no longer overwrite an existing address.
  • PlanSponsorLink Data Collection – Unexpected window behavior: Resolved an issue where adding an existing number with a new number type during the General step could break functionality within the Add Number window.
  • PlanSponsorLink Data Collection – Improperly linked Addresses: A new address added during the General step will now be linked to the appropriate Company record in addition to the Client record.
  • PlanSponsorLink Data Collection – Duplicate Numbers: An existing number added as a new number type during the General step will no longer create a duplicate entry on the Company tab.
  • Projects – Cannot complete Tasks: Resolved a rare “Sequence contains no element” error that prevented Task completion.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 3/23/2023


Fixes in this release:


  • Data Collection – Blast Email does not complete Task: Sending a Census Request Blast Email will now complete a Census Request Sent Task that contains required Task Items.
  • Plan Contact Roles – Cannot delete Website Rights: The Remove icon for Website Rights is now more responsive in certain situations.
  • Plan Contact Roles – Contacts receiving notifications from PensionPro: Alerts notifying a Plan Sponsor of changes to their email address now appear to be sent from PlanSponsorLink instead of PensionPro.
  • PlanSponsorLink – Information missing from Data Collection Report: The Data Collection Report will now include any "Add Contact" Change Requests submitted during the Contacts step.
  • Power Tools – Application hangs on import: Resolved an issue that could cause the Plan Notes Import to not execute successfully.
  • Power Tools – Timeout on Error Log export: Resolved an issue relating to error handling for Import templates containing an Excel formula.
  • Tasks – Incorrect Task reopening: Removing completion from a Task will no longer reopen Tasks in any subsequent Task Groupings.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 3/16/2023


New Feature: Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication


Firms on the Business Bundle tier can now enable Single Sign-On for their users. This eliminates the need to log in to PensionPro using a password, instead allowing a user's credentials to be managed by the firm's identity provider.


The preferences for Single Sign-On are now available within PensionPro Preferences, under the General > Single Sign-On view. Additionally, the following Security Rights are now available:


  • Manage Single Sign-On: Allows the user to manage SSO settings.
  • Secure Sign-On Exempt: Allows the user to log in using their PensionPro credentials, as opposed to logging in via the firm's identity provider.


For more information, refer to the article Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication. Please note that configuration details are only available for Azure Active Directory.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 3/9/2023


Fixes in this release:


  • Companies – Postal codes invalid: Non-US postal codes can now be added to a Company record.
  • DocuSign Integration – Duplication of signed Files: Resolved an issue where multiple copies of the same signed document were saved to Files after being returned from DocuSign.
  • API – Cannot retrieve Task status: CurrentTaskState is now available as a field within the Task model and can be used to return a Task’s status.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 2/23/2023

Fixes in this release:


  • Fetch – Export omits duplicates: A report exported from Fetch will now match the web results in regards to duplicate entries.
  • Files – Deletion Error: Resolved an issue where an accessed file could not be deleted.
  • PlanSponsorLink – Visible code in report: HTML tags will no longer be displayed with Contact Change Requests on the Data Collection Report
  • Project Templates – Unintentional Task Role reassignment: Resolved an issue where changing the Project Manager Role on a Project Template could cause a Task to be reassigned to that Role.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 2/9/2023

Fixes in this release:


  • Blast Email – From Role not required: The Edit Blast Email window will now display an error message upon saving when the From Type is set to Employee Plan Role, but the From Role field is left blank.
  • Blast Email – Incorrect Last Sent On date: Resolved an issue where the Last Sent On field within the Blast Email Templates grid displayed the day after the Blast Email was last sent.
  • Fee Schedules – Contents not copied: A Fee Schedule’s contents will now be included when an existing Fee Schedule Template is copied.
  • Plans – Unsaved On Hold status: Resolved an issue where the Edit General Plan Information window would not save updates made to the On Hold status.
  • Power Tools – Internal Server Error: The Contacts Import Power Tool will now execute successfully when performed in the Tooling Site.
  • Projects – Cannot unlock Task: Fixed a rare occurrence where Project Tasks could not be unlocked.
  • Projects – "Not authorized to view" error: Resolved an issue that prevented users from accessing Projects in certain circumstances.
  • Secure File Exchange – Incorrect item count: The item count in the Secure File Exchange Inbox and Sent views will now correctly indicate the total number of items.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 2/2/2023

Enhancements in this release:


Changes have been made to a number of PensionPro’s Power Tools to provide a consistent experience. These changes are detailed below. For generalized instructions on the use of these tools, refer to the article Power Tools.


  • Add Distributions: A new option, Select Participant Source, has been added to the Add Distributions Power Tool. This option determines where Participant data will be retrieved from.
    • Selecting Census Data will return a list of employees determined by Annual Administration census data.
    • Selecting Import From Spreadsheet allows Participant data to be populated via Excel workbook template. If this option is chosen, a blank template can be downloaded by selecting the More icon.
  • Clients/Plans Import: This Import has been broken up into the Client Import and Plan Import.
  • Employer Data Import: This Import is now the Company Information Import, under the Import > Employer Data category.
  • Notes Import: This Import has been broken up into the Client Notes Import and the Plan Notes Import.
  • Power Tools Interface: The following Power Tools have been migrated from the Tooling Site to PensionPro 2.0:
    • Add Distributions
    • Import: Client Notes
    • Import: Clients
    • Import: Company Information
    • Import: Contacts
    • Import: Employee Plan Roles
    • Import: Employees
    • Import: Investment Providers
    • Import: Plan Contact Roles
    • Import: Plan Notes
    • Import: Plans
    • Import: Services Provided



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 1/26/2023

Fixes in this release:


  • Blast Email – Incorrect Sender Role: The Sender Role selected on the Information step will now properly display on the Review step.
  • Data Deletion – Project was not successfully deleted: Resolved an issue that prevented Projects from being deleted in certain situations.
  • Document Specifications – Incorrect Status: Fixed a bug that caused imported Document Specifications to be assigned an incorrect Status.
  • Notes – Text box requires manual selection: The Note box in the Add/Edit Note window will now be selected for text entry immediately upon opening.
  • Power Tools – Incorrect Period Start date: Fixed a bug that caused the Plan Cycle Power Tool to set an incorrect Period Start date.
  • Projects – Invalid Extensions: Projects that are not of the Annual Administration type can no longer be extended.
  • Projects – Missing assignments: Resolved an issue where Tasks could become entirely unassigned if a Worktray was deleted.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 1/17/2023

Fixes in this release:


