Managing PlanSponsorLink Users

PlanSponsorLink is the bridge between the data stored within PensionPro and the TPA's Plan Contacts, and provides a convenient means for accessing and managing Plan information. There are a variety of settings that influence a Contact's experience on PSL, and many of these must be managed by the TPA. This article provides instructions for establishing and overseeing Contacts using PlanSponsorLink.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Any active Contact stored in PensionPro can access PlanSponsorLink, so long as they possess the firm's unique URL ( However, PSL functionality is limited unless the individual is added as a Plan Contact Role and assigned appropriate Website Rights.


The following features are available for all PlanSponsorLink users:



All other features will be discussed later in this article, in the section Website Rights for Plan Contacts.




First-Time Users


To log in to PlanSponsorLink for the first time, a Contact should perform the following steps. Note that the Contact will need to be provided with the firm's unique PlanSponsorLink URL before beginning.


  1. Navigate to PlanSponsorLink via the link provided by the TPA.
  2. Select First Time User? at the bottom of the login area. The First Time User Registration window will display.
  3. Provide the email address that the TPA has on file.
    • This is likely the email address that received the invitation to PlanSponsorLink.
  4. Select Submit. An email will be sent to the provided address containing a temporary password.
  5. Return to PlanSponsorLink and log in using the email address and temporary password.
  6. Select Sign In.
  7. Complete the process to change the password to something more memorable.



Resetting a Password


Security Rights Required: Manage Contact Security


PlanSponsorLink provides users with two self-service options for changing their passwords:


  1. For users unable to log in: the Forgot password? link at the bottom of the login area on the PSL landing page. A temporary password will be received via email, and must be changed following the next successful login.
  2. For users who have successfully logged in: The Change Password option in the dropdown menu found at the top-right of the page, next to the user's name.


Note: A password cannot be reset until the user logs in to PlanSponsorLink for the first time. Refer to the section First-Time Users, above.


If necessary, a user's password can also be updated manually by an Employee:


  1. Open the Contact tab for the desired user.
  2. Select the General view from the list on the left. The General Information grid displays.
  3. Select Moremore_options.png at the top-right of the grid, then select Set Password. The Set Password window opens.
  4. A New Temporary Password will be automatically generated by PensionPro.
    • This password may be altered or overwritten, if desired.
    • This password will only be visible once. A new password will be generated the next time the Set Password window is displayed. If necessary, make a note of the password prior to saving it.
  5. Select Save. The new password will be applied to the user's PlanSponsorLink account.
    • Remember to communicate the new password to the user; they will not receive a notification email advising them of the change.



Website Rights for Plan Contacts


Tier Availability: Team, Business


Most PlanSponsorLink features are reserved for Plan Contacts—the persons outside of the TPA firm who have some responsibility in the management of a Plan. However, it may not be appropriate for all Plan Contacts to have access to all of the data available on PSL. For example, certain Plan Contacts may not perform Annual Data Collection, or should not have access to fiduciary documents. These permissions are managed in the form of Website Rights.


Website Rights may only be given to Contacts who have been assigned to a Plan Contact Role. These Rights can be managed individually on the Plan tab, or across multiple Contacts using Power Tools.



Managing via the Plan Tab

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Plan


To edit a Plan Contact's Website Rights:


  1. Open the desired Plan in a new Plan tab.
  2. Select the Contact Roles view from the list on the left. The Plan Contact Roles grid displays.
  3. Hover over the desired Contact Role and select Editedit.png on the right-hand side. The Edit Plan Contact Role window displays.
  4. Use the Website Rights dropdown to select the desired Rights.
    • Multiple Website Rights can be added
    • Select Add all rights to quickly assign all available Website Rights.
  5. When satisfied, select Save.


Note: If a Contact is assigned to multiple Roles on the Plan, any changes to Website Rights will be applied to all of that Contact's Roles.



Managing via Power Tools

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools


Website Rights may also be managed for Contacts across multiple Plans using the Website Rights Power Tool, located under Power Tools > Website Rights.


