PSL Login Troubleshooting

In the event that a Contact is experiencing difficulty signing in to PlanSponsorLink, one of the firm's Employees will be required to provide troubleshooting and support. This article will provide resolution steps for common sign-in issues.


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Web Browser 


PensionPro supports the latest versions of the Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari web browsers. If a PlanSponsorLink user is experiencing technical issues with the site, they may be using a browser which is not on this list, or which is out of date. The user should be advised to utilize one of these browsers if necessary.



First-Time Registration


If a Contact has not signed in to PlanSponsorLink previously, they will need to perform the First-Time Registration process to generate a password. To do this, the Contact should select the First time user? link at the bottom of the PSL sign-in page. The Contact will be prompted to provide their email address; a password will be generated and emailed. PlanSponsorLink will allow the Contact to change their password immediately upon first sign-in.


For more detailed information, refer to the First-Time Users section of the article Managing PlanSponsorLink Users.



Username & Password Issues


A Contact's PSL username will always be the email address saved in PensionPro for that Contact. When in doubt, review the Email Address field located on the Contact tab > General view; this will be the email address the Contact should use to sign in.


If a Contact has forgotten their password, they can select the Forgot password? link on the PSL sign-in page. After providing their email address, the Contact's password will be reset, and they will receive an email containing a newly-generated password.


A Contact that does not receive the Reset Password email should try the following:


  • Check their spam/junk folder to see if the email was accidentally flagged as spam
  • Ask their IT department to whitelist emails sent from
  • Perform First-Time Registration if they have not already done so


A Contact's password can also be set manually by one of the firm's Employees. Refer to the Resetting a Password section of the article Managing PlanSponsorLink Users.



Employees Using PlanSponsorLink


Although not necessary in most cases, any of the firm's Employees may sign in to PlanSponsorLink at any time to assist with troubleshooting or test features.


For Employees, PlanSponsorLink uses the same credentials as PensionPro; in other words, the same username and password used for PensionPro are also used for PlanSponsorLink. Additionally, Employees do not have to perform the First-Time Registration process.