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Reports, forms, and other documents are an important part of plan administration—both for keeping internal records, and for sharing information with a client. PensionPro provides document storage in the form of Files for Plans, Projects, and Plan Cycles; once uploaded, these Files can be easily distributed to Plan Contacts via PlanSponsorLink.


Tier Availability: Team, Business


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Where Files are Used


Files can be added to a variety of different records in PensionPro. Some functionality may differ depending on the type of record that the File is uploaded to; as such, it is important to understand the record types available, and which functions apply to each.



Plan Files


Uploading a File to a Plan is the most common method of adding a File to PensionPro. Due to the large number of documents that may be involved, Plan Files are broken up into three categories:



  • Legal Plan Files: Legal documents, such as Safe Harbor Notices and Valuation Reports.
  • Administrative Files: Forms used in general Plan administration, such as a Beneficiary Form, Hardship Form, or Withdrawal Form.
  • Fiduciary Files: Documents connected to fiduciary responsibilities, including Fiduciary Minutes, Fund Performance Reports, and Portfolio Performance Reports.   


Plan Files are found on the corresponding Plan tab; each of the above categories has a dedicated view, found under the Files view grouping on the left. A Plan File may be posted to PlanSponsorLink and maintains an Access Log; it may also be sent to DocuSign as an E-Signature Document.



Project Files

Tier Availability: Business


Files may also be added to individual Projects, although these are not broken up into additional categories like Plan Files are. Instead, all of a Project's Files are accessible from the Files view of the Project tab.


Like Plan Files, Project Files may be posted to PlanSponsorLink, maintain Access Logs, and may be sent to DocuSign as an E-Signature Document.


Distribution Files function similarly to Project Files.



Plan Cycle Files

Tier Availability: Team


On PensionPro's Team tier, Files may be added to each yearly Plan Cycle record. All of a Plan Cycle's Files are accessible from the Files view of the Plan Cycle tab.


Plan Cycle Files may be posted to PlanSponsorLink and maintain Access Logs.




Other Files


In addition to the above, Files may also be added to other areas of PensionPro, such as the following:



The instructions for managing Files found in the remainder of this article are generally applicable to these areas, but there may be some differences. Additionally, some functionalities may not be available for these Files. For specific instructions, refer to the appropriate article.



File Types


Plan and Project Files require a File Type be assigned to them before they can be added. The File Type helps further categorize a File and offers additional options for organization.


File Types are managed as List Values, located within List Value Maintenance under Core > File Types. The following list notes where each each File Type is used:


  • Administrative Form Type: Plan Files – Administrative Forms
  • Distribution: Distribution Files
  • Fiduciary: Plan Files – Fiduciary Files
  • Plan Document: Plan Files – Legal Plan Files
  • Project: Project Files


The Document Collection File Type is deprecated and no longer used.



File Management


The instructions in the following sections pertain specifically to managing Plan, Project, and Plan Cycle Files. Files may be added and removed, archived, downloaded, and more from their respective views on the Plan, Project, or Plan Cycle tab.



Adding, Editing, & Deleting Files


To upload a new file to PensionPro:


  1. Select Addadd.png at the top-right of the Files grid. The corresponding Add File window displays.
  2. Use the File Selection box to navigate to and select the desired file using the file explorer.
  3. Enter a Title for the File.
  4. Select the File's Type; refer to the section File Types for more information.
  5. (Optional) Add a Description or Effective Date.
  6. When finished, select Save. The File will be uploaded and added to the Plan or Project.


Files must not be larger than 1 GB, and may not have any of the following extensions: .exe, .cmd, .bat, and .msi.


Hovering over a File in the grid will display the Editedit.png and Deletedelete.png options on the right-hand side. The File's details may be edited, but the actual uploaded file cannot be changed; it must be archived/deleted and re-uploaded.


Deleting a File directly requires the Delete Documents Security Right; a user without this Security Right may instead edit the File and select Mark for Deletion to add it to the Data Deletion Manager.



Downloading Files & Access Logs


To download any File uploaded to PensionPro, double-click it in the grid; alternately, click it once in the grid to select it, then select Moremore_options.png > Download.


