Importing Specifications

While PensionPro provides the means to record document specifications for Plans, many TPAs already maintain specifications in the system. Rather than requiring a duplication of effort to make that data available in PensionPro, plan specifications can instead be imported from, saving time and ensuring that the information remains consistent between the two platforms.


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Having a thorough understanding of PensionPro's Document Specifications feature is recommended prior to importing specifications from Refer to the following articles:



The actual transfer of specifications can be accomplished via one of two methods, both of which are discussed in this article. What follows is a brief description of each method:


Direct Import: In this method, a plan document can be imported directly from This option is simple and quick, but requires an integration to be established in PensionPro, and can only be performed for a single Plan at a time.


Power Tool Import: Instead of relying on a direct connection to via integration, checklists can be exported from and re-imported into PensionPro manually. While less direct, it has the advantage of allowing specifications to be imported for multiple Plans at once.



Creating an Template


Regardless of the method that will be used to perform the import, any appropriate Document Template(s) will need to be created to house the inbound data. These Templates are set up in a certain way to facilitate this process.


To create the Template(s), perform the steps outlined in the article Document Specifications Templates. The notes comprising the remainder of this section will help ensure that a Template is set up to properly facilitate an import from


Prior to adding a Template:


  • Ensure that at least one Document Provider exists with as its Vendor. Any Templates created for the purpose of importing specifications should use this Provider.


While adding a Template:


  • Use Copy From Library Template as the Action.
  • Select a Provider that uses as the Vendor.
  • The Library Templates that are available will match the checklists provided by PensionPro maintains these Library Templates. Templates will need to be created for each type of checklist that will be imported.


Note: Changes made by to their checklists may not be immediately reflected in PensionPro's Library Templates.


Using an Library Template will add the relevant Specifications to the Template, so they do not need to be added manually. If desired, unused Specifications may be removed from the Template after creation.



Direct Import


Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Plan Doc Specs


Directly importing a plan document from is the easiest and fastest option for making those specifications available in PensionPro. Some initial setup is necessary to utilize this feature.





First, integration needs to be enabled for the firm. Follow the instructions provided in the article Integration - Setup & Preferences to enter API credentials into PensionPro. Ensure that the Enable the Import Specifications Button on Plan Document preference is set to Yes.


After the integration is established, the Plan in question will need to be linked to its counterpart in per the instructions in the article - Creating and Linking Records from PensionPro.



Importing Specifications


The direct import method functions by importing Specifications from into a matching PensionPro Plan Document. If necessary, perform the below steps to add this Document to the Plan in question; more information can be found in the Managing Specifications section of the article Document Specifications:


  1. Navigate to the Specifications view of the Plan tab.
  2. Select Addadd.png at the top-right. The Add Document window displays.
  3. For Action, select Copy From Existing Template.
  4. For Template, select a Document Template that uses an Document Provider and which matches the desired checklist.
  5. Set the Status and Effective Date as necessary, then select Save.


As long as the correct Document exists for the Plan, Specifications can be imported:


  1. Navigate to the Specifications view of the Plan tab.
  2. Double-click the appropriate Document within the grid to open it.
  3. Select Moremore_options.png > Import Specifications.
  4. A confirmation dialog will display. Select I Understand to perform the import, or Cancel to return to the Plan tab.


Upon completion, the Specification values for the Document will match what was entered into Performing an import in this way does not synchronize the Specifications between the two applications; if a change is made in, the import action can be re-performed to retrieve the updates.



Power Tool Import


Plan specifications can be exported from, transferred to an import sheet, and imported into PensionPro via Power Tools. This allows specifications to be imported for multiple Plans at once, and doesn't require any setup beyond creating an appropriate Document Template.


Each checklist type must be exported and imported separately.



Exporting from


Important: The steps in this section are to be performed in PensionPro cannot provide any direct support for the use of outside of general instructions, and is likewise not responsible for any changes made to the functionality of the application.


To export plan specifications from


  1. Log in to the application↗.
  2. Select the Wolters Kluwer button at the top-left to open the main menu.
  3. Navigate to Reports > Document Provisions by Checklist.
  4. Select the name of the desired checklist format to start the export.
    • PensionPro accepts imports containing more than 255 columns; as such, it's not necessary to download a checklist in multiple parts.


The exported .csv file will include all plans using the chosen checklist.



Importing into PensionPro


The Document Specifications import is a multi-step process that involves the following:


  • Downloading a blank template from PensionPro
  • Transferring specifications from the export to the blank import template
  • Running the Document Specifications Import Power Tool


Full instructions for obtaining a blank template and using the Document Specifications Import Power Tool can be found in the Importing Document Specifications section of the article Document Specifications.


When downloading a blank import template from Document Specifications Preferences, ensure that the chosen Document Template uses an Document Provider and matches the checklist that was exported from The column names on the import sheet will match the specification tags on the export, so the desired plan data can simply be copied and pasted from one sheet to the other.



Common Errors


The following errors are commonly experienced when performing an import of specifications from


Data Missing – Effective Date

Checklists exported from may contain both the EffectiveDate and OrigEffectiveDate tags to differentiate between the original effective date of a plan, and the effective date of a restatement. The Document Specifications Import Power Tool asks for a column to be mapped to determine which effective date should be used for the Document in PensionPro. If the chosen column is missing a date, this error is thrown.


To resolve, split the import into two sheets based on whether EffectiveDate or OrigEffectiveDate should be used. Alternately, use the Effective Date column (note that this is distinct from EffectiveDate) on the import sheet to specify which date should be used, and map this column when using the Power Tool.


Plan Does Not Exist In PensionPro

The Plan name on the import sheet must exactly match the Plan name as it exists in PensionPro. If the Plan name differs in, even slightly, it will need to be corrected on the import sheet prior to upload.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • What should I do if I don’t see the Import Specifications option?
    Lacking this menu option may indicate that there is an issue with the integration, or that the Client and Plan have not been linked correctly. Refer to the section Direct Import - Requirements for more details on properly establishing a connection. Additionally, Ensure that the Enable the Import Specifications Button on Plan Document preference is set to Yes in Integration Preferences.

  • If a plan is restated to a new document, do we need to add a new Document Version, or will the Import Specifications option update this for us?
    The Import Specifications menu option does not alter the Plan Document in PensionPro to match the updated schema. Instead, close the current Document Version and add a new Document using an updated Template; then use the Import Specifications option to populate the restatement details.