Data Import - Global Employee Census Data

The Global Employee Census Power Tool is the same function as the importing of a census file into an annual administration project but on a global scale. This will import census information into projects against multiple period end dates. Mapping is based on the TPA Plan ID and Project Period End Date. Prior to importing census information for plans, an Annual Administration Project must be launched against the plan.


Tier Availability: Business
Security Rights Required:  Access Power Tools


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Global Employee Census Import


To import the Global Employee Census, first export a data file from PensionPro. The file must be in an Excel format.

  1. Click Power Tools from the Navigation Panel and click Import > Global Employee Census.
  2. Click the More icon and select Download a Template.
  3. A pop-out menu will appear that will prompt the user to pick a file extension type. Upon selecting the type, click Export.
  4. Complete the information in the spreadsheet.

Once a data source file has been created:

  1. From the Navigation Panel, click Power Tools > Import > Global Employee Census.
  2. Follow the four-part stepper, as detailed below:

Step 1 - Options

  1. Click the Select File button and search for/select the file to be imported. Click Open. The file will be evaluated, and the system will display an error log if the file cannot be imported as-is.
  2. Click the Next button.

Step 2 - Preview

  1. The Preview screen allows users to preview the data in a grid view and identify problems with the Import. Note: If changes need to be made, users may use the Plan Name hyperlink to navigate to the Plan and make any edits. Then, return to the Power Tool and click the Refresh icon to return updated data to the grid.
  2. If the data in the grid is accurate, click the Next button to proceed with the Import.

Step 3 - Review

  1. Review the information.
  2. Then, complete the data import by clicking the Execute button. Note: If there are any required changes before execution, the user can click the previous step to return to that screen.

Step 4 - Finish

  1. The Global Employee Census Import details appear on the screen. If there are any failures, an error message will display with a link to the error log.
  2. Click the Start Over button to return to the main Import screen.



Checklist for avoiding errors upon import:


  • All records contain either a TPA Plan ID or a Plan Name.
  • All records have a Period End value in the Period End column.
  • All records listed have an Annual Administration Project Launched with an annual frequency and require Data Collection. Each of these projects has a Period End that matches the Period End value entered in the Period End column of the import template.
  • First Name and Last Name fields all have values.
  • All plan names entered must match the corresponding Plan Name entered in PensionPro. Check for trailing spaces, commas, spelling, and periods.
  • All TPA Plan IDs entered must match the corresponding Plan's Plan ID entered in PensionPro. Check for trailing spaces, commas, spelling, and periods.
  • All column headers directly match the Collection Field display name in PensionPro. Check for trailing spaces, commas, spelling, and periods.
  • No additional rows are added above the column headers.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • I imported my census data and the values for a collection field are appearing blank after the census was imported. Why aren't these populating in PensionPro?
    In order for the data to import, the column headers for collection field on the import template must directly match the Field Description Display Name for the collection fields in PensionPro.  Users can confirm the Field Description display names by clicking Maintenance > Preferences > PensionPro and clicking the Field Descriptions menu. If the column header on the import template does not directly match that Field Description Display Name, it will not import that information.

  • I am trying to importing an Employee Census file using Global Employee Census Import. I am getting an error "Missing required value for TPA Plan Id or Period Ending" Both of these items are on the file for every record, so I can't figure out why it's not importing.
    Click on and highlight the first blank row at the bottom of the template. Once highlighted, hold down the Shift + End keys on the keyboard and click the Down arrow on the keyboard. This should highlight all blank rows in the template. Right-click the last row and delete those rows. Re-save the template and retry the import. Sometimes there is a space in the import template on a blank row that won't allow the import to process.