Plan Cycles - Syncing DOL Data

PensionPro pulls valuable information from the Form 5500 and stores it in the Plan Cycles for each year. The information for Form 5500-EZ is not provided by the DOL and, therefore, will not populate the Plan Cycle record. This article will explain where this information is stored and what information will populate.


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Plan Cycles


The 5500 information is found within Plan Cycles.

  1. In the Search bar, type the name of the plan.
  2. Click the Plan Name > Plan Cycles.
  3. Locate the correct Plan Cycle and then double-click it.
  4. Below is a list of fields that will populate.



Populating the Fields


If a Plan Cycle is created for a previously filed 5500 the system will sync with the database and, if the information is available, populate the fields overnight. However, if the Plan Cycle is created and the 5500 has not been filed, then the system will check on the fifteenth of every month to see if the information is available. When the information is found in the database, it will automatically populate the Plan Cycle information.


Please note that when the form is filed with the DOL the information is not made available to us immediately. 


The system uses the EIN, IRS Plan Number, and Plan Cycle date to find data in the database. An Employer Data record must exist with a valid EIN for each plan year. Also, a Plan Cycle must exist for each plan year. The dates for the Employer Data record and the Plan Cycle must match the dates for the 5500.

If filing information is available, the Plan Cycle will automatically populate with the corresponding information. If available from the database, Plan Cycles will populate with information dating back to 2011.

Once the Plan Cycle data has been retrieved from the DOL, it cannot be edited.


Please note that the information for Form 5500-EZ (and Form 5500-SF for one participant plans prior to 2021) are not provided to us by the DOL and, therefore, will not populate the plan cycle record.


The Plan Cycle > General Information grid contains a Refresh Plan Cycle Data option (click the More icon) to the right of the grid. Clicking this button will refresh the page with any available data from the Department of Labor.



Fields that will Populate in Plan Cycles


General tab

  • Total Asset Based Revenue for the Period
  • Plan Employer Type
  • Initial Filing
  • Business Code
  • Failure to satisfy 29 CFR 2510.3-102
  • Was the Plan covered by a fidelity bond?
  • Fidelity Bond Amount
  • Plan Type
  • Sub Type (Plan Characteristic Codes)
    • Floor Offset (1D)
    • 414(k) (1F)
    • PBGC (1H)
    • Frozen Plan (1l)
    • Cross-Test\Age\Service (2A)
    • Offset (2D)
    • 404c (2F)
    • Self-Directed (2G/2H)
    • 401(k) (2J)
    • Matching (2K)
    • ESOP Sub s (2Q)
    • Participant-Directed Brokerage (2R)
    • Auto Enrollment (2S)
    • Defined Investment Accounts (2T)
    • Self Employed (3B)
    • Non-Qualified (3C)
    • Pre-Approved (3D)
    • One Participant (3E)
    • Leased Employees (3F)
    • Controlled Group (3H)
    • Employer Securities (3I)
    • PR Dual Qualified (3J)
    • Health (4A)
    • Life Insure (4B)
    • Supplemental Unemployment (4C)
    • Dental (4D)
    • Vision (4E)
    • Temporary Disability (4F)
    • Prepaid Legal (4G)
    • Long-Term Disability (4H)
    • Severance Pay (4I)
    • Apprenticeship and Training (4J)
    • Scholarship (4K)
    • Death Benefits Excluding Life (4L)
    • Taft-Hartley Housing (4P)
    • Welfare Other (4Q)
    • Unfunded\Fully Insured\Combo (4R\4S)
    • 419A 10 or more (4T)
    • 419 Union (4U)


Participant tab

  • Total Participant Count – BOY
  • Total Active Participant Count – BOY
  • Total Participant Count – EOY
  • Total Active Participant Count – EOY
  • Participant with Account Balance – EOY


Filings tab

  • Schedule R Attached
  • Schedule MB Attached
  • Schedule SB Attached
  • Schedule H Attached
  • Schedule I Attached
  • Schedule A Attached
  • Number of Schedule A Attached
  • Schedule C Attached
  • Schedule D Attached
  • Schedule G Attached
  • Admin Signed Date (can also be populated from FTW integration)
  • Admin Signed Name
  • Sponsor Signed Date (can also be populated from FTW integration)
  • Sponsor Signed Name


Actuarial tab

  • Valuation Date
  • Market Value of Assets
  • Actuarial Value of Assets
  • Number of Participants
  • Total Funding Target
  • Effective Interest Rate
  • Target Normal Cost
  • Carryover Balance at Beginning of Current Year
  • Pre-funding Balance at Beginning of Current Year
  • Funding Target Attainment Percentage
  • Prior Year’s Funding Percentage
  • Contribution Amount Paid by Employers
  • Contributions Allocated to Min Required Contribution
  • Discount Rate Applicable Month
  • Total Funding Requirement Before Carryover or Pre-funding Balances


Financial tab

  • Net Plan Assets – BOY
  • Net Plan Assets – EOY
  • Employer Contributions
  • Participant Contributions
  • Rollover or Other Contributions
  • Gain\Loss
  • Total Income
  • Benefits Paid
  • Deemed or Corrective Distributions
  • Administrative Service Providers Payments
  • Other Expenses
  • Net Income\Loss