General Web Collection Templates

This article highlights the requirements and overall design of a General Web Collection project. Users can expect to learn how to add Questionnaire Items, Collection Items, and other various fields to their General Web Collection Project. Attached below is a sample General Web Collection Project Template that will serve as a building block.


If the user is unfamiliar with project templates, they should review the Building Project Templates article before proceeding.


Tier Availability: Business

Security Rights Required: Maintenance



Template Overview


The General Web Collection project template must contain Data Collection as its first Task Grouping. Without this Task Grouping, the General Web Collection project will not function properly. This Task Grouping contains the information the plan sponsor will see when submitting information through PlanSponsorLink and consists of five tasks: Collection Request Notification, Questionnaire, Collection Items, Approval and Submission, and Review Submitted Information. These Tasks and the Task Groupings cannot be renamed. However, the user can add more Task Groupings, Tasks, and Task Items after the Data Collection Task Grouping to customize the template. 


Note: The Role Assigned to this task is highlighted in yellow and should be reviewed and updated prior to import. 



Collection Request Notification

This task is designed to notify the plan sponsor that the web collection project is available for them to complete on PlanSponsorLink. This process can be done using the Blast Email tools under the Communications menu. The mailing type of the Blast Email should be General Web Collection Request. Once the Blast Email is sent the first task of the Data Collection Task Grouping will be completed within the Project. 




This task contains questions the client is to answer on PlanSponsorLink. The steps below outline how to create Questions as Task Items within the template:

  1. In a Task Item row, enter the question in the Name\Question column.
  2. In the Data Type Column, enter the appropriate Data Type format you want to answer format to be in. Data Types can be created in Maintenance\List Values\Template. 
  3. Enter TRUE or FALSE in the Required depending on if you want the answer to be required or not.
  4. If the answer to the question is an item that may need to be reported on later then a Project Field should be created. To do this, first create the Project Field in Maintenance\List Values\Project and in the dropdown choose Project Field. Enter the name of the newly created Project Field in the Project Field column of the template. To have the Project Field show on either the Plan level or the Project level or both in PensionPro, place TRUE in the Show on Project and/or Show on Plan columns. 
  5. If any other questions need to be listed, insert a new Task Item row and repeat steps 1-4 until complete.



Collection Items

This task will contain the list of items you would like the plan sponsor to upload on the web. It is built using the Collections Items tab in the template. Uploaded items from the client will show on the Collect tab under Data Collection in the launched project.



Approval and Submission

The final step in the General Web Collection project is the Approval and Submission. This task will be completed by the plan sponsor on 



Review Submitted Information

This task is where the employee, who is assigned to the task, can review the information provided by the plan sponsor. The information your client has entered and approved will be stored in the appropriate Data Collection sub-menus located within the launched project > Data Collection menu.

If the information is incomplete, the employee can click the Return button on the Review tab of the launched project to have the client resubmit. 



Adding other Task Groups and Tasks

This template can be edited to add further task groupings and tasks for your internal purposes as needed. The attached template only highlights what is required to make a General Web Collection Project function properly within PensionPro and



Collection Items Overview


Data Collection Items can be added by clicking on the Collection Items tab of the General Web Collection Project Template. Steps to add Collection Items on the Template are included below.


  1. Click the Collection Items tab of the General Web Collection project template.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name of the Collection Item.
  3. Enter a description of the Collection Item in the Description field.
  4. Enter True in the Required field to make the Collection Item required.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 on a new row until all desired Collection Items are entered.



Importing a Completed General Web Collection Template


Once the template is complete, it must be imported into PensionPro before the General Web Collection project can be launched against a plan. Steps to import the completed template are below. 


  1. Click Maintenance > Templates from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Menu icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Project Template Import.
  4. Browse to and select the saved project template.
  5. Click Upload.