  • Blast Email – Error on Recipients step: Fixed an issue that caused an error in certain cases when Document Specification filters were applied.
  • Fee Schedules – Fee Schedule Order: Resolved an issue where Fee Schedule Items were displayed out of order after adding a Fee Schedule to a Plan.
  • Power Tools – Application hangs during import: Fixed a bug that caused the Document Specifications Import Power Tool to hang indefinitely.
  • Projects – Cannot scroll Task Items: Fixed a bug that prevented scrolling of Task Items in the Project Workflow when performed in the Firefox browser.
  • Projects – EINs with two hyphens: Fixed a bug that caused EINs entered in PensionPro for Data Collection to be saved with additional hyphens.
  • Proposals – Sales Referral Source: Resolved an issue where the Sales Referral Source was not saved when adding a Proposal.
  • SalesPitch – Incorrect Effective Date: Fixed a bug that caused the Service Effective Date to be set incorrectly during the conversion from Proposal to Plan.
  • To-Dos – Sorting: Completed To-Dos are now sorted in descending order of Completed On date.
  • User Interface – Grid icons unresponsive: Inline icons like Edit, Delete, etc. on all Grids have been updated to an increased clickable region size for improved user experience.
  • Worktrays – Cannot select multiple Tasks: Resolved an issue that prevented Shift-click from selecting multiple Worktray Tasks when Virtual Scrolling was enabled.
  • API – No property or field 'SoftwarePlanId' exists: Added "SoftwarePlanId" to internal data mappings for use with filter and ordering. Also renamed "ComplianceSoftwarePlanCode" to "SoftwarePlanId" within General Plan Information, and in Edit General Plan Information.



UPDATE – 1/13/2023 1:45pm ET

The following issues introduced in this release have been resolved:

  • Tasks – Incorrect Project opening: Fixed a bug that caused a previous Project tab to be shown when attempting to access a Project via a Dashboard Task.
  • Reports – Altered layout: The formatting of the Client Data Collection Summary Report has been reverted to its original state. An option has been added to separate the report's pages by Data Collection step.


UPDATE – 1/11/2023 10:30am ET

The following issues introduced in this release have been resolved:

  • Reporting – Value error: Resolved an issue that caused some values in the Client Data Collection Summary Report to display an error.
  • Tasks – Task assignments not saving: Changes made in the Reassign Task window will now save as intended.


PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 1/10/2023

Features in this release:

  • Click to Copy Path: Paths to local folders and files can now be copied from PensionPro 2.0 to the clipboard with a single click.
    • A path that can be copied is represented in bold type with a Copy icon on its right side.
    • Copied paths can be pasted into the address bar of a file manager for quick access to the file or location.
    • For more information on implementing this feature, refer to the article Local Directories & Paths.


Enhancements in this release:

  • Project Template Import: Changes have been made to improve the user experience for importing Project Templates from Excel workbooks.
    • The interface has been updated to match the interface for Import-type Power Tools.
    • Automatically add missing Project Fields is now an available option during import. When set to Yes, any Project Field referenced in the Project Template will have its List Value created upon import if a matching List Value does not already exist.
    • If an error is identified prior to import, a copy of the Template with errors highlighted in red will be available for download. Hovering over a highlighted cell in the Template displays more information about the error.
  • Teams & Worktrays – updated terminology: This feature has been renamed to Worktrays. All references to Teams have been removed from PensionPro.
    • Worktray settings are now found under Maintenance > Worktray Management (formerly Maintenance > Team Information).
    • Teams, Team Name, Team Role, Team Leader, and Team Member have been renamed to Worktrays, Worktray Name, Role, Leader, and Member.
    • The Worktray Listing report has been updated to reflect the change in terminology.
  • Worktrays – assign multiple Employees: The Add Employee window in Worktray Management now allows multiple Employees to be selected.
  • Employee Tab –Worktrays view: An Employee’s Worktray assignments can now be managed from their Employee tab.
    • The Add Worktray window allows multiple Worktrays to be selected.
    • Worktray assignments can be copied over from other Employees by selecting the desired Employee in the Add Worktray window.
  • API – Worktrays: Keeping with the above terminology changes, the endpoints teamMembers and teams are now Deprecated. They have been replaced with worktrayMembers and worktrays.


Fixes in this release:

  • Reporting – Inactive Contacts: The Contacts report will no longer return inactive records when the Active filter is set to Yes.
  • Reporting –Incorrect Percentage: The Proposal Status Scoreboard Report will now correctly display the Probability of Closing.
  • Reporting – Missing Contacts: The Plan Contact Roles by Plan report will now return all Contacts if multiple Contacts are assigned to the same Plan Contact Role.
  • Reporting – Visible HTML: The Contacts step of the Client Data Collection Summary report will no longer display raw HTML tags.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 12/29/2022

Enhancements in this release:

  • Document Specifications – Import Applicable Data Only: The Import Specifications option no longer imports all data, but only data applicable to the Plan.
    • This will not alter any existing Document Specifications data for a Plan until the Import Specifications option is re-run.


Fixes in this release:

  • Event Management – Resetting filters: Applied filters will now persist when transitioning between the Events page and the Eligible Plans, Projects, Tasks Completed, and Tasks Remaining drilldown screens.
  • Fetch – HTML in Employee Signature: HTML formatting will no longer be exposed when selecting the Employee Signature node in Fetch.
  • Files – No email popup: Resolved an issue that caused the prefilled Plan Contact notification email from being generated after files were posted to PSL from certain tabs/views.
  • Merge Documents – Missing dates: Fixed a bug that caused Project Fields with timestamps missing AM/PM to be omitted when added as Merge Fields.
  • Merge Documents – Name reverting: Resolved an issue where an updated Merge Document name would revert to the original name.
  • Power Tools – Incorrect Dates: Fixed a bug that caused the Selections view to show the wrong Completion Date for some Projects.
  • Plan Distributions – Sort order: Distributions are now sorted by In Process items first, followed by Date Completed in descending order.
  • PlanSponsorLink – Terms of Service formatting: All formatting options in the Terms of Service editor will now be applied correctly on PlanSponsorLink.
  • Reports – Persistent logo: Fixed a bug that caused the firm logo to display on the Project Notes report when Hide Logo was set to Yes.
  • Reports – Plan Count\Status on Web: The Plan Count\Status report will now generate properly in PensionPro 2.0
  • To-Dos – Sort order: To-Dos are now sorted by Due Date in ascending order, followed by Date Completed in descending order. If both dates are null, the sorting is performed by Title in ascending order.



PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 12/15/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • Blast Email – Missing Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumb links now display correctly when viewing a Blast Email Template.
  • Blast Email – Incorrect Merge Field values: Merge fields containing Yes/No values will now show as Yes or No in Blast Email instead of True or False.
  • Companies – Cannot delete address: Updated the error message to specify why an address cannot be deleted.
  • Document Specifications – Inactive Data Types: Data Types marked as inactive will no longer be available for selection in Document Specification templates.
  • Fee Schedules – Unable to edit Item: Resolved an issue where editing Fee Schedule Items triggered an Invalid BillingCodeId error.
  • Plan Cycles – Unable to edit Test Results: Fixed a bug that caused the Edit icon on the Test Results view to be grayed out in certain situations.
  • Plans – Project Sort Order: Projects in the Plan tab > Project view are now sorted with open Projects first, followed by completed Projects.



