Data Deletion

To help guard against unintended data loss, PensionPro requires that many types of records—such as Clients, Plans, or Projects—follow a two-step process before they can be deleted. First, the record must be Marked for Deletion; this is usually done by editing the record directly and selecting the appropriate option. When the record has been marked for deletion, it appears in the Data Deletion Manager. Here, the record can be reviewed one final time before it is deleted from PensionPro permanently.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business


Warning: This article discusses the PERMANENT deletion of data. Deleted records cannot be recovered. In most cases, PensionPro does not recommend deleting a record unless it was created in error.
Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Marking Records for Deletion


The following record types must be marked for deletion before they will appear in the Data Deletion Manager:



For more information on marking a record for deletion, select the appropriate record from the list above to open an article containing relevant instructions. Some record types may have restrictions in place that will prevent the record from being deleted in certain circumstances (for example, a Plan cannot be deleted unless all of its Projects are deleted first).


Additionally, the following record types can be marked for deletion in bulk using Power Tools:


  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Document Specifications
  • Files
  • Plans
  • Projects


To use Power Tools to mark multiple records for deletion:


  1. Expand Power Tools > Field Update, then select the appropriate record type. The Power Tool opens at Step 1.
  2. Set the Select a field to update dropdown to Marked for Deletion.
  3. Set the Select a value dropdown to Yes.
  4. Select Next and follow the remaining steps to complete the Power Tool. Any records selected in Step 3 of the Power Tool will be marked for deletion.



Using the Data Deletion Manager


Security Rights Required: Maintenance


To access the Data Deletion Manager, navigate to Maintenance > Data Deletion.


The Views list on the left separates each record type into its relevant view. Each view contains any records that have been marked for deletion, but have not yet been permanently deleted.


To permanently remove a record from PensionPro, hover over the record in the grid, then select Deletedelete.png on the right-hand side. To delete multiple records, Shift-click or Control-click to select all desired records, then select Deletedelete.png at the top-right of the grid. A popup will confirm that the record(s) should be deleted.


Once confirmed, records will be instantly deleted, with the exception of Files, which will be placed into a queue. In this case, the user initiating the file deletion will receive two emails; one immediately to confirm that the request has been queued, and another when the deletion has been completed.


If it is determined that a record should not be deleted, it cannot be "returned" from the Data Deletion Manager. Instead, the record itself will need to be edited directly (or, if available, via Power Tools) to have its Marked for Deletion option set back to No.