Employee Plan Roles

In many situations, it can be useful to assign certain Plan responsibilities to certain Employees. For example, it often makes sense to designate a single Administrator for a Plan who serves as that Plan's primary source of expertise and knowledge. Perhaps Reviewers specialize in certain Plan types, or Billing Agents are assigned based on the value of the client. These are all examples of Employee Plan Roles (sometimes shortened to Employee Roles) that can be assigned to each Plan in PensionPro.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Employee Plan Roles are assigned on a Plan-by-Plan basis. This means that each Plan may have an Administrator, a Document Specialist, a Contribution Processor, or any other number of Roles that are essential for managing the Plan. Employee Plan Roles are created using List Values, allowing a firm to customize its available Roles in accordance with its processes.


Each Role may only be filled by one Employee per Plan. However, an Employee may hold multiple Roles for a Plan, if necessary.


Establishing Employee Plan Roles for each Plan is useful for more than just reference purposes. The following areas of PensionPro have functionality relating to Employee Roles:


  • Projects: Employee Plan Roles are crucial to determining who will handle each part of a Project, as PensionPro uses Roles to assign Tasks to Employees when a Project is launched.
  • Blast Email: When a Blast Email is sent to Plan Contacts, the relevant Employee(s) can be specified as the sender based on the chosen Employee Role
  • PlanSponsorLink: Employee Roles can be listed on PlanSponsorLink so that Plan Sponsors know who their points of contact are. Additionally, Employee Roles can receive notification emails for certain actions performed on PSL.
  • Reporting & Filtering: Employee Roles are available as filters in some of PensionPro's built-in reports. They can also be available as column selections and filters in other areas, such as Blast Email and Power Tools, and are data points that can be used when creating Fetch queries.



Managing Employee Roles


Employee Plan Roles are most commonly managed directly from the Plan tab. However, PensionPro also includes various methods for managing Roles in bulk.


On the Plan Tab

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Plan


To list all of the Employee Roles for a Plan:


  1. Use the search bar to search for and open the desired Plan in a new Plan tab.
  2. Select the Employee Roles view on the left.


The Employee Plan Roles grid displays all of the Plan's currently-assigned Employee Roles. Hovering over a Role in the grid will display the Editedit.png and Deletedelete.png options on the right-hand side.


To add a new Employee Plan Role:


  1. Select Addadd.png at the top-right of the grid. The Add Employee Plan Role window displays.
  2. Select the desired Employee Plan Role from the dropdown.
  3. Use the Employee Name field to search for and select the desired Employee.
  4. (Optional) select Show on PSL to allow this Plan's Sponsors to see the Employee's contact information on PlanSponsorLink.
    • This information will appear on the Contact Us page.
  5. Select Save.


Via Power Tools

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools


Employee Roles can be managed across many Plans at once using the Employee Role Power Tool, located under Power Tools > Plans > Employee Plan Roles.


Step 1 of the Employee Role Power Tool is where the desired outcome is chosen. Roles may be added to or removed from a Plan, or may be reassigned to a new Employee. Additionally, the Show on PSL option may be changed to either Yes or No.


Follow through the remaining steps as outlined in the article Power Tools, making sure to select the Plans to add Roles to, or the Roles to update, reassign, or delete, depending on the options selected in Step 1.


Reassign All of an Employee's Roles

Tier Availability: Business

Security Rights Required: Manager


If all of an Employee's Plan Roles need to be reassigned to a new Employee, follow the steps below. This will reassign Roles across all Plans.


  1. Search for and open the currently-assigned Employee in a new Employee tab.
  2. Open the Moremore_options.png menu located in the tab header at the top-right of any view.
  3. Select Reassign All Employee Plan Roles.
  4. Select the new Employee from the dropdown.
  5. Select Save.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • I would like to use Power Tools to reassign an Employee Role based on the person assigned to a different Employee Role. How can I accomplish this?

    Unfortunately, PensionPro does not have a simple solution for this situation at this time. Our current recommendation is as follows:


    1. Navigate to Power Tools > Plans > Employee Plan Roles.
    2. For I want to, select Reassign Roles.
    3. Select the name of one of the Employees that the role will be reassigned to.
    4. Select Next.
    5. Add the following two filters:
      • Employee Plan Role | is equal to | [role being reassigned]
      • Employee Plan Role | is equal to | [role that the reassignment is based on]
    6. Add any other desired filters, then select Next.
    7. The Employees assigned to the two Roles will be displayed for each Plan. Review the Roles and select any that need to be changed to the name selected in Step 3 above.
    8. Execute the Power Tool.
    9. Repeat for any other Employees that Roles need to be assigned to.