Adding, Terminating, and Deleting Clients

Clients represent the highest level of data within PensionPro. A Plan cannot be added until a Client has been created for the Plan to be assigned to. It is because of this—although Plans are the essence of PensionPro—the Client represents the true starting point of most activities within the application.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Client


Note: Some features may not be available in all tiers.


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Adding a Client


Adding a Client to PensionPro is easily accomplished at any time via the Navigation Panel on the left hand side.


Note: During the process of adding a Client, some input fields populate their dropdown options by pulling in List Values. More information on List Values can be found in the article List Values.


  1. From the Navigation Panel, select Add Data Client.
  2. Enter the pertinent information into the Add Client window.
    • The following fields are required: Location, Company, Status
    • The following field is a List Value located under Core > General: Status
    • The following field is a List Value located under Core > Client/Employer: Category
    • The Location field is populated by the list of the user's Location Rights. For more information on Locations, refer to the article Firms & Locations.
    • In the Company field, type the first few letters of the client's company name and select the appropriate result from the list that appears beneath the field. A company name will not save to the Client if it is not selected from this list.
      • If the company does not exist in PensionPro, select Addadd_2.png to the right of the Company field and enter the company name. The new Company will be created along with the Client.
    • Select Save.
      • Alternately, select the dropdown arrow on the Save button and select Save and Open. This will create the Client and open a Client tab to display the new record.



Importing Clients


Multiple Clients can be imported into PensionPro at once via the use of a pre-formatted import template. For more information, refer to the article Data Import - Clients & Plans.



Terminating a Client


When required, a Client can be designated in PensionPro as Terminated. As opposed to deleting a Client, deactivation has the advantage of retaining all Contact Information, Notes, and Interaction history associated with that Client.

A terminated Client will not appear in any search results, unless the Show Deactivated/Closed option is enabled in Search Preferences.


  1. From the General view of the Client tab, select Editedit.png at the top-right.
  2. Change the Status field to Terminated.
  3. Select Save.



Deleting a Client


Additional Security Rights Required: Maintenance


Terminating a Client is recommended over deletion, as a terminated Client retains Contact Information, Interaction history, and other data. However, if the deletion of a Client is necessary, follow these steps:


  1. From the General view of the Client tab, select Editedit.png at the top-right.
  2. Select the Marked for Deletion checkbox.
  3. Select Save.
  4. From the Navigation Panel, select Maintenance Data Deletion.
  5. Select Clients from the Views panel. Clients marked for deletion will appear in the grid.
  6. Hover over a Client to highlight the record and select Deletedelete.png on the right-hand side.
  7. Select Yes to confirm the deletion.


Note: Prior to deleting a Client, delete or reassign the Plans associated with that Client. A Client cannot be deleted until all of the Plans under it have been detached in one of these ways.