"Follow up with this client." "Check this figure." "Send this letter." We all need the occasional reminder to make sure something gets done, especially if it's not part of our usual routine. To-Dos can be created from anywhere in PensionPro—and linked to a relevant Contact, Plan, and more—to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. No more sticky notes on the monitor.


Tier Availability: Team, Business


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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A To-Do is used to track an item of work that needs performed. For Business tier users, this may be a rarely-occurring or unexpected obligation that falls outside the scope of a Project; for those on PensionPro's Team tier, To-Dos will be the primary method of tracking administrative tasks.


Each To-Do is assigned to an Employee, who is responsible for completing it. All of an Employee's To-Dos can be found in the To-Dos Dashboard,


Sometimes, a To-Do will exist independently, simply being an item that needs fulfilled. Other times, it might be linked to one of many PensionPro record types, to indicate that it is a To-Do item for that record—such as a To-Do for a particular Plan or Project. To-Dos can be linked to the following record types:


  • Contact
  • Opportunity
  • Plan
  • Project
  • Proposal
  • Prospect


Linking a To-Do to one of the above records is another method of tracking the work that was performed for it, and all linked To-Dos can be viewed within the record itself.



Viewing To-Dos


Any To-Do can be found on the To-Dos Dashboard or via built-in reporting. To-Dos linked to other record types can also be viewed within the linked record.



To-Dos Dashboard


By default, the To-Dos Dashboard displays any incomplete To-Dos assigned to the user. To access this Dashboard, navigate to Dashboards > To-Dos. Double-click on any To-Do in the Dashboard grid to open it in a new To-Do tab.


Hover over a To-Do in the grid to display the Editedit.png and Deletedelete.png options on the right-hand side.


Although completed To-Dos are hidden from the Dashboard to prevent clutter, they can be displayed at any time by selecting Moremore_options.png > Show Completed.


Employees with the View Other Dashboards Security Right can use the Assigned dropdowns above the grid to view the To-Dos assigned to any other Employee (or All Employees at once), as well as viewing the To-Dos assigned by an Employee to another Employee.


More information on Dashboard functionality can be found in the articles Dashboard Basics and Customizing Dashboard Views.



To-Dos On Other Tabs


As outlined in the Overview section of this article, some record types—such as Plans and Projects—can be linked to To-Dos. To view all of the To-Dos linked to a record, first navigate to the record by opening it in a new tab, and then select To-Dos from the list of views on the left side of the tab. The To-Dos grid displays each To-Do for the record, regardless of who it is assigned to or its completion state.


Double-click on any To-Do in the grid to open it in a new To-Do tab; alternately, hover over a To-Do to display the Editedit.png and Deletedelete.png options on the right-hand side.



Reporting on To-Dos


The To-Do List report is available to retrieve a list of To-Dos customized by creation date, priority, Employee, status, and/or associated record. To access this report, navigate to Reporting > To-Dos > To-Do List.


For more information on using the built-in reporting functionality, refer to the article PensionPro Reports.



Creating To-Dos


A To-Do can be created individually as a one-off item, or can be added to multiple Plans at once using Power Tools.



Adding a Single To-Do


A new To-Do can be added from one of three places:



Regardless of the method used, the Add To-Do window will display. To create the To-Do:


  1. Give the To-Do a Name and (optional) Description.
  2. (optional) Set a Started On date and Due Date.
  3. (optional) Set a Status and Priority.
    • The available options for Status are determined by List Values, located under Core > General > To-Do Status.
  4. Assigned To will contain the user's name by default; if desired, use this field to search for and select a different Employee to assign the To-Do to.
  5. (optional) If linking the To-Do to a specific record, use Link To Type to select the appropriate record type; then, use the record name field to search for and select the record in question.
    • Any To-Dos added directly from the To-Dos view of a record will automatically be linked to that record.
  6. Select Save.



Adding Multiple To-Dos via Power Tools


Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools


The To-Do Power Tool can be used to simplify the process of creating multiple similar To-Dos for any number of Plans.


Note: When finished, the To-Do Power Tool will add and link one To-Do to each chosen Plan. Power Tools cannot be used to add and link To-Dos to any other record type.