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 12/6/2022

Features in this release:

  • Power Tools - Employee Import: A new Power Tool for importing Employee records can be found under Power Tools > Import > PensionPro setup.
  • Projects - Abort Project: Projects and Distributions that have not been completed can now be aborted.
    • Aborting a Project immediately closes it and all incomplete Tasks with an “Aborted” status.
    • To abort a Project, open the relevant Project tab and select More > Abort Project from the tab header.
    • Aborting a Project requires the Task Override Security Right.
    • After a Project is aborted, a Note containing the Aborted Reason will be added to the Project’s Notes view.
    • The Aborted List Value under Core > Project > Project Status can now be edited if different terminology is preferred. This affects the Project Summary view, Dashboards and Worktrays, and PlanSponsorLink.
  • Distributions - Email Recipients: Updates were made to the Send Interaction window, accessible via the Send Email icon located on the Distribution Project tab > Distribution grouping > Information view.
    • The To field can now be edited to add or remove recipient email addresses.
    • A CC field has been added.
    • The following preference has been added to Maintenance > Preferences > Distribution > General view: Distribution General Email CC Plan Contact Role. This option determines the Contact Role email that will automatically populate in the CC field of the Send Interaction window. Multiple Roles may be selected.


Enhancements in this release:

  • Investment Providers - Account Name: A new field, Contract/Account Name, has been added to the Plan tab > Investment Providers view. This is a text field that can be used to denote the name of external investment accounts.
    • Account Name is an available field in Blast Email, Power Tools, Merge Documents, and Fetch.
  • Navigation - Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs will now truncate text when horizontal space is limited so that the current level is always visible. Items that have been fully truncated can be navigated by selecting their placeholder ellipses. Tooltips have been improved to display the destination of any truncated text.
  • Plans - On Hold: The functionality for Plans currently On Hold has been expanded.
    • The Plan tab > General view contains a new field, On Hold Since, to indicate the date the Plan was put on hold.
    • A popup dialog will now display for the Projects, Distributions, and Plan Cycles of an On Hold Plan warning that the Plan is on hold.
    • The following preference has been added to Maintenance > Preferences > PensionPro: Show On Hold Dialog On Client. If set to Yes, the above popup dialog will display on the Client tab to indicate that at least one of the Client’s Plans is on hold.
    • The On Hold Reason column has been added to the grid on the Client tab > Plans view to quickly indicate why a Plan is on hold.
  • Plan Contact Roles - Contact Search: In the Add Plan Contact Role window, the Contact Search field now alphabetically sorts by Company Name after Contact Name.
  • Project Tasks - Date Column: The Completed On column has been replaced with a Date column which displays the date that the Task’s State was last changed.
  • Project Tasks - State Column: The Overridden On column has been replaced with a State column which displays the current State of the Task.
  • To-Dos tab - Counter: A counter is now shown on the To-Dos tab indicating the number of To-Dos currently assigned to the user.



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 12/1/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • API - Invalid File ID error: A more helpful error message will now be displayed when requesting an invalid File ID.
  • API - Field binding issues: The Billable, CreatedBy, and UpdatedBy fields will now bind properly.
  • Distributions - Data Deletion error: Fixed a bug that prevented some Distributions from being permanently deleted via the Data Deletion Manager.
  • Employee Accounts - Login Name update: Fixed an issue where the Employee Login Name was not updated on-screen after being edited and saved.
  • Files - Blank File upload/download: Files with a size of 0 bytes can no longer be uploaded to PensionPro or PSL.
  • - Data import error: Phone number formatting in FTW should now cause imports to fail less often.
    • The following characters will be removed from phone numbers during import: dash, comma, parenthesis, full stop, and space.
  • Import - Incorrect error message: An appropriate error message is now displayed when an invalid Category is entered on the Note import sheet.
  • Import - Security Rights: Fixed a bug that allowed Employees to access the Global Employee Census Import without the proper Security Right.
  • Opportunity - Field update: A Company Name can now be added when editing an Opportunity.
  • Opportunity - Interactions: The Last Interaction field will no longer remain visible if all Interactions are deleted.
  • Projects - Completion of "Waiting" Task: Tasks with Task Items set to Waiting can no longer be accidentally completed.
  • Projects - Date validation error: Fixed an issue where a date validation error message on the Add Project window was not being removed after the error was corrected.
  • Projects - Edit Annual Data Collection: Data submitted during Data Collection can no longer be added to or edited once the Plan Sponsor completes the Approval step on PSL.
    • This applies to all Data Collection views on the Project tab of an Annual Administration project with Web Collection
  • Project Fields - Date includes Timestamp: Project Field answers with a Data Type of Date will no longer include a timestamp on the relevant Project Field views.
  • Project Templates - Cannot edit Tasks: Fixed an issue that prevented the editing of Tasks for Projects named "Distribution Request".



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 11/17/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • Data Collection Address - Add/Edit icons hidden: Fixed a bug that caused the Add and Edit icons to be hidden when existing address data exceeded a certain length.
  • API - Invalid/Missing File: Files will now be validated properly, and invalid/missing Files will be rejected.
  • Contact Details - Address not saving: Fixed a bug that prevented an address with a zip code of 9 digits from saving.
  • Data Deletion - “Project was not deleted successfully”: Fixed a bug that prevented certain Projects from being deleted.
  • Employer Data - Systems hangs on Save: Attempting to save an Employer Data record now displays an error message if the Period Start and Period End dates are the same.
  • Projects - HTML in Task Items: HTML markup now renders properly on the Review tab of a Project’s Workflow view.
  • Project and Distribution Files - Persistent Archived On column: The Archived On column will now be hidden upon a page refresh.
  • Plans - Multiple console errors: Fixed an issue where Plan extension data would be displayed in the web browser console.
  • Tasks-Waiting Status completion error: Fixed a bug where changing a Task Item from Waiting to Completed would require an additional save before the Task could be completed.
  • Power Tools - Year Validation: Dates in most Power Tools will now be validated to be a minimum year of 1900 and a maximum year of the current year + 50. The Project Creation Power Tool will have a maximum date of 6/6/2079.
  • Export/Export All - Redundant Export Dialog: The Export dialog available on some grids has been removed. All grids with Export/Export All functionality will now automatically download the file.
  • PSL - Sign my 5500 missing: The Sign My 5500 button will now appear properly regardless of the Data Display Type selected.



