Location Rights

For firms that have established multiple Locations, certain record types—such as Client and Plan data—must be assigned to a single Location upon creation. These records can then only be viewed by Employees with the proper Location Rights. This provides an additional level of data security, ensuring that a Location's data cannot be accessed unless the Employee has the proper permissions. This article discusses managing an Employee's Location Rights.


Information pertaining to managing Locations can be found in the article Firms & Locations.


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Restricted Records


The following record types can only be viewed by Employees who possess the Location Right for the Location that the record is assigned to:


  • Client
  • Plan
  • Prospect
  • Opportunity
  • Proposal


For Employees who do not possess the necessary Location Rights, these records will not appear in search results, and accessing them directly (such as via URL) will result in a You are not authorized to view this page error.


Additionally, Projects and Distributions will not be returned in search results if the Employee does not possess the necessary Locations Rights for the associated Plan, nor will the Project's or Distribution's Tasks appear in any Worktray. However, these Tasks do appear in an Employee's Dashboard if the Task is assigned to them; the Employee is also able to open and view the Project or Distribution.


Location Rights do affect the records that can be returned when using any relevant Reports, but do not affect the results that are returned in areas of PensionPro where the manual selection of records is required, such as Blast Email and Power Tools.



Managing Location Rights

Location Rights can be assigned to or removed from a single Employee directly. Alternately, Employees can be managed by Location.



By Employee

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Employee


To view an Employee's Location Rights:


  1. Search for and open the Employee in a new Employee tab.
  2. Select the Locations view.


Any Location for which the Employee currently has Location Rights is displayed in the grid. New Location Rights can be assigned by selecting Addadd.png at the top-right of the grid. The Add Right window contains a dropdown list of all Locations; select as many Locations as necessary, or select Add all Locations to grant all Location Rights to the Employee.


To remove a Location Right, hover over the Location in the grid, then select Deletedelete.png on the right-hand side.



By Location

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Employee, Maintenance


Location Rights for Employees can be managed on a Location-by-Location basis. To add or remove Employees, first open the appropriate Location:


  1. Navigate to Maintenance > Firms/Locations. The Firm tab opens.
  2. Select Locations from the Views list on the left.
  3. Double-click the desired Location. A new Location tab opens.
  4. Select Access from the Views list on the lift.


The Access view grid displays all Employees that currently have Location Rights for the chosen Location.


To grant Location Rights to new Employees:


  1. Select Addadd.png at the top-right of the grid. The Add Employee window displays.
  2. Use the Employee dropdown to select the desired Employee.
    • Multiple Employees can be selected.
    • An Employee can possess Location Rights for multiple Locations.
    • Select Add all Employees to add any Employee that does not already possess Rights for this Location.
  3. Select Save.


The Access grid does not display inactive Employees by default. To show these Employees, select Moremore_options.png > Show Inactive.


To remove an Employee's Location Rights for this Location, hover over the Employee in the grid, then select Deletedelete.png on the right-hand side.