Getting Help with PensionPro

New to PensionPro? Not sure how to use a feature? Something seem broken? No worries. Between our instructional articles and our Customer Support team, help is right around the corner. Here's how to find it.


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In-Application Support


Receiving help with PensionPro, or even simply reaching out to us, is often just a click away. The following options are available anywhere within the PensionPro application:


  • Select Helphelp.png to open the PensionPro Help Center. This option is context-sensitive, and will retrieve a help article relevant to the tab or screen in use.
  • Select Helpdeskhelpdesk.png at the top-right to open the My Requests page in the Help Center. Here, responses to Support Requests can be viewed, and new Requests can be submitted.
  • Select Feedbackfeedback.png at the top-right to open the Give Feedback window. While it's not intended to provide direct assistance, the Feedback form is the best and quickest way to submit suggestions, frustrations, and kudos to the PensionPro team.
    • All suggestions submitted via Feedback are generally reviewed within one week. After this, the feedback is recorded and re-reviewed periodically.
    • If some aspect of PensionPro does not appear to be working as intended, submitting a Support Request is faster than using the Feedback form.



Help Center Overview


The PensionPro Help & Support Center—available 24/7 at—provides instructional articles, reference materials, and community discussions with other TPAs.


Use the search bar on the home page of the Help Center to locate articles based on keywords. Alternately, select one of the following Categories from the list on the left to browse through all available articles:


  • Getting Started: Articles and guides that may be helpful to new PensionPro users, or to firms who are setting up PensionPro for the first time.
  • Features: Detailed instructions for each of PensionPro's available functions.
  • Other Information: Everything else, including Release Notes, advanced tips, and information about PensionPro as a company.


A fourth Category, Community, provides access to a message board with other TPAs using PensionPro. This can be a valuable resource for facilitating industry-related conversations and learning how other companies utilize PensionPro to meet their needs.



Signing In to the Help Center


Some features, such as the ability to submit Support Requests and use the Community, require the user to be signed in to the Help Center.


PensionPro users should follow these steps:


  1. Sign in to the PensionPro application.
  2. Select Helpdeskhelpdesk.png in the PensionPro header at the top-right.
  3. If asked to sign in to the Help Center, select the Continue with PensionPro option to automatically sign in.


Some individuals—such as IT professionals and Benefit Insight users—may have a Help Center account despite not using the PensionPro application. In this case, use these steps to log in:


  1. Navigate directly to
  2. Select the Sign in option at the top-right.
  3. Enter a username and password, then select Sign in.



Contacting PensionPro Support


Tier Availability: Track Bundle, Team, Business


If the resources available on the Help Center aren't enough to answer the question, the PensionPro Support team is happy to help. Select Submit a Request at the top-right of the Help Center to get started.


To submit the Support Request, simply provide a Subject and a brief Description of the issue. Although optional, Attachments may also be useful in relaying details to our Support team.


When it comes to solving technical issues, information is key! Following these tips when submitting a Support Request can help our Support team more quickly identify the root of a problem and provide a solution:


  • Be as detailed as possible. Describe the issue, where it arose, and when it was first noticed, as well as the actions that led up to it and if any other users are affected. If an error message was displayed, relay it in the request.
  • If possible, attach screenshots (or a video recording) of the issue to the request. Even if the actual problem can't be captured in a picture, including a screenshot of the page where the issue occurs can provide the Support team with important context and clarity.
  • If the issue involves a particular Plan, provide the Plan name. If a Project is involved, provide the Plan name, Project name, and Project Period End date.


Note: Many common technical issues can be resolved by clearing the web browser's cached files.


Our Support team operates Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm ET; a member of our team will reply to the request as quickly as possible. An email notification will be sent when our Support team responds. Further communication can be performed via email; however, for best results, use the My activities link at the top-right of the Help Center to view any current and past Support Requests.