Searching & Search Preferences

Searching is the quickest way to find and open records in PensionPro. Plans, Projects, and Contacts are just a few of the records that can be retrieved; additionally, each user can establish their own Search Preferences to find the data most relevant to them.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Performing a Search


A search can be performed from any area within PensionPro. To search for records:


  1. Enter the search term(s) into the box at the top-left of the page.
    • A minimum of 2 characters is required.
  2. Select Searchfind.png or press Enter. Search results will display in a new tab.


Additionally, the ten most recent searches will appear once the text cursor is placed into the search box. Select the search term from the list to perform that search again.



Search Results


PensionPro records that match the search query are returned in one of the following categories:


  • Clients
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Distributions
  • Employees
  • Opportunities
  • Plans
  • Projects
  • Proposals
  • Prospects


Categories are collapsed by default; select a category to expand it and view the matching records. Select any record to open it in a new tab.



Inactive/Closed Records


By default, records that are no longer expected to be in use will not be shown in search results. This may include terminated Plans, completed Projects, or inactive Contacts. This functionality can be toggled on or off for each category. To adjust settings and show inactive/closed records in search results, refer to the section Search Preferences.



Contact Quick Email


PensionPro provides the ability to launch an email draft to a Contact or Employee from the Search Results page, offering a convenient alternative to opening records and copying and pasting email addresses.


To create a new email, perform a search for a Contact or Employee, then select Mailmail.png on the right-hand side of their entry within the search results. A new email draft prefilled with the individual's email address will open in the user's default mail application.



Search Preferences


PensionPro includes a selection of Search Preferences to customize the ways that search results are returned. These preferences can be personalized for each user.


To access Search Preferences:


  1. Perform a search as normal to open the Search Results page.
  2. Select Preferencespreferences.png at the top-right.


Search Preferences are managed within a user's Employee tab, in the Preferences > Search view. The grid on this page displays all available record categories. These categories may be rearranged by clicking and dragging a category to a new position; the ordering of categories in this grid will reflect the ordering of these categories on the Search Results page.


Each record category maintains its own set of preferences. To edit a category's preferences, hover over the category in the grid, then select Editedit.png on the right-hand side. The following preferences may be edited:


Show When enabled, the category will be included in search results. If disabled, the category—and any records of this type—will not be shown.
Expanded When enabled, the category will be automatically expanded so that its records are immediately visible on the Search Results page. If disabled, the category will initially be collapsed. Disabled by default.
Show Deactivated/Closed

When enabled, records that are inactive or otherwise closed will be included in the search results. If disabled, these records will not be returned. Disabled by default.

  • This preference does not apply to Companies.
Show Inactive Plans

When enabled, a record will be included in the search results even if its corresponding Plan is inactive. If disabled, records attached to inactive Plans will not be returned.

  • This preference only applies to Projects and Distributions.




Custom Search Text


To make it easier to find Clients and Plans in PensionPro, custom search text can be applied to these records. This can be a useful way to return multiple Plans based on a common criteria; alternately, setting a Client's search text to a previous business name can help retrieve the correct record when searching for either name and avoid confusion.


For more information on using this feature, refer to the article Custom Search Text For Clients And Plans.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • The record I'm looking for isn't appearing when I search for it. Why?
    PensionPro does not return inactive or completed records by default. To show these records in the search results, enable the Show Deactivated/Closed option in Search Preferences.

  • Why doesn't searching by the Project Name return the correct Projects?
    For ease of use, PensionPro's search returns Projects for Plans that match the search criteria; otherwise, some Project names may return hundreds of results.