Using Worktrays

Worktrays allow users to view active tasks and assign work to other members of a team from a single dashboard.


Tier Availability: Business

Security Rights Required:  None


Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


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Worktrays can be used to help organize a firm’s workload. Tasks can be assigned to a Worktray, rather than a single Employee.



Setting up a Worktray in PensionPro


  1. Select Maintenance > Worktray Management from the Navigation Panel
  2. Click the Add icon in the upper-right corner to create a new Worktray. The Add Worktray Name popup appears
  3. Enter the Name of the Worktray and click Save
  4. Open the created Worktray by double-clicking the row or clicking the corresponding Edit icon.
  5. Click the Add icon in the upper-right corner of the grid to add new Members to the Worktray. The Add Employee popup displays
  6. From the Employee dropdown menu, select the desired employee(s)
  7. From the Role dropdown, select either Member or Leader
  8. Click Save to complete
  • Members can view tasks in the Worktray and assign tasks to themselves.
  • Leaders can assign or reassign tasks to other members of the Worktray.



Assigning Tasks to Worktrays


Assigned tasks will appear in a Worktray when projects are launched. Task assignment to a Worktray is done in the Project Template, but tasks can also  be assigned after a Project is launched through Power Tools.

To assign a Task to a Worktray from within the Project Template

  1. Select Maintenance > Templates from the Navigation Panel
  2. Use the Project Type filtering to sort templates by type
  3. Double-click the template that is to be edited
  4. Select the Workflow menu
  5. Double-click the appropriate Task Grouping to open the list of Tasks
  6. Click the Edit icon on the right side of the Task to be assigned to a Worktray
  7. In the Worktray dropdown menu, select the name of the Worktray
  8. Click Save to complete

Note: The Task can be assigned to an Employee Role and a Worktray. If it is assigned to an Employee Role at Task activation, then it will be included on the Employee’s dashboard, as well as the Worktray. However, the assignment to an employee can also be done from the Worktray.



Accessing a Worktray


  1. Select Dashboards from the Navigation Panel and expand the Worktrays menu
  2. Worktrays the user is a member of will display in the dropdown
  3. Select the desired Worