Plan Contact Roles

Even the smallest Plans have at least one person who acts as a point of contact between the TPA and the client company. There may also be persons outside of the client company who are still important in the Plan's administration, such as an external auditor or financial advisor. Plan Contact Roles (sometimes shortened to Contact Roles) represent PensionPro's method of tracking these individuals and their responsibilities to the Plan.


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Plan Contact Roles are assigned on a Plan-by-Plan basis. A Plan might have a Main Contact, a Payroll Provider, a Principal, or any other number of Roles that are relied upon to provide information for and approve decisions on behalf of the Plan. Plan Contact Roles are created using List Values, allowing a firm to customize its available Roles in accordance with its preferences.


A single Contact can be assigned to as many Plan Contact Roles as desired; likewise, multiple Contacts can be assigned to the same Role. A Contact record must exist for the individual in question before they can be added as a Contact Role; refer to the article Adding, Deactivating, or Deleting a Contact.


Establishing Plan Contact Roles for each Plan is useful for more than just reference purposes. The following areas of PensionPro have functionality relating to Contact Roles:


  • Blast Email: Blast Emails containing Plan-relevant information may be sent to Plan Contacts.
  • PlanSponsorLink: Plan Contacts with the appropriate permissions may assist in Data Collection or view Plan information via PlanSponsorLink.
  • Reporting & Filtering: Contact Roles are available as filters in some of PensionPro's built-in reports. They can also be available as column selections and filters in other areas, such as Blast Email and Power Tools, and are data points that can be used when creating Fetch queries.



Managing Contact Roles


Plan Contact Roles can be managed directly from the Plan tab, or can be updated in bulk using Power Tools.


On the Plan Tab

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Plan


To list all of the Contact Roles for a Plan:


  1. Use the search bar to search for and open the desired Plan in a new Plan tab.
  2. Select the Contact Roles view on the left.


The Plan Contact Roles grid displays all of the Plan's currently-assigned Contact Roles. Hovering over a Role in the grid will display the Editedit.png and Deletedelete.png options on the right-hand side.


To add a new Plan Contact Role:


  1. Select Addadd.png at the top-right of the grid. The Add Plan Contact Role window displays.
  2. Use the Contact field to search for and select the desired Contact.
  3. Select the desired Plan Contact Role from the dropdown.
  4. (Optional) assign any necessary Website Rights.
    • Website Rights will determine which PlanSponsorLink functionalities the Plan Contact will have access to. Refer to the article Managing PlanSponsorLink Users.
  5. (Optional) select Please CC to indicate whether this Plan Contact should be added as a CC to Plan communications generated in PensionPro.
  6. (Optional) select Show on PSL to list this Contact on PlanSponsorLink.
    • This information will appear on the Contacts tab, as well as the Contacts step of Annual Data Collection, and can only be viewed by Plan Sponsors with the appropriate Website Rights.
  7. (Optional) select Show on PSL Help Screen  to allow the Plan's Sponsors to see this Contact's information on PlanSponsorLink
    • This information will appear on the Contact Us Help page, and can be viewed by all Plan Sponsors regardless of Website Rights. Requires Show on PSL to be selected.
  8. Select Save.


Via Power Tools

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools


Contact Roles can be managed across many Plans at once using the Plan Contact Role Power Tool, located under Power Tools > Plans > Plan Contact Roles.


Step 1 of the Plan Contact Role Power Tool is where the desired outcome is chosen. Roles may be added to or removed from a Plan. Additionally, the Show on PSL options may be changed to either Yes or No.


Follow through the remaining steps as outlined in the article Power Tools, making sure to select the Plans to add Roles to, or the Roles to update or delete, depending on the options selected in Step 1.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does removing a Contact from a Plan Contact Role also remove any Plan Interactions where this Contact was a participant?
    No; the Interactions will be retained even after the Contact is removed from the Plan.