Navigating PensionPro

The Navigation Panel is the menu that is found on the left-hand side of any screen in PensionPro. From here, all of PensionPro's features can be accessed in just a few clicks. Adding data, viewing Dashboards, running Power Tools and generating Reports all starts here. This article outlines all of the functionality that can be accessed from the Navigation Panel.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Add Data


The Add Data menu is a one-stop shop for adding new records and other data to PensionPro. A user can quickly add the following items:


  • Clients – Companies or entities owning the plans that are administered by the TPA firm.
  • Contacts – Contact information for individuals known to the TPA firm.
  • Distributions – Projects customized for processing distributions.
  • Employees – User accounts for administrators and other roles.
  • Interactions – Records of client outreach and communication.
  • Opportunities – Companies who have expressed interest in the firm's services.
  • Plans – The retirement plans administered by the firm.
  • Projects – Workflows to manage the processes used in plan administration.
  • Proposals – Plan prototypes to sell to a potential client.
  • Prospects – Potential sales leads in Contact or Company form.
  • To-Dos – One-off tasks outside standard workflow.





The Communications menu houses the following features:


  • Blast Email – Send customized emails to many Contacts in just a few steps.
  • Bulletins – Post files to PlanSponsorLink for all users to access.
  • Communication Lists – Create lists of Contacts for mass mailings.
  • Merge Documents – Construct a Word template that can be quickly populated with PensionPro data.
  • Secure File Exchange – Send files to Plan Sponsors through secure channels.





The Dashboards available in this menu provides users with high-level overviews of PensionPro data. These Dashboards are described in detail in the article Dashboard Basics.





Security Rights Required: Maintenance


The Maintenance menu contains a number of settings for managing PensionPro data and customizing the application. This includes:




Power Tools


Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools


The selection of Power Tools provided in this menu are used to perform actions at a large scale across many records. Details on each of these tools can be found in the article Power Tools.





This menu contains a wide variety of reports that can retrieve all manner of data found throughout PensionPro. Descriptions of these reports are available in the article PensionPro Reports.