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 11/15/2022

Features in this release:

  • Security - IP Whitelisting: Firms now have the ability to restrict PensionPro access to specific IP addresses.
  • PSL - Projects Tab: The Projects tab has been added to PSL. Projects in PensionPro can be displayed on PSL, similarly to Distributions.
    • This feature is disabled by default.
    • The following items have been added to PensionPro Preferences > PlanSponsorLink: Project Title, Show Projects Tab.
    • The Plan tab > General view has a Projects on PSL option to allow a Plan’s Projects to appear on PSL. This is disabled for existing Plans.
    • The Project tab > General view has a Show on PSL option to toggle the individual Project appearing on PSL. This is disabled for existing Projects.
    • The Projects Website Right must be added to a Contact Role before the Contact can view Projects on PSL.
  • Projects - Project Status: Projects in PensionPro can be assigned a Status, similarly to Distributions.
    • Project Status has been added as a List Value under Core > Projects
    • Project Status can be selected as a visible column on Dashboards and Worktrays, and is available in the PSL Projects tab.
  • Projects - Automated Status Updates: Statuses can be applied to Tasks in a Project Template or Distribution Template. The Project or Distribution Status will be updated based on the Task that is activated.
  • Distributions - Web Collection: Web Collection on PSL can now be enabled for Distributions.
  • Distributions - Hide from PSL: Individual Distributions can now be hidden from PSL by disabling the Show on PSL option from the Project tab > Distribution grouping > Information view.
    • Show on PSL is enabled by default for existing and future Distributions.
  • PSL -Distribution Status Updated date: PSL displays the date that a Distribution’s Status was last updated.
    • For existing Distributions, the Start Date will be used if the Distribution is In Process. The Completion Date will be used if the Distribution is Complete. The date will be left blank if a custom status is in effect.
    • By default, Distributions on PSL are now sorted by Status Updated date.
  • PSL - Contacts Tab: The Contacts tab has been added to PSL. Contact Roles can now be reviewed by Plan Sponsors outside of Annual Administration Projects.
    • This feature is disabled by default.
    • The following items have been added to PensionPro Preferences > PlanSponsorLink: Contacts Title, Show Contacts Tab.
  • PSL - Contact Change Requests: The Request Changes window now presents a labelled form to Plan Sponsors, rather than a single text box. An email notification will be sent when a Contact Change Request is submitted.
    • These features apply to both the PSL Contact tab and the Contacts step of Data Collection.
    • The following items have been added to PensionPro Preferences > General grouping > Notifications: Contact Change Request Recipient Email, Contact Change Request Recipient Role
  • PSL - Document Upload Notification: An email notification will now be sent when a PSL user uploads a Fiduciary Document.
    • The following items have been added to PensionPro Preferences > General grouping > Notifications: Fiduciary Document Upload Recipient Email Address, Fiduciary Document Upload Recipient Role
    • Employees uploading Fiduciary Documents to PSL will not trigger the email notification.
  • PSL - Filtered display type: Filters can be added to the PSL display grid by selecting the Filters Data Display Type in the PSL User Preferences.
  • PSL - More options: A More icon has been added to the top-right of most PSL tabs.
    • Export and Export All functionality is now available for all display types.
    • Clear Filters is available for the Filtered display type.
  • PSL - Hide Help pages: The Help and Training Video pages can each be turned off for PSL users.
    • The following items have been added to PensionPro Preferences > PlanSponsorLink: Show Help File, Show Training Videos.

Fixes in this release:

  • Files - Accessed On Column removed from Web: The Accessed On column has been re-added to the Files views in PensionPro 2.0 along with any applicable data.



UPDATE 11/1/2022: A default "Accessed On" date of 1/1/2000 has been added to Administration Form Plan Files uploaded prior to this release to prevent them from being unintentionally displayed on PlanSponsorLink.


PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 10/27/2022

Features in this release:

  • County added to Client Address:  The County field has been added for use with Client addresses.
    • This field is available in Merge Documents, Blast Email, Fetch, and External API.
    • The Annual Data Collection County Required for Address Type preference has been added to Preferences > PensionPro > Annual Data Collection.
  • Distribution File Protection: A PlanSponsorLink user can no longer edit or delete files that were uploaded in PensionPro. Additionally, a PSL user will not be able to edit or delete their own uploaded Distribution File once the File has been accessed in PensionPro.
  • File Access Log: Plan and Project Files now have an Access Log that displays every occurrence of a File being downloaded (similarly to Secure File Exchange).
  • Merge Documents: The Merge Documents feature has been migrated from the tooling site to PensionPro 2.0.
  • PSL Terms of Service: The PSL Terms of Service editor has been migrated from the tooling site to PensionPro 2.0.
  • SalesPitch Conversion - Proposal to Plan: The SalesPitch Proposal to Plan Conversion feature has been migrated from the tooling site to PensionPro 2.0. Additionally:
    • During conversion, a Contact with a Proposal Role can now be assigned any existing Plan Role via a dropdown.
    • Alternately, the Contact’s Proposal Role can be copied over directly as their Plan Role. If the Plan Contact Role doesn’t exist, it will automatically be added as a List Value.


Fixes in this release:

  • User Search Preferences - Cannot expand categories: Changing the Expanded option for a category to Yes will now apply correctly.
  • System-generated Employee name update: For records displaying an Employee name where no Employee data is available, the system now uses “Pension Pro” instead of “Sys Admin”.



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 10/25/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • Blast Email & Power Tools - Filter icon alignment: The Filter icons on certain Blast Email and Power Tools screens have been properly aligned.
  • Dashboards - Grouped Item Count Incorrect during Page Load: The Dashboard no longer generates an item count until the page has fully loaded.
  • Distribution Preferences - Field Setup icons: The Edit & Delete icons have been disabled for the Default Fields entry to prevent accidental changes.
  • Distribution Preferences - Field Setup Required Fields: Changes that are made to the Required option in Distribution Field Setup will now be enforced as appropriate.
  • Grids - Filter icon color: Filter icons will now highlight white to indicate that a Filter is currently applied to a column.
  • Integration - Creating new FTW record from PensionPro passes incorrect EIN: PensionPro now feeds the most recent EIN, rather than the original.
  • Plan - Contact Roles: A Plan Contact Role can now be reassigned in the Edit Plan Contact Role popup window.
  • Projects - Task Reassignment: Reassigning a Task should now finish more quickly.
  • Services Provided Import - Internal Server Error: Attempting to import via Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > Services Provided no longer results in an Internal Server Error.