To use the Power Tool:


  1. Navigate to Power Tools > To-Dos. The To-Do Power Tool opens at Step 1.
  2. Enter the desired Title, Description, Due Date, etc. for Items 1-5 following the criteria in the section Adding a Single To-Do.
  3. For Item 6, select either Assigned To Employee Plan Role or Assigned To Employee.
    • Each of the To-Dos created by this Power Tool can be assigned to the same Employee; alternately, they can be assigned to different Employees based on each Plan's designated Employee Plan Roles.
  4. If Employee Plan Role was chosen in the previous step, select the Role in Item 7. If Employee was selected, search for and select the appropriate Employee instead.
  5. Select Next.
  6. In Steps 2 and 3, apply filters as necessary, and select the desired Plans. Refer to the article Column Selections & Filters for more detailed instructions.
  7. Review the changes to be applied in Step 4, then select Execute.


Upon completion of the Power Tool, the To-Do will be added to all Plans selected in Step 3.



Working With To-Dos


An in-progress To-Do can be reassigned to a different Employee or linked to a different record. The To-Do can then be marked as completed when its directions have been fulfilled.


The following sections should be used within the Edit To-Do window. To open this window:


  1. Locate the To-Do in the To-Dos Dashboard or appropriate view grid; alternately, open the To-Do in a new tab.
  2. Hover over the To-Do in the grid and select Editedit.png on the right-hand side. Or, on the To-Do tab, select Editedit.png at the top-right of the grid instead.


Note: The Edit Other To-Dos Security Right is required to edit a To-Do currently assigned to another Employee.



Moving To-Dos


If the To-Do needs to be reassigned to a different Employee, simply use the Assigned To field to search for and select the Employee in question. Once the To-Do is saved, it will appear on the Employee's To-Dos Dashboard.


A To-Do can also be linked or re-linked to a different record, or a link can be removed. Use the Link To Type field to select a new record type (if necessary), then use the record name field to search for the record in question. A link can be removed by setting Link To Type to (none).



Completing To-Dos


A To-Do has the following fields for tracking completion progress:


  • Status: The current status of the To-Do.
  • Percentage Completed: An estimation of how close the To-Do is to completion. This is a whole number from 0 to 100.
  • Completed On: The date the To-Do was completed.


The available options for a To-Do's Status are determined by List Values, located under Core > General > To-Do Status. The List Values for To-Do Status have a unique attribute, Completed, which can be set to Yes for a single value. The remainder of this section will refer to this value as the Completed Status.


As completing a To-Do would typically involve updating all three of the above fields, PensionPro includes the following functionality for quickly completing a To-Do:


  • If Status is set to the Completed Status, Percentage Completed will be automatically set to 100, and Completed On will populate with the current date.
  • If Percentage Completed is set to 100, Status will be automatically set to the Completed Status, and Completed On will populate with the current date.
  • If Completed On is set to any date, Percentage Completed will be automatically set to 100, and Status will be automatically set to the Completed Status.


Warning: If a completion condition was set for one of the above fields in error, reverting it will not revert the changes that were applied automatically to the remaining fields. In this case, consider selecting Cancel to undo all changes.



To-Do Notes


When additional details need to be kept with a To-Do, a Note can be added. Notes are used to record miscellaneous information for future reference.


To access a To-Do's Notes:


  1. Open the To-Do in a new tab.
  2. Select Notes from the views list on the left.


For more information on using Notes within PensionPro, refer to the article Notes.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a way to delete multiple To-Dos at one time?
    There no Power Tool for deleting To-Dos, but multiple To-Dos can be deleted from the To-Dos Dashboard. Ctrl-click or Shift-click to select the desired To-Dos, then select Moremore_options.png > Delete.

  • I created a To-Do and linked it to the wrong Plan. Can I re-link a To-Do?
    Yes; refer to the instructions in the section Moving To-Dos.

  • Is there a way to reassign To-Dos in bulk?
    Unfortunately, there is no way to do this at present. In some cases, it may be faster to delete the To-Dos and then re-create them for the correct Employee using the To-Do Power Tool.