SalesPitch: An Overview

The PensionPro SalesPitch add-on provides a firm's Sales team with a home inside of PensionPro. Not only does SalesPitch offer a means of tracking the sales process—from identifying Prospects, to drafting and winning Proposals—but it also integrates with many of PensionPro's standard features. This means that a Sales team has access to the firm's database of Contacts, can craft Merge Documents, and can manage Communication Lists and send Blast Email. On top of that, when the Proposal has been won, it can be easily converted straight into a new Plan.


This article will provide a brief overview of the features introduced by SalesPitch for those who have recently upgraded, or are considering doing so.


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SalesPitch Record Types


SalesPitch introduces three new record types: Prospects, Opportunities, and Proposals.



In simple terms, a Prospect represents a potential sales lead. This can come in one of two forms: a single Contact, or more broadly, an entire Company. Generally, a Prospect is best-used when the Sales team has identified a person or organization who may be interested in learning about the firm's services, but has not yet reached out or is still in early talks.



In contrast to a Prospect, an Opportunity represents a Company that has expressed a definite level of interest in the firm's services. An Opportunity can be the result of following up with a Prospect, but this doesn't always have to be the case—many times, an Opportunity may already be interested in the firm's services, and will approach the Sales team directly.



A Proposal record tracks a potential Plan that will be proposed to an Opportunity. Much of the details for a proposed Plan—such as Plan Type, Services Provided, Investment Providers, and Fee Schedules—can be designed in a Proposal record. Multiple Proposals can be drafted for a single Opportunity, offering the potential client with a number of Plans to choose from. SalesPitch provides the ability to track whether a Proposal was won or lost, along with the relevant rationale, ensuring that the Sales team remains competitive. Once the Proposal is won, the SalesPitch Conversion Tool can quickly create a new Plan record out of the existing Proposal details so that administration can begin right away.





Similar to Dashboards, SalesPitch provides Scoreboards, which provide the Sales team a centralized location for tracking and managing their sales candidates, ensuring that they stay on-track and don't overlook a potential lead. Just like Dashboards, Scoreboards can be grouped, filtered, and sorted in whatever way is best-suited for each user.


SalesPitch includes the following Scoreboards:


  • Prospects List: Provides a full list of all active Prospects, including the Sales representative responsible for the Prospect, the Sales Territory the Prospect is assigned to, and the most recent Interaction saved for the Prospect.
  • Proposal Status: An at-a-glance view of all current Proposals, tracking Status, Proposal Date, Main Contact, and the likelihood of closing each Proposal.
  • Revenue Pipeline: This Scoreboard also provides a view of current Proposals. However, instead of focusing on the details of the Proposal, this Scoreboard focuses on the projected revenue that is expected to be returned by each Proposal, providing a quick view of potential sales figures.



PensionPro Integration


SalesPitch is integrated into the following PensionPro features:


  • Blast Email: Templates can be created with Mailing Types specific to Prospect and Proposal Contacts, and can include relevant Merge Fields.
  • DocuSign Integration: Files uploaded to a Proposal can be quickly sent to DocuSign for E-Signature.
  • Merge Documents: Documents can be generated using Merge Fields to automatically fill in Proposal details.
  • Power Tools: Prospects and Proposals can be imported into PensionPro via spreadsheet.
  • Reporting: PensionPro contains a list of built-in reports for SalesPitch, including a list of top influencers and business profiles for individual Contacts. SalesPitch data is also available in PensionPro Fetch.
  • Other: Interactions, Files, Notes, and To-Dos can be used for all SalesPitch record types.



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