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 10/6/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • User Experience - Close All Tabs button moves the active tab: The Close All Tabs button no longer shifts the active tab after the Default Tabs preference is updated.
  • Project Files - Archived On column is shown regardless of the Show/Hide Archived option: The Archived On column now only displays for Archived Project Files.
  • Projects - Recurring Projects loading indicator: Fixed a bug that caused the loading indicator to spin continuously in the background behind the Confirmation alert popup window.
  • Tasks Power Tool - Unresponsive following refresh: Refreshing the Tasks Power Tool page during the Filters step no longer causes the session to become unresponsive.
  • ToDos - More Options icon missing: The More Options icon now appears on the ToDos tab as intended, allowing a user to clear filters, clear order and sorts, and clear grouping.
  • Secure File Exchange - Plan Name not displayed on grid: When a Plan name is selected while sending a Secure File Exchange, that Plan name now appears within the grid in PensionPro 2.0 and in PlanSponsorLink.
  • Security Rights - Access Query Tool: Fixed a bug that allowed login to the Fetch website after the Access Query Tool security right was removed from the user.
  • Worktrays - Incorrect Task is selected in grouped view: When Tasks are grouped in Worktrays, clicking on a Task underneath a collapsed grouping will now select the correct Task.



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 9/22/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • Blast Email - Zip code does not display: The Zip code will now be inserted properly when sending Proposal Contact mailing types.
  • Interactions - Date Error not visible: The error message explaining why a date is not valid will now display as intended.
  • Projects - Due Date Validation Error not disappearing: For non-recurring Projects, the "Due Date can not be before Start Date" error will no longer display when the Start Date is blank.
  • Projects - Task Items saving with invalid date: A date error will now appear under the invalid date, and the Task Item will not save until a valid date is supplied.
  • Project Templates - Yes/Not in good order Data Type: Project Templates containing a data type of Yes/Not in good order can now be imported without error.
  • PSL - PSL Branding not updating: PSL Branding changes will now update as expected.
  • Navigation Panel - Maintenance Menu unresponsive in Safari- The Maintenance menu will now respond to a Safari user selecting a menu item.



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 9/13/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • Distributions - Start Date does not automatically populate upon the creation of a Distribution: If a Start Date was not supplied during the Distribution Project creation, the system now sets the Start Date to match the Project Active Date. This correction extends to existing Distribution Projects which had blank Start Dates at the time of this release; the Start Date for these Projects should now equal the Active Date.
  • Prospect Contact Roles - Adding Prospect Contacts causes PensionPro to load indefinitely: Fixed an issue related to a Security Right error.
  • Data Collection Approval - Contacts step missing: The Contacts step now displays on the Project Data Collection Approval Status screen.
  • Grid Expand/Collapse Groups - Incorrect row being expanded: The correct row is now expanded when toggling a row state.
  • Project Templates -Dependent On and Activates columns: The Dependent On and Activates columns are no longer displayed on the Project Template Tasks editing screen.
  • Task Assignment - Reassignment ability: Changes that were made to Task reassignment functionality in the previous release have been reverted.

Features in the release:

  • Sortable Tables: There is now a clearer indication of where a dragged row item will be dropped.
  • Merge Document Templates: This feature has been transferred from the tooling site to a new tab in PensionPro 2.0
  • Secure File Exchange: This feature has been transferred from the tooling site to a new tab in PensionPro 2.0



PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 8/30/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • Task Reassignment - Access to Reassignment without Security Right: A user without the Reassign Task Security Right can no longer reassign a task to themselves by selecting “Assign to Me” from the Task Assignee icon.
  • Navigation Panel - Panel disappearing:Reducing the size of the browser window no longer causes the Navigation Panel to disappear.
  • Date Validation - Incomplete dates:Incomplete dates will no longer be converted into dates with a valid format and now cannot be saved.
  • Search Preferences - Updated Values not displaying: Editing and saving a Search Preference item now displays the new preference in the user interface immediately.
  • Project Tasks - Task Assignment Updated Values not displaying:Editing and saving a Task Assignment now displays the updated value in the user interface immediately.
  • Time Entry - Time Worked field flashing zero:When Saving a Time Slip, the Time Worked field no longer displays “0.00” after the Save button is selected.
  • com Integration - FTW Plans with null Plan IDs:Plans in FTW that are missing Plan IDs are now skipped during the automated update of PensionPro records, which should eliminate update errors.

Maintenance items in this release:

  • Changes were made to the way Application Preferences and Security Rights are stored to prepare for future updates.



Early Access - Released on 8/11/2022

Features in the release:

  • Export: The ability to export the Dashboard grid view has been added. The Export and Export All options are now available on the following dashboards: My Tasks, My Projects, Event Management, Scoreboard and Worktrays.

  • Filtering: The filtering function on column headers has been reworked to provide checkbox selection options. Checkbox filters have been added to the following grids: Blast Email Recipients, Power Tool Selection, My Tasks and Worktrays.

  • My Tasks Dashboard:Multiple records can now be selected for bulk reassignment, similar to the multi-reassignment in the Worktrays Dashboard.

  • My Tasks and Worktray Dashboards:Tasks can now be edited in-line from the My Tasks and Worktray Dashboards by hovering over a Task and clicking the Edit icon on the right-hand side.

  • Project Workflow View:Tasks within a Task Grouping can be reassigned more quickly by clicking the name of the assignee under the Employee column header, rather than drilling down to the Task Item level.

Enhancements in the release:

  • The background color of the selected row has been modified to increase contrast against the background color of the hovered-over row.

  • The default width for Notes within the grid has been increased for added convenience.

  • The Navigation Panel now remains expanded or collapsed after a page refresh.

Fixes in the release:

  • Project Tasks – The “Confirm Discarding Unsaved Changes” prompt displays multiple times: The prompt will now only display once.

  • General Web Collection – Unable to select multiple items:Multiple items can now be selected in the Collect section of the Data Collection view.

  • Project Creation Power Tool - Date Validation:Date entries will now be validated, and an error message will be provided when an invalid date is input.

  • Application Menu - Unable to navigate during Search execution: The Navigation Panel can now be used while search results are loading.



Early Access - Released on 8/04/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • PSL - My Active Tasks showing count for Documents when hidden: The My Active Tasks screen in PSL now correctly displays a count that includes the Documents tab even when the Documents tab is hidden.
  • Dashboards and Worktrays - Column Headers resetting after reloading: Column ordering is now successfully preserved after reloading the web application.
  • Projects - Projects not appearing on the Projects tab: Resolved an issue where Projects that were missing a Project Frequency value were being excluded from the Projects tab.
  • Document Specifications - Date Filter Issue: The created On and Updated On column filters no longer require a time to be entered.
  • Blast Email - Client ID display issue on the Recipients step: The Client ID now displays in the Recipients grid when selected.
  • Add Distribution Power Tool - Step numbers misaligned: Resolved an issue where the step numbers would become misaligned after completing the steps for the Add Distribution Power Tool.
  • User Account - Password Reset Issue: Resolved an issue where passwords were not being reset successfully.
  • Projects - Task Due date Validation: A validation message now displays successfully if a Due Date that is before the Task Active Date is entered.
  • Projects - Assigning to Worktray: Resolved an issue where the Assigned To Person field was disabled, preventing reassignment if the firm was no longer using Worktrays.
  • Project Creation Power Tool: Resolved an issue where the Date Value Validation would allow for Invalid values to be entered.
  • Data Deletion - Contacts: Resolved an issue where contacts were not able to be marked for deletion if MFA information had been setup for the contact.
  • Contacts - Activity Tab: The Activity tab now displays the appropriate information successfully.
  • Worktrays - Worktray name not appearing: The Worktray name now displays above the grid successfully.



