Data Import from the DOL

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The DOL Express Import allows PensionPro users to onboard easily with the option to import Client and Plan data by syncing to the DOL site. They can select which applicable Clients and Plans to import. This article provides information on how to access and utilize the DOL Express Import Power Tool to get initial data into PensionPro.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools


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What Records Does the DOL Import Create?


The DOL Import Power Tool should only be used to create new records in PensionPro. It should not be used to make edits to established data. Users importing data with the DOL Import Power Tool will create the following data records where applicable dating back to 2011:


  • Clients – Client Name, Location, Address Type, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip Code, Number Type, Number
  • Employer Data – Client Name, EIN, Business Code, Fiscal Year End Day, Fiscal Year End Month, Period Start, Period End
  • Plans – Plan Name, Client Name, Plan Type, IRS Plan Number, Plan month End, Plan Day End, Trust ID Number, Original Effective Date, Filing Status, Filing Cycle, Combo Plan, PBGC, Plan Category, Plan Group, Status, QDIA Fund Name, Valuation Frequency, Administration Type
  • Plan Cycles – Plan Name, Plan Cycle Status, Plan Cycle Frequency, Period Start, Period End
  • List Values – List Value Type, List Value



Accessing the Power Tool


The DOL Express Import Power Tool can be accessed by clicking Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > DOL Express Import. The DOL Express Import Power Tool will open in a new tab.



Download an Empty Template


Once the Power Tool opens as a new tab in the user’s browser, users can download a blank template to begin the import process. Users can click the Download a Template button to receive a blank copy of the Excel import template.



Complete the Template


Once the blank DOL Import Template has been downloaded, users can begin the process of completing the template.


To begin the process, populate the corresponding fields with the EIN and IRS Plan Numbers of Clients and Plans that are to be added to PensionPro.  Save the template once all EIN and IRS Plan Numbers are added.



Upload the Template

The completed DOL Import Template can then be uploaded to PensionPro by following the steps below.

  1. Click Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > DOL Express Import.
  2. Click the Upload File button and select the completed template.
  3. Click the Continue button.
  4. Select the Plans that are to be imported by checking the box next to the Plan.
    • Users can select all Plans by clicking the checkbox in the top left corner of the Plans table.
    • Users can filter by clicking the Filter button in the Plan Name column of the grey bar.
    • Users can sort by columns by clicking the column header.
  5. Once selections are completed, click Continue.
    • Note: If issues with sync arise they will be notated in the Lookup Issues column. The lookup issues will not stop a user from importing the information.  This field and content will also be displayed in a spreadsheet that is available to export at the end of the import wizard.
  6. A summary of the information being imported will appear. Verify the information to be imported. Click Continue.
    • Users can click Start Over to abort the process and begin again.
  7. Final Results will appear. Users can click Export Result to export the information that was uploaded successfully.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Plan Cycle Fields are updated with the DOL Import Power Tool?


Fields we update:

  • Acknowledgment ID (AckID)
  • Plan Employer Type
  • Return or Report Typ
  • Failure to Satisfy 29 CFR 2510.3-102
  • Was the Plan Covered by A Fidelity Bond?
  • Fidelity Bond Amount
  • Business Code
  • Employer Contributions
  • Participant Contributions
  • Rollovers or Other Contributions
  • Gain or Loss
  • Total Income
  • Benefits Paid
  • Deemed or Corrective Distributions
  • Administrative Service Providers Payments
  • Other Expenses
  • Net Income Or loss
  • Sponsor Signed Name
  • Admin Signed Name
  • DFE Signed Name
  • Schedule R Attached
  • Schedule MB Attached
  • Schedule SB Attached
  • Schedule H Attached
  • Schedule I Attached
  • Schedule A Attached
  • Schedule C Attached
  • Schedule D Attached
  • Schedule G Attached
  • Schedule A Attached
  • Valuation Date
  • Market Value of Assets
  • Actuarial Value of Assets
  • Number of Participants
  • Total Funding Target
  • Effective Interest Rate
  • Target Normal Cost
  • Carryover Balance at Beginning of Current Year
  • Prefunding Balance at Beginning of Current Year
  • Funding Target Attainment Percentage
  • Adjusted Funding Target Attainment Percentage
  • Prior Years funding Percentage
  • Contribution Amount Paid by Employers
  • Contributions Allocated to Min Required Contribution
  • Discount Rate Applicable Month
  • Total Funding Requirement Before Carry Over or Prefunding Balances
  • Admin Signed Date
  • Sponsor Signed Date
  • DFE Signed Date
  • Floor Offset (1D)
  • 414(k) (1F)
  • PBGC (1H)
  • Offset (2D)
  • 404c (2F)
  • Self-Directed (2G/2H)
  • 401(k) (2J)
  • Matching (2K)
  • ESOP Sub S (2Q)
  • Participant Directed Brokerage (2R)
  • Auto Enrollment (2S)
  • Defined Investment Accounts (2T)
  • Self Employed (3B)
  • Non-Qualified (3C)
  • Pre-Approved (3D)
  • One Participant (3E)
  • Leased Employees (3F)
  • Controlled Group (3H)
  • Employer Securities (3I)
  • PR Dual Qualified (3J)
  • Health (4A)
  • Life Insurance (4B)
  • Supplemental Unemployment (4C)
  • Dental (4D)
  • Vision (4E)
  • Temporary Disability (4F)
  • Prepaid Legal (4G)
  • Long-Term Disability (4H)
  • Severance Pay (4I)
  • Apprenticeship and Training (4J)
  • Scholarship (4K)
  • Death Benefits Excluding Life (4L)
  • Taft-Hartley Housing (4P)
  • Welfare Other (4Q)
  • Welf419A10 (4T)
  • Welf419AUnion (4U)
  • Plan Type
    • 403b
    • DB
    • DC
    • IRA Plan
    • MP
    • WF
  • Sub Type
    • Annuity
    • Annuity/Custodial
    • Cash Balance
    • Custodial
    • ESOP – Leveraged
    • ESOP – Non-leveraged
    • IRA Plan
    • Stock Bonus
    • Target MP
    • Traditional DB
    • Traditional MP
    • WF
    • Profit Sharing
  • Unfunded\Fully Insured\Combo (4R\4S)
    • Yes – Next
    • Yes – Earlier
    • No
  • Self-Directed (2G/2H)
    • Total
    • Partial
    • None
  • Total Participant Count - BOY
  • Total Active Participant Count - BOY
  • Total Participant Count - EOY
  • Total Active Participant - EOY
  • Total Assets End
  • Net Plan Assets BOY
  • Total Assets BOY
  • Total Participant Count with Balance - EOY