Firms & Locations

PensionPro utilizes Locations to add an extra level of control over any data that is split between offices, branches, or regions, and to manage the contact information for each. The Firm represents the combination of all Locations. This article discusses managing details for the Firm and its individual Locations.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business

Security Rights Required: Maintenance


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Defining Firms and Locations


PensionPro considers the Firm to be the business or company that offers plan administration services. This would be the single entity that oversees all data stored within PensionPro.


The Firm can—if desired—be broken out into multiple Locations. Each Location might represent one of the following:


  • A physical office
  • A geographic region
  • A department or team


Much of the data stored within PensionPro—such as Client and Plan data—must be allocated to a Location upon its creation. This provides the following benefits:


  • Records can be managed based on a Location's individual methods and practices
  • Data can be grouped or filtered by Location for reporting purposes
  • Access to data can be restricted based on the Locations an Employee is authorized to view


Employees are also associated with Locations. This is done in two distinct ways:


  1. An Employee must be assigned to at least one Location; this serves to better organize and visualize the Firm's structure. Instructions for managing Location assignments for Employees are provided later in this article.
  2. An Employee must have the permissions necessary to view records allocated to each Location. These permissions are called Location Rights, and are discussed in more detail in the article Location Rights.


This split provides greater flexibility in Location management, as Location Rights can be assigned independently of an Employee's actual working Location.



Firm & Location Management


Settings for managing Firms and Locations can be found by navigating to Maintenance > Firms/Locations.


The content on the Firm tab is largely similar to a Company tab; in fact, a Company record for the firm exists in PensionPro, and contains much of the same information. For this reason, this article will only cover areas where the record types diverge, such as Locations and API Keys. Other areas—such as Company name, and the Addresses, Numbers, and Contacts views—are discussed in the article Managing Company Information.



Firm API Key

Tier Availability: Team, Business

Add-On Availability: API Access


For firms utilizing PensionPro's API to retrieve and update data outside of the PensionPro application, an API key is required alongside any calls in order to verify the identity of the requestor. This key is unique to the firm, and can be found on the Firm tab > General view.


The API key is a critical component of data security, and is thus obscured by default. Select Show API Key to reveal the key and to allow it to be copied; select Hide API Key to obscure it again. The API Key should not be shared with any person who does not require it. In the event that the API key may be compromised, or for any other reason, it can be reset by selecting Moremore_options.png > Regenerate API Key.


For more information on the PensionPro API, refer to the article PensionPro API.




Tier Availability: Business


To view all of the firm's Locations, select the Locations view within the Firm tab. Each Location is listed within the grid; new Locations can be added by selecting Addadd.png to the top-right. Adding a new Location only requires a name that is unique from any existing Locations.


Hovering over any Location within the grid displays the Editedit.png option on the right-hand side. The following details can be edited for each Location:


  • The Location name
  • The PlanSponsorLink Subdomain associated with the Location
  • Whether the Location is the firm's default
  • Whether the Location is marked for deletion
    • Locations cannot be deleted instantly; instead, they must be marked for deletion, and then removed via Maintenance > Data Deletion.


Double-click a Location within the grid to open it in a new Location tab. This tab contains details specific to the Location, including address and phone number information and Employee management options.


Within the Location tab, the Addresses and Numbers views list the addresses and phone numbers associated with the Location. New addresses or numbers specific to the Location can be added by selecting Addadd.png to the top-right of the grid in each respective view. Addresses and numbers already associated with the Firm can be selected directly; alternately, new addresses and numbers can be created and added to both the Location and the Firm. Hover over an existing address or number within the grid to display the Editedit.png and Deletedelete.png options on the right-hand side.


The Directory view is used to determine which Employees are associated with the Location within the Company Directory. For more information, refer to the article Company Directory.


The Access view is used to manage Location Rights and assign them to Employees. For more information, refer to the article Location Rights.