Early Access - Released on 7/28/2022

Features in the release:

  • Event Management: Event Management has been converted to a Dashboard view in PensionPro 2.0. This is in lieu of the tooling site experience.
  • Single Sign-on: single sign-on through PensionPro 2.0 is now enabled.
  • Power Tools - Website Rights: The Website Rights Power Tool has been converted to PensionPro 2.0.



Early Access - Released on 7/19/2022

Enhancements in the release:

  • Add Distribution Reasons: Added the following Distribution Reasons:
    • 90-day EACA
    • Qualified Birth/Adoption
    • In-Plan Roth Conversion
  • Reports: The following reports have been enhanced:
    • Plan Contact Roles by Plan
    • Plans by Contact Role/Name
    • Project Field Values
    • Project Status by Task Completed
    • Status by Task by Employee
    • Status by Task Grouping
    • Tasks Completed by Employee
    • Time Review by Plan

Fixes in the release:

  • Fetch - Doc Specs Status column preventing export: Fetch now properly exports Locations > Clients > Plans > Document Specifications Pivoted, Status. 
  • Interactions - Error in adding Interaction: Fixed issue where errors presented when performing drag and drop for Interactions.
  • Power Tools - 500 error: 500 error messages experienced while using Power Tools now have more appropriate messages.
  • Power Tools - Filter issue: Fixed an issue related to certain filters in Power Tools disabling the Next button.
  • To-Dos - Line breaks in Comments: Fixed issue where line spaces were not recognized for To-Do Comments.



Early Access - Released on 7/13/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Document Specifications Power Tool (Field Update > Document Specifications)
    • Converted from desktop
    • Enhanced to include the ability to mass Mark For Deletion
  • Message for unsupported browser: PensionPro 2.0 now has the capability to display a warning banner if the user logs in using an unsupported browser.
  • Release Notes: When a new version is released, users will see Release Notes via dialog box upon login/refresh.
  • Security Management: The following features have been added:
    • Security Roles
    • Employee Security
    • Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhancements in the release:

  • Dashboard optimizations
    • Increased record limits: Reinstituted the "All" selection for My Tasks and increased record limit on My Tasks and Worktray Dashboards to 10,000.
    • Dashboard Virtual Scrolling preference: New User Experience preference. Select 'Enabled' to increase the loading speed for dashboards that contain a large number of records. Select 'Disabled' to allow for dashboard grouping to be collapsed by default each time the grid is reloaded.



Early Access - Released on 6/30/2022

Enhancements in the release:

  • Hyperlinks added to the following Reports:
    • Contacts
    • Contacts Linked to Plans
    • Clients
    • Multiple Project Status
    • Plan by Employee Role

Fixes in the release:

  • Completed Date incorrectly displayed when Census Request sent from Blast Email - Fixed issue where the date would show under the Overridden On instead of the Completed On column when the task was completed. 
  • Error when manually entering date: Fixed error when manually entering dates versus using the date picker.
  • Global Employee Census Power Tool: Fixed issue that was causing fields to not import correctly with the Global Employee Census Power Tool.
  • "Null" as string for participant's last name: Fixed issue where "null" could not be entered for participant's last name in Census Collection and Distribution on PlanSponsorLink.

  • Plan Type list value improperly checking Add/Edit Plan security right: Fixed issue where Plan Type did not load properly when user did not have Add/Edit Plan security right. 



Early Access - Released on 6/16/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Blast Email - Task Completed On showing wrong dates: Fixed an issue in Blast Email where tasks left incomplete would appear with a date of 01/01/1970 in the Recipients grid.
  • Client Category List Values not showing in grid: Fixed an issue where the Access SalesPitch Conversion Tool security right was preventing the Client Category List Values from showing in the List Values grid.
  • Description column missing: Now all grids related to Time have the description column, as expected. 
  • PlanSponsorLink Terms of Service saving: Fixed an issue with the PSL Terms of Service Editor not saving updates.
  • Project selected from Dashboard doesn't open new tab: Fixed issue where the project wasn't opening up correctly from the dashboard if another task from the same project was open. 
  • Yes/No dropdowns in Doc Specs - Fixed an issue where the Maintenance security right was breaking the Yes/No dropdown in Doc Specs.



Early Access - Released on 6/7/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Communication List - Add icon: Fixed issue where Add icon was hidden if Communication List name was too long.
  • Email Notifications not triggering for Task after Approval step: Fixed issue where email notifications were not sent after completing the Approval step for data collection projects.
  • Files - Type and Description: The description now updates appropriately when users edit existing files to change the Type input field.
  • Interactions - From field: The From field now automatically populates with the name of the employee who sent the email.
  • Row color of completed To-Dos: Fixed coloring issue for completed To-Dos under plans and projects. 
  • Task reassignment limit: Removed 25 task reassignment limit.
  • Time - Grid loading: Fixed continuous load issue when the date filter is applied to the Time grid. 



Early Access - Released on 5/26/2022

Enhancements and fixes in the release:

  • Add hyperlinks to Plans report: The Plans report has been updated to include hyperlinks that direct to the Plan in PensionPro 2.0.
  • Add Proposal error: Fixed issue where the "Add Proposal" dialog would load endlessly. 
  • Extra spaces in Plan name: Fixed issue where projects would not load if extra spaces were found on the Plan name. 
  • Fetch export not showing correct dates: Fixed an issue in Fetch where exporting queries with dates changed the dates.
  • Invalid zip code issue: Fixed issue where zip code was not being validated correctly for addresses in administration plans. 
  • Reassign tasks from a Worktray: Fixed issue where a maximum task reassignment warning of 25 items would trigger even if 25 items were not selected.
  • Unable to edit Address and Number used in multiple places: Now able to edit addresses that share the same address and but different types, as intended. 



Early Access - Released on 5/19/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Document Specifications Import Power Tool
  • Global Employee Census Import Power Tool
  • Plan Cycle Data Import Power Tool



Early Access - Released on 5/5/2022

Feature item in the release:

  • Grant Helpdesk Access to Employees: Users with the add/edit employee security right can now grant employees access to the PensionPro Zendesk Help Center in the web application.

