Searching PensionPro

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Using the Search Feature allows a user to find information quickly and easily in PensionPro.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


Table of Contents



Search Display

The search results will be displayed on the Search Dashboard under the following Categories:

  • Clients
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Distributions
  • Employees
  • Plans
  • Projects

The Search Dashboard display can be customized to show only the categories desired. Customize the view by clicking the Search Preferences (gear) icon in the upper-right corner of the grid. The user's Search preferences (a sub-menu of Preferences in the User Profile) displays. Here, the individual user can customize search preferences by selecting and editing the desired category. Users can also rearrange search order results and choose to expand specific categories automatically upon searching.



Performing a Search

  1. In the Search bar at the top-left, enter at least three characters (Alpha and numeric). If more than three characters are entered, it will lessen the number of records returned.
  2. The Search feature will return matching data from the following fields:
    • Client: Client Name, Client ID, Search Text, EIN
    • Company: Company Name
    • Contacts: Full Name, Company Name, Email Address
    • Distributions: Full Name, the last four digits of the SSN, Plan Name
    • Employees: Full Name, Company Name, Email Address
    • Plan: Plan Name, TPA Plan ID, Search Text, Investment Provider Contract/Account Number
    • Contacts: Full Name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number
    • Projects: Plan Name
  3. Select the results returned in any Search Category by expanding the category and single-clicking the item.

If the user enters a very small number of characters or text, the returned results might be very large and lengthen the amount of time it takes for the search to finish. It is best to type as many characters as possible to limit the search results.



Search for Inactive or Completed Records

Records which have been made inactive (such as Plans and Contacts), or which have been completed (such as Projects and Distributions), will be hidden from the general search results by default. To include these records:

  1. Enter at least three characters of the contacts name in the Search bar.
  2. Click the Search Preferences (gear) icon in the upper right corner of the grid.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the desired Category and update the Show Deactivated/Closed Preference to 'Yes'.
    • For Projects and/or Distributions, set Show Inactive Plans to 'Yes' in order to see these items for deactivated Plans.
  4. Click Save
  5. Return to the Search Results grid and re-perform the search.



Custom Search Text for Clients and Plans


Search Text fields are available on both the Client and Plan General menus and are included in any search results. If a client or plan changes names, add the old name into the Search Text field, and if searched on, will appear in the results.



Emailing from the Search Screen


Send an email to a contact directly from the Search results screen:

  1. Search for the desired contact. 
  2. Expand the Contacts Category. 
  3. Click the Mail (envelope) icon to the right of the Contact's name. An email with the contact’s email address will appear from the user's default email application.

Important note:  If a new employee is added to PensionPro and only contact results are received when searching, make sure the employee has been assigned to a Location.