PensionPro 2.0 - Adding and Editing Plan Services Provided Information

This article explains the process of adding and editing Services Provided to a Plan in PensionPro. Plan Services can be used to identify different services provided to a firm's Plans.  For example, Full Administration, Investment Services, Tax, or Distribution Withholding Services could be specific Services Provided to a Plan.


Tier Availability: Core, Essential, Premium, Track, Team, Business
Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Plan



Services Provided for a Plan can be found by selecting the Services Provided menu, located in the Views Panel at the Plan level.


Creating Service Provided List Values

Security Rights Required: Maintenance

Before Services Provided can be applied to a Plan, they must be added as a List Value.

  1. From the Navigation Panel, click Maintenance List Values Core > Plan > Service Provided.
  2. Click the Add icon in the upper right corner of the grid. An Add Services Provided pop-up will appear.
  3. Enter a Display Name and Description of the Service. Make sure the List Value is marked as Active.
  4. Click Save.

Add Plan Services

  1. From the Plan screen, click the Services Provided menu.
  2. Click the Add icon in the upper right corner of the grid. An Add Services Provider pop-up will appear.
  3. Choose the appropriate Service from the dropdown menu and click Save to add the Service.
  4. The Service will now show in the Services Provided Grid.

Edit Plan Services

  1. From the Services Provided grid, hover over a Service to highlight it and click the Edit icon.
  2. Make any necessary edits in the Edit Services Provided pop-up.
  3. Click Save to update the Service.

Delete Plan Services

  1. From the Services Provided grid, hover over a Service to highlight it and click the Delete icon.
  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes. The Service will be removed from the grid.


Add Plan Services to Multiple Plans at Once

Users can add a particular Service to multiple plans at a single time by using the Services Provided Power Tool. For directions on how to use this power tool please refer to Using Power Tools.

Users can also import Services Provided to multiple plans at a single time by using the Services Provided Import Power Tool. For more information on how to utilize this Power Tool, please refer to Using the Services Provided Import.


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