Fixes in the release:

  • Dropdown Answers Not Maintained in Task Items: Fixed an issue where some selected dropdown answers would disappear when saving a Task.
  • Note Merge in Blast Email: Corrected an issue where text entered in a Note field in the desktop app was rendering incorrectly in a Blast Email sent from PensionPro web.
  • PlanSponsorLink step text read as blank and the title display as null - Annual Administration title fields are now required to be filled in for PSL, if the title is currently blank it will default to the name. 
  • Projects Not Loading: Fixed an issue related to an extra space in the Plan Name causing the Projects to not load when trying to open them.
  • Sorting Icon Missing on Long Column Names: Fixed issue where a long column name would push out out of view the Filter and Sort icons in the Selections Step of Power Tools. 
  • Titles in Annual Administration Preferences: Annual Administration Title fields are now required to have a value to avoid blank titles in PlanSponsorLink. If the Title was blank prior to this change, it will default to the set Name. To see to these preferences, go to Maintenance > Preferences > PensionPro > Web Steps > Annual Administration.



Early Access - Released on 4/28/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Missing Items from More Icon: The proper options in the More icon menu now display. 
  • Proposal Fee Schedule Item Edit Popup: Edit popup window now works properly when Edit is selected from the More icon menu.
  • Power Tools - Failed Count: Fixed issue where the number of failed records did not match records to update.
  • Incorrect Completed Dates When Locking Census Request Sent Step: Completed dates now properly display accordingly to the user's time zone. 
  • Unable to Contact from Communication List: Now able to delete a contact from a communication list from Contact > Communication Lists.
  • Web Template List Values Save & Open: When adding a new Template List Value, Save & Open is an option (instead of only Save).
  • Project Completion Date Incorrect: Fixed an issue where project completion dates were not displaying properly in the grid.



Early Access - Released on 4/21/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Account Maintenance: The Account Maintenance feature is now available via User Profile > Account Maintenance. Access is limited to those users with the Account Maintenance security right.
  • About: View the current tier, enabled add-ons, and links to legal pages via User Profile > About.
  • Email Address Change Notification: A new Notifications preference type, Enable Email Address Notification Change, has been added. If this preference is set to 'Yes,' a contact will receive a notification that their email address had been changed in PensionPro. The email notification will be sent to the existing and updated email addresses of the contact. The subject and body text of the emails may be customized.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for PlanSponsorLink: MFA can now be enabled for PlanSponsorLink users. For more information, please visit PensionPro Web - Using Multi-Factor Authentication for PlanSponsorLink.
  • Power Tools added
    • Field Update - Document Specifications, Investment Providers
    • Plan Cycles
    • Plans - Services Provided
  • Power Tool Error Log: Available for Communication Lists. This allows for in-app viewing of errors produced by the Power Tool. The log can be viewed in the grid or exported. In the Error Log, individual items related to messages will include hyperlinks for quick access.

Enhancements in this release:

  • Power Tools Language: Modification to language in Power Tools for standardization purposes.
  • Field Update Power Tool - Finish and Review Steps: Updated the Review and Finish steps to display:
    • Records to update
    • Selected field
    • Update value to or Remove [field name]



Early Access - Released on 4/7/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Date Sorting: Fixed issue with sorting by date on the Time grid.
  • Archived Notes: Notes now appropriately archive for Plan Cycles.
  • Add/Edit Employee Security Right: Fixed issue where security rights for Add/Edit Employee were not properly enforced.



Early Access - Released on 3/24/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Power Tools added
    • Field Update - Clients, Contacts, Plan Cycles, Plans, Projects, Tasks
    • Plan Cycles
    • Plans - Employee Plan Roles, Fee Schedules, Plan Contact Roles

Enhancements in this release:

  • Display Density Updates: In User Experience preferences, Display Density (previously Grid Display Density) now affects more views in the system besides data grids. This includes General Information, Project Workflow, and Power Tool Options screens, among others.
  • Tab Bar Usability: 
    • Tabs are now more compact to allow for more visible Tabs at one time.
    • Further information about the Tab's contents can be previewed via a tooltip (hover over the Tab to see more).
    • Close buttons on Tabs have an expanded click area that improves usability.



Early Access - Released on 3/17/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Blast Email Merge Field Issue: Resolved issue related to plan names ending with a number displaying as a date in the email.
  • Highlight Not Displaying for To-Dos: Fixed bug where newly added to-dos were not highlighted.
  • Fetch Export Not Showing Correct Dates: Fixed issue with Fetch query dates not exporting properly to Excel.
  • Task Items - Complete Button Erroneously Active: Fixed bug where Complete button would activate even when all of the required checkboxes were not selected. 
  • Clickable Are for Checkbox: Increased "clickable" area for checkbox inputs for Task Items.



Early Access - Released on 2/24/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Email Notifications - User preference: If Notifications are set to 'Controlled by User,' the user no longer requires the Add/Edit Employee security right to set their preference.
  • Interaction Detail - More Option Issue: A disabled 'Resend Interaction' option is now visible for all interactions that cannot be resent (for UI visibility). 
  • Sorting on Milestones: Sorting now remains active when switching 'Assigned-To' on the Milestone Dashboard.
  • Event Management Column Header: Header on the column for Event Name was updated to remove the word "Test."
  • Other Businesses Owners Data Not Displaying: Data now shows as intended under 'Other Business Owners' grid. 
  • Plan Cycles - Dates Displaying Incorrectly: Date values no longer display previous day's date for 5558 Filed Date, Assets Requested, Census Requested, Form Filing Due Date, Plan Cycle Completed.



Early Access - Released on 2/10/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Line break in file description: Introduced fix to allow line breaks in file descriptions.
  • Sorting and Filters: Sorts and filters no longer hold for hidden columns. 
  • Tabs after deletion: Project/Distribution/Location will now show as an unauthorized page if the tab is accessed after deletion.
  • Reassign Task icon: Fixed continuous loading when making an assignment via Reassign Task icon. 



Early Access - Released on 1/27/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • User Experience tab issues: Fixed empty value for 'Remember My Grid Preferences' when accessing it for the first time. Also, the Default Tabs no longer show duplicate tabs when selecting 'Add all Tabs'.
  • To-Dos - Grid filter: Fixed issue related to filtering with specials characters in the To-Dos grids (Project, To-Dos and Contacts). 
  • Merge Doc - Project level issue: Fixed an issue with Merge Documents on the Project level where Merge Fields weren't showing up as ***Missing Data*** for a Merge Value.
  • Search Screen Results: Fixed continuous loading when performing search after modifying security rights. 
  • Create Merge Documents Tooltip: Fixed "undefined" tooltip for Create Merge Documents. 
  • PSL Employee Step - Date issue: Fixed time zone issue where the date would save one day behind on PSL.
  • Employee Data Export Report: A new report which allows users with access to management reports to export a list of all active employees along with details about login and contact information.
  • Report fixes:
    • Plans Missing Projects Types Report
    • Worktray Tasks Report