Step 1 of the Website Rights Power Tool is where the desired outcome is chosen. Rights can be added to or removed from Plan Contact Roles.


If adding Website Rights, select the desired Right(s), as well as the desired Plan Contact Role. The chosen Website Rights will be added to this Contact Role for all Plans selected in Step 3 of the tool.


If deleting Website Rights, no additional settings need to be chosen in Step 1. Each line returned in Step 3 represents a single Website Right for a single Plan Contact. The Website Rights selected during this step will be removed from their respective Contacts.


For more information, refer to the article Power Tools.



List of Website Rights


The following lists detail each Website Right and what permission it grants a Plan Contact on PSL.


Annual Data Collection

Approval The user can approve and submit Annual Data Collection.
  • The user must also be assigned at least one other Annual Data Collection Website Right to access the Approval step.
Businesses The user can complete the Businesses step of Annual Data Collection.

The user can view and request changes to Plan Contacts on the Contacts tab in PSL, and can complete the Contacts step of Annual Data Collection.

Employee Census

The user can complete the Employees step of Annual Data Collection.

Employer Census The user can complete the General, Company, Family, Plan, and 5500 steps of Annual Data Collection.
The user can complete the Principals step of Annual Data Collection.



Add/Edit/Delete Fiduciary Documents

The user can upload Fiduciary files via the Documents tab. These are added to the Fiduciary Files view of the Plan tab in PensionPro.

  • The user may also edit and delete Fiduciary files if granted the View Fiduciary Documents Website Right.
Administrative Forms The user can view files uploaded to the Administrative Forms view of the Plan tab in PensionPro.
Plan Documents The user can view files uploaded to the Legal Plan Files view of the Plan tab in PensionPro.
The user can view documents uploaded to the Plan's linked Projects (Business) or Plan Cycles (Team).
View Fiduciary Documents
The user can view files uploaded to the Fiduciary Files view of the Plan tab in PensionPro.



Distribution The user can view the status of Distributions on the Distributions tab in PSL, and can view and approve Web Collection for Distributions.
General Web Collection The user can complete and approve General Web Collection.
The user can view the status of Projects on the Projects tab in PSL.




Removing Access


Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Contact


If a user needs to have their access to PlanSponsorLink restricted or revoked for any reason, perform the below steps as necessary.


Remove Website Rights

Use the instructions found in the above section Website Rights for Plan Contacts to remove any or all Website Rights from the Plan Contact Role. This will restrict the Plan information that the user will have access to view in PSL.


Remove the Plan Contact Role

Deleting the user from all of a Plan's Contact Roles will prevent the user from accessing all Plan-related information. The user will still have access to Secure File Exchange and Bulletins. Refer to the article Plan Contact Roles.


Deactivate the User

A Contact set to an inactive state will no longer be able to log in to PlanSponsorLink. Refer to the article Adding, Deactivating, or Deleting a Contact.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • What Website Rights should I assign if I only want a Plan Contact to have access to Secure File Exchange?
    Actually, the best option here is to assign no Website Rights. The Plan Contact will still be able to log in to PSL, use Secure File Exchange, and view Bulletins, but will not have access to any other tabs, documents, or Data Collection tasks.

  • If I deleted a Plan Contact Role from a Plan by accident, do I need to reassign Website Rights for this Contact after they are re-added?
    Yes, Website Rights will need to be added to this Plan Contact again.

  • Can I add myself as a Plan Contact to multiple Plans with full Website Rights to view Plan information on PlanSponsorLink?
    PensionPro does not recommend providing Employees with Website Rights on client Plans, unless necessary for troubleshooting purposes. Doing so could cause interruptions to the Data Collection process or result in the Plan Sponsor approving data that was changed without their knowledge.

  • Can I see when the Contact last logged in to PlanSponsorLink?
    Yes; refer to the PSL Last Login field on the General view of the user's Contact tab.



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