Converting Proposals to Plans

The SalesPitch Conversion Tool makes it simple to transfer data entered in SalesPitch.  The wizard will create a new Client and Plan and link Contacts and other data to the plan automatically, removing the need to manually create the information in PensionPro.


Add-On Availability: SalesPitch

Security Rights: Access SalesPitch, Access SalesPitch Conversion Tool


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The conversion tool will transfer the following information:

  • Company
  • Client
  • Plan
  • Employer data
  • Services Proposed
  • Investment
  • Contacts
  • Fees Schedules
  • Plan Cycle
  • Provision the plan in for users of their software

Through the conversion process, users will be given the opportunity to search Department of Labor 5500 filing data, if any exists, to verify the accuracy of data.  They can then make a choice of which data to convert to PensionPro.



Using the SalesPitch Conversion Tool


Update SalesPitch Proposal

Search for the name of the Proposal. Double-click the Proposal from the Proposals dropdown in the search results. The Proposal can also be located in the Scoreboard Dashboard under the Proposal Status menu or Revenue Pipeline menu. Click the desired Proposal to open.


Click the Edit icon on the General Information screen and the Edit Proposal Information menu will appear.


  1. Update the Status to Won and click Save. The Conversion Tool button will appear in the More menu located in the upper right-hand corner of the grid next to the Edit icon.
  2. Click the Convert this Proposal to a new Plan button and the SalesPitch Conversion Tool will open in a new browser tab. 



Proposal Summary and DOL Data Selection -  Step 1 of 3

The Proposal Summary and DOL Data Selection screen will show the user the information available to them to convert.  If desired, data from the DOL 5500 database can be looked up and be available to the user to choose for the conversion.


  1. Click the Search DOL Data button and enter the Client’s EIN and IRS Plan Number. Then click the Search button.
    • If the EIN and Plan Number are found in the DOL database, the Client, Plan and Employer Data fields in the Search DOL Data column will populate.
    • If the information is not found within the DOL database, the message “No data could be found for the EIN and Plan Number specified” will be displayed and the user will need to click Cancel.
    • The information found in the Proposal in SalesPitch will be shown under the From Proposal column.
  1. The Populate the Information to Convert to PensionPro column can be populated in the following ways:
    • Plan Name
    • Plan Type
    • Plan Status
    • Service effective on
    • Plan End
    • Admin type
    • EIN
    • Fiscal Year end
    • Entity
    • Period Start
    • Period End
  • If all of the populated information from the DOL is correct, the user can click the double arrowed button located between the DOL Data column and the From Proposal column. This will copy the DOL information over to the Information to Convert to PensionPro column.
  • If all of the populated information in the From Proposal column is correct, the user can click on the double arrowed button located between the From Proposal column and the Information to Convert to PensionPro column. This will copy the From Proposal column information over to the Information to Convert to PensionPro column.
  • Clicking the single arrow button next to a line item in the DOL column or From Proposal column will move only that single item to the Information to Convert to PensionPro column if not all information from either the DOL or From Proposal column should be used.
  • Additionally, after the items are selected from any source, the Information to Convert to PensionPro is editable by the user (i.e. adding Inc. to a company name)
  • The user will be able to edit or complete any data in the Convert to PensionPro column. Some data is required to be completed for the conversion tool to complete including
  1. If the search DOL Data functionality is used the user will also be prompted to select a Plan Cycle. Plan Cycles are only created when users click the Search DOL Data button on the Conversion Tool. The dropdown will show the available years of 5500 data that can be populated to PensionPro.  Select the earliest year desired and the plan cycle will be created with any data available from that year.
  2. When the company EIN is entered in the Information to Convert to PensionPro column an additional question of Create Plan in will be displayed at the bottom of the screen under Additional Features. For users, selecting yes will provision the Client and Plan information in the appropriate products.



Additional Items to Convert - Step 2 of 3

The Additional Items to Convert screen will display other items for conversion such as:


  • Contacts
  • Services Proposed
  • Investments
  • Fee Schedules


Select the items desired for conversion and click the Next Step button to proceed.


Note:  Edits to the prior screen can be done by clicking the Previous Step button. 


Prospect Contacts can be reassigned to any Contact Role appropriate for the new Plan by selecting the desired Plan Role from the dropdown on the right. Alternately, select the Create a new Plan Contact Role option to copy the Contact’s Proposal Role directly over to their Plan Role. The Plan Contact Role will automatically be added as a List Value.


When Investment Items are converted, only the Investment Provider, Direction, and Investment Model are converted to the Plan.



Review and Convert -  Step 3 of 3

The Review and Convert screen shows the information that has been selected in the previous two steps that have been selected to convert to PensionPro. Click the Convert button to complete the process, or to edit any of the prior steps, click the Previous Step button.


The message Conversion Completed! You may now close this tab or window and go back to PensionPro message will be displayed.