Early Access - Released on 1/20/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • To and From fields now auto-populate properly when creating an Interaction from the Contact screen.
  • Resolved an issue related to incorrect dates input into PlanSponsorLink saving versus displaying an error.
  • Adjusted tooltips on the screen tabs so it's displayed accurately when hovered.
  • On Milestones Dashboard, resolved filter not being honored on all Date-Type columns.
  • If an attempt is made to remove the SalesPitch security right for a user with assigned Proposals, an error will display: "This Employee has Proposals assigned to them and deleting the 'Access SalesPitch' security right will remove this Employee from the Scoreboard. Only Employees with the 'Access SalesPitch' security right will be able to view this Employees' Proposals through Search."
  • Fixed the search function to allow searching for a contact by their email address.
  • The following reports were corrected:
    • Distribution Project Status by Task
    • Distribution Project Status by Task Grouping
    • Employee Security Rights
    • Plans Missing Fee Schedules
    • Project Status by Task



Early Access - Released on 1/13/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Project Manager's Dashboard: Brand new dashboard that provides project managers complete visibility over the projects they manage.
  • SalesPitch for the Web:
    • Add Data Menu: Prospects, Opportunity, and Proposal - Add data for Prospects, Opportunity, and Proposal on the web from the navigation panel.
    • Prospect Screen - Create or modify the following data inputs within the Sales Pitch Prospects: General Information, Opportunities, Prospect Contact Roles, To-Dos, Files, Interactions, Notes.
    • Opportunity Screen - Create or modify the following data inputs within the SalesPitch Opportunity: General Information, Proposals, To-Dos, Files, Interactions, Notes.
    • Proposal Screen - Create or modify the following data inputs within the SalesPitch Proposal: General Information, Services, Investments, Fees, People, To-Dos, Files, Interactions, Notes.
    • Scoreboard: Revenue Pipeline - View all Proposals assigned and create them directly off of the board.
    • Scoreboard: Proposal Status - View all Opportunities assigned and add create them directly off the board.
    • Scoreboard: Prospects - View all Opportunities assigned and add create them directly off the board.
    • Search: SalesPitch - The search function now captures SalesPitch related categories.
    • List Value Screen - Create or modify and set default list default values for the following SalesPitch features: Contact List Type, File Types, Investment, Proposal. Prospect.



Early Access - Released on 12/30/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Clear Order and Sorts was disabled even when the sort/filters were activated when toggling through 'Show Archived'
  • Project Template grouping issues
  • Documents improperly marked as accessed; consequently, the task from the PSL user's My Active Tasks was removed
  • Multiple clicks were required on Reassign and Assign to Me button
  • Filtering on Milestones Dashboard adjusted to apply on Census Requested, Census Received
  • Data now refreshes in real time when changes are made to Plan Cycles
  • Sending email notifications related to Data Collection
  • Employer Data now refreshes in real time
  • To-Do subtab now updates within a project, contact, plan, etc. when modified while the To-Do Dashboard tab is open
  • Plans Report correction
  • Plans Missing Projects Report correction



Early Access - Released on 12/21/2021

Feature items in the release:

  • Drag and Drop Outlook items to create Interactions (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome only)

Feedback items in the release:

  • Search enhancements
    • Ability to rearrange order of search results
    • Ability to show expanded results immediately
  • Dashboard automatic refresh
  • Project Task usability enhancements
    • Task items are now highlighted in green to easily show completed status
    • Complete button on Tasks now automatically floats under the last task item for easier availability
    • Task items now save automatically when completing a Task with unsaved changes
  • Dashboard tab preferences
    • Ability to pin Dashboards onto user's default list of tabs
    • Ability to place Dashboards in desired order
  • Set password in Contact > General Information screen

Fixes in the release:

  • Save and Open screen loading issue



Early Access - Released on 11/18/2021

Feature items in the release:

  • Document Specifications Maintenance
  • Plan and Portal User Linking Screens
  • Client, Plan and Contact Linking
  • Project Review Tab

Feedback items in the release:

  • Dashboard and Worktray More Button

Fixes in the release:

  • Project Task Item hyperlinks not displayed correctly
  • Plan Investment Details report correction
  • Grouping by Follow-up date format
  • Endless spinner loading Tasks on return to a Project
  • Unable to add an Employee to a Firms Location
  • Inactive Employees displayed in Employee Plan Role Add/Edit pop-ups
  • Task Items were displayed in other Tasks during Project editing
  • Duplicating Blast Email Template not authorized



Early Access - Released on 10/28/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Blast Email was not completing the Census Request Sent Task when sending
  • Blast Email was not following the application preferences regarding batch size and sending pause
  • Blast Email was not marking Interactions with an identifier when there was no subject line
  • Project files were incorrectly being marked as accessed when opening them from the web application
  • File uploads with special characters were not being translated correctly into a file name
  • Plan Investment Details Report had multiple filters that contained special characters that prevented the report from generating filters



Early Access - Patch Released on 10/10/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Worktray Task Reassignments were not accessible by users if they were not assigned the Maintenance Security Right
  • Blast Email would not create Interactions with an extremely long sender email address.
  • Interactions created by Blast Email would use the name and email address of the person sending the blast, not the sender assigned
  • Newly added attachments to Blast Emails would not be attached even though the email would be sent.  Existing email templates with attachments would still send correctly.



Early Access - Released on 10/7/2021

Feature items in the release:

  • Blast Email
  • Team Information
  • Bulletins
  • Distribution Preferences
  • Communication Lists
  • Data Deletion

Feedback items in the release:

  • Add time slip popup to include plan
  • Easily close all open tabs
  • Increase Dashboard and Worktray Items per page maximum to 500
  • Plan Name added to Project tab
  • Views column width adjuster
  • Adjust Grid Display Density

Fixes in the release:

  • Adding Contact linked to a Company
  • Add/Edit Security Right Enforcement
  • Project Due Date cannot be before Start Date



Early Access - Released on 9/21/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Emails sent from Plan Contact Roles screen now contain CC's
  • Plan Services Provided service name editing prevented
  • DocuSign settings tab name corrected



Early Access - Released on 9/15/2021

Items in the patch release:

  • Status by Task report filter fix
  • Follow-up Date filtering fix on Worktrays



Early Access - Released on 9/2/2021

Items in the feature release:

  • Project Task Assignment Identification and Reassignment (Feedback)
  • Missing Worktrays (Feedback)
  • Project Template Editing
  • PensionPro Application Preferences
  • List Value Maintenance



Early Access - Released on 8/9/2021

Features converted in the initial release:

  • Dashboards and Worktrays
  • Reporting and Fetch
  • Companies, Clients, Plans & Projects
  • Time tracking and Time Code maintenance
  • Adding new data
  • Merge Documents, Secure File Exchange
  • Firms and Locations
  • E-Signature and FTW Integrations
  • Distributions and new power tool