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There are many Dashboards located throughout PensionPro's products. Although they are referred to by different names and contain different types of information, Dashboards in PensionPro have similar and consistent functionality. Dashboards can get busy and full during high volume times and each user may have a preference for viewing information on the Dashboard. PensionPro provides easy management on busy Dashboards by allowing customizable views for each user.


Software Required: Track, Core, Team, Essential, Premium, Business

Add-Ons Required: SalesPitch (For Scoreboard Dashboard Only)

Security Rights Required: Access SalesPitch (For Scoreboard Dashboard Only)


Below is a list of the Dashboard Availability by Software Tier. All users can sort, filter, group and customize their Dashboard(s) by following the instructions below. In addition, users with SalesPitch have access to the Scoreboard Dashboard. The Scoreboard is a Dashboard for shared work and sales functions. 




Dashboard Availability

Core - To-Dos

Track - Milestones

Team - Milestones, To-Dos, Time

Essential - My Tasks, To-Dos, Time

Premium - My Tasks, Worktrays, To-Dos, Time

Business - My Tasks, Worktrays, To-Dos, Time, Events


Reordering Column Display

To change the order of appearance of the columns on the Dashboard:

  1. Click the Header to drag the column left or right, and drop it at the desired location.
    • Columns will remain in the changed order depending on the Grid Preferences that the user has set.


A to Z Sorting of the Dashboard Columns

To sort any of the columns appearing on a Dashboard:

  1. Click the Header of the row once for Ascending Order.
  2. Click the Header again for Descending Order.
  3. Click the Header a third time to clear the A-Z Sorting.
    • Columns will remain in the changed order depending on the Remember My Grid Preferences value set by the user.

Filtering the Dashboard Columns

Users can filter the information displayed under the headers of a Dashboard. To filter by any column heading on the dashboard:

  1. Click the Filter icon on the column header.
  2. Select the specific operator, or operators, for the filter and type in what you want to filter by in the text box underneath the operator. When complete, click the Filter button.
  3. Remove the filters from the Dashboard at any time by clicking the More icon > Clear Filters. This will remove any filtering on the Dashboard.


Grouping the Dashboard Columns 

Users can display information in a collapsed view by grouping by a particular column. To group by any column heading on the dashboard:

  1. Click any Column Header and drag the header to the light gray grouping bar.  The dashboard will reorganize in a collapsed view according to the grouping column selected. The collapsed view shows a summary of totals and counters for the items contained within the group.
  2. Click the Arrow icon to expand the grouping to see the details of the items within the grouping.  
  3. Click the X next to the Column Name in the grouping bar to remove it from the grouping displayed in the grid.


Customizing Columns Displayed on the Dashboard

To customize the information displayed on the Dashboard and to permanently save the customized view, follow the steps below. The columns displaying Status, Due Date and Task Name cannot be removed from the My Tasks and Worktrays Dashboard views.

Note: That this feature is not available in the Milestones, To-Dos, Scoreboard or Management Dashboards.

  1. Click the Columns icon located in the upper right corner of the Dashboard. A column selection box will appear.
  2. In the column selection box will be a selection of available columns to add or subtract on the dashboard. Place a checkmark next to an item on the list and click the Apply button.
  3. To remove a column, remove the checkmark next to the item on the list and click the Apply button.
  4. To revert back to the default view, click the Columns icon > Reset > Apply.

To save the dashboard view preferences:

Saving the Dashboard view preferences allow users to permanently save any filtering/sorting set by the user on the Dashboard even after refreshing the page or logging out. If the user would like for the Dashboard to return to the default view after refreshing the page or logging out, the preference can be set to no. Please see the below steps to access this preference:

  1. Click the User Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  2. Select View my Account > Preferences > User Experience.
  3. Hover over Remember My Grid Preferences and click the Edit icon.
  4. Click the Value dropdown and select whether or not the grid preferences should be remembered. 


Customizing Displayed Columns in the Milestones Dashboard

Users with the Milestones Dashboard can customize the Dashboard and display only the fields important to them. To customize the information displayed on the Dashboard, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click the Columns icon located in the upper right corner of the Dashboard. A column selection box will appear.
  2. In the column selection box will be a selection of available columns to add or subtract on the dashboard. Place a checkmark next to an item on the list and click the Apply button.
    • To remove a column, simply remove the checkmark next to the column name and click Apply.


Show Completed in the To-Dos Dashboard

Users can choose to display completed To-Dos for a certain period on the To-Dos Dashboard. To display this information, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the More icon located in the upper right corner of the grid and select Show Completed.
  2. A list of completed To-Dos will appear in the grid.
  3. To hide the completed To-Dos, click the More icon > Hide Completed.


Refreshing the Dashboard

The My Tasks, Worktrays, To-Dos, Milestones, and Time dashboards will refresh every time the user clicks the applicable tab. When working in a Dashboard, it may be necessary at times to refresh the Dashboard or screen to bring back updated information. The refresh button will display the date and time of the last refresh if the user hovers over it. To refresh the Dashboard:

  1. Click the Refresh icon located in the upper right corner of the Dashboard. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a way to limit tasks shown on my Dashboard based on their due date?
    To do this, the user would need to add the proper date filter in their Dashboard. Select the Due Date filter and select the proper date parameters. For example, if the user would like to only see the next 7 days of work to be shown in their dashboard, they would select the Due Date filter on their Dashboard and add the date parameters in the filter box.
  • If we want to set a task to appear on a dashboard months in the future, how do we prevent it from sitting on the dashboard during those months?
    The project start date would need to notate this. This could be updated in the project template itself, or by searching for the Project, double-clicking it and selecting the Summary menu. Here, the user can click the edit icon and update the Project Start Date to the date they want the project and its tasks to appear on the Dashboard.  The Projects Update Power Tool can also be used to update many projects start dates at once.
  • We’ve launched a project, but it isn’t showing on anyone’s dashboard. Where did it go?
    This could be due to a Project Start Date being set as a future date. A user can verify this by opening the project from the Projects > Workflow menu and checking the value for the Project Start Date.  If it needs to appear on a dashboard immediately, simply change the date to be in the past.
  • Is there a way to display the participant name for Distributions on the Dashboard?
    On the My Tasks Dashboard, users can click the Columns icon and add a checkmark for "Project Description". Click Apply in the bottom right of the pop-up window. The "Project Description" field will display the Participant Name for Distribution Projects on the Dashboard.


Feature feedback



  • Avatar
    Melinda Wolowicz

    On the desktop version of PensionPro, I sort My Tasks by using Toggle Options and then sort by Task Name and all of the tasks are nicely condensed down and then I can open by task to work on a project. When I come back to the Dashboard, every thing is still nice neat.

    On the web based version, when I sort, the tasks do not condense down automatically, nor do they stay condesned when I work on a task and come back to my dashboard. This makes finding the task I would like to work on difficult. Please change this to match the desk top version.

  • Avatar
    Bill Gable

    Using the Web version of PensionPro. I have plans that are reported in a Fetch query, but when I search for the plan in PensionPro it isn't found. Can you explain how that can be the case? Thanks