Staff Orientation to PensionPro

Note: The following lessons are eLearning lessons, which means learners must interact with the lesson to progress through. Please use the Next and Previous buttons in the bottom-right of the course player.



Staff Orientation to PensionPro - Basic System Navigation training provides a basic overview of PensionPro features and functions such as Dashboards, Worktrays, Time Tracking, Plans, the Navigation Panel, PlanSponsorLink, and the Help Center. This training should be consumed by users that were not part of the implementation process, or users that are new to your firm. 




Staff Orientation to PensionPro - Launching Project Templates training provides an overview of how to launch, work through, manage, and report on Projects. This training should be consumed by users that were not part of the implementation process, users that are new to your firm, or users that need a refresher on Projects. 




Staff Orientation to PensionPro - Building Project Templates training provides an overview of the various project template components and how they apply to building and importing newly created project templates. In this training, we also explore the importing process, along with how to mitigate errors during the process. 

Please note: We have included a Reference Guide to correspond with this training. Please Review the Reference Guide linked in the Attachments section of this article. 




Staff Orientation to PensionPro - Data Collection for Annual Administration Projects training provides a look at preparing for Annual Data Collection, including Project Template setup and PlanSponsorLink preferences. This training also showcases the steps of Data Collection performed by the Plan Sponsor, as well as where the data ends up once it is submitted.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Customer Service Team! 


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