Data Import - Notes

This article is part of a series on importing records into PensionPro. Specifically, this article focuses on Notes for both Clients and Plans. Importing Notes is accomplished by saving the necessary data in Excel workbook format, then uploading the data using Power Tools. This article will cover obtaining and completing the proper templates, and uploading those templates to PensionPro.


Note: A number of fields on the import template must match an established List Value. List Values are used throughout PensionPro to populate the contents of many dropdown lists. More information can be found in the article List Values.
Warning: Import Power Tools are only intended to add new records to PensionPro. They cannot be used to add additional data to, or update, existing records.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools


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Import Basics


Notes are generally used to hold miscellaneous information for a record, such as important notices, activity history, or data that cannot be stored anywhere else within PensionPro. Notes can be categorized and flagged as important, if desired.


A Note can only be attached to a single record, such as a Client, Plan, or Project. PensionPro's Import Power Tools can be used to add Notes to Client and Plan records.



Obtaining a Template


Blank templates can be downloaded directly from PensionPro. It is always best to download a fresh copy of the template whenever an import needs to be performed to ensure that it is up to date with PensionPro's current standards.


To obtain a copy of the import template:


  1. Launch the desired Power Tool.
    • For Client Notes, select Power ToolsImportClient Notes
    • For Plan Notes, select Power ToolsImportPlan Notes
  2. The Power Tool begins at Step 1: Options. Select Moremore_options.pngDownload Template. A blank template will be saved to the device.
  3. (Optional) Select Moremore_options.pngDownload Related Data. A workbook containing useful reference data will be saved to the device.



Completing the Template


Within both the Client Notes and Plan Notes Import templates, Row 2 contains the column headings that represent the fields to be imported. The headings in these templates are color-coded to denote importance, as follows:


  • Yellow: The field is required.
  • Orange: The field is not required, but is recommended.


Warning: Deleting columns from the import template, or editing the names of any column headers, will cause the import to fail.


The following remarks provide insight on completing a Notes Import template; this information may not be comprehensive of all available columns.


Minimum required data:

Client Name / Client ID


Plan Name / TPA Plan ID

At least one of these fields is required to match the Note to an existing Client or Plan in PensionPro. If both fields are used, they must reference the same Client or Plan.

  • If a Related Data workbook was obtained, all available options will be listed on the Client List or Plan List worksheet as appropriate.
Note Text

The main body of the Note. Cannot exceed 2000 characters.

Created On Date

Represents the date that the Note was recorded. MM/DD/YYYY format.

Created By Employee Name

Must match the first and last name of an existing Employee.

  • If a Related Data workbook was obtained, all available options will be listed on the Employee List worksheet.


Optional data:

Note Category

References a List Value, located under Core > General > Note Category.

  • If a Related Data workbook was obtained, all available options will be listed on the Note Categories List worksheet.

Mark Note As Important

Yes/No format. If set to Yes, an Importantimportant.png icon will display next to the Note.



Importing the Template


Once the template is complete, it can be imported via Power Tools.


  1. Launch the desired Power Tool.
    • For Client Notes, select Power ToolsImportPensionPro Setup > Client Notes
    • For Plan Notes, select Power ToolsImport > PensionPro Setup > Plan Notes
  2. In Step 1: Options, use the File Selection box to select the import template, then select Next.
    • If an issue with the template is detected, an error message will appear in red containing a link to an error log. Selecting the link opens a new Error Log tab, which summarizes any errors (which will prevent the import) or warnings (which will not prevent an import, but may signal undesired results).
  3. Step 2: Preview will display the records as interpreted by PensionPro. Review the data, then select Next.
    • If one or more records contain issues that are preventing a successful import, an error message will appear in red containing a link to download an error log. This error log is a copy of the import template, but with any cells containing errors highlighted in red. Hovering over a highlighted cell will display a note containing the associated error message.
  4. Step 3: Review summarizes the data to be imported. Select Execute.
  5. When Step 4: Finish is reached, the data has been imported and is now available for use. If desired, select Start Over to run the Power Tool again from the beginning.