Once a File is downloaded by any user, it will be considered Accessed. An Access Date will populate for the File, and the user's name will be added to the Access Log along with a timestamp.


To review an Access Log, select View Access Loginfo.png in the grid, to the right of the File's Title. The Access Log records all users who downloaded the File; if the File was posted to PlanSponsorLink, this also includes any Plan Sponsors who accessed it.


If necessary, an Access Log can be cleared, indicating that the File has not been accessed until the next time it is downloaded. To do so, Editedit.png the File and clear the Mark as Accessed field.



Archiving Files


When a File is archived, it remains in PensionPro, but it is hidden from the Files grid by default. Archiving a File may be preferable to deleting it in some cases.


To archive a File, select Editedit.png on the right, then select Archived. Once saved, the File will be hidden from the grid.


To view archived Files in the grid, select Moremore_options.png > Show Archived. Repeating this action will provide the Hide Archived option instead.



Sending Files to DocuSign

Tier Availability: Business


If PensionPro's DocuSign integration is properly established and E-Signature Templates have been created, a Plan or Project File may be sent to DocuSign for electronic signature. For instructions, refer to the Sending a File to DocuSign section of the article DocuSign Integration.



Files on PlanSponsorLink


Plan, Project, and Plan Cycle Files may optionally be posted to PlanSponsorLink to be viewed and downloaded by Plan Contacts. This gives Contacts the ability to access Plan documents at any time.


To post a File to PlanSponsorLink, select the Show on PSL option when adding or editing the File.


Note: If desired, once a File is marked to be shown on PSL and then saved, PensionPro can open an email draft in the user's default email application. This draft will include a prefilled subject and body to quickly notify Plan Sponsors that a new File is available. To utilize this functionality, enable Document Email Use within PensionPro Document Preferences. For more information, refer to the Documents section of the article PensionPro Preferences.


A File posted to PSL will be available in the Plan Sponsor's My Active Tasks tab until they download the File for the first time. Once downloaded, the File will disappear from My Active Tasks, but will remain available on the Plan Sponsor's Documents tab. PensionPro and PlanSponsorLink users who upload a File will not see it in their own My Active Tasks tab.


Plan Administrative Forms are not displayed on the My Active Tasks tab, but are available on the Documents tab.



Website Rights for Files


To view Files on PlanSponsorLink, a user must be assigned appropriate Website Rights for each Plan they are assigned to as a Plan Contact Role. A number of Website Rights exist, each allowing a Plan Sponsor to view a certain category of file; for example, Website Rights determine whether the Plan Sponsor can view Legal or Fiduciary Files. Refer to the Website Rights for Plan Contacts section of the article Managing PlanSponsorLink Users.



Adding Files in PlanSponsorLink


Plan Sponsors have the ability to upload Files directly to a Plan, Project, or Plan Cycle within PlanSponsorLink. This functionality is available in the following areas:


Documents tab

Website Rights Required: Add/Edit/Delete Fiduciary Documents


Files may be added to a Plan's Fiduciary Files by selecting Upload Fiduciary Document at the top-right.


Projects and Distributions tabs

Website Rights Required: Projects, Distribution


When a Project or Distribution is available in one of these tabs, select View on the right-hand side to open the View Project or View Distribution window. Use Add in the Documents section to select a file for upload.


Annual Data Collection

Website Rights Required: Approval


A File uploaded during the Approval step of Annual Data Collection will be added to the Project (Business tier) or Plan Cycle (Team tier). Use Add in the Documents section of this step to select a file for upload.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • What options do I have for managing Files in bulk?
    A File cannot be uploaded to multiple Plans, Projects, or Plan Cycles. However, once added, Files may be managed using the Files Field Update Power Tool. This Tool provides the ability to update the Archived, Marked for Deletion, and Show on PSL fields for multiple Files where applicable. Refer to the Field Update section of the article Power Tools.

  • Why isn't my File appearing on PlanSponsorLink after I just uploaded it?
    A File will not appear on the My Active Tasks tab of PSL for the user who uploaded it. This helps prevent an Employee from accidentally marking the File as accessed when confirming that the File uploaded successfully to PSL. The File will still be available on the Documents tab.

  • Is there a limit to the length of time Files are retained?
    No; Files are retained in PensionPro until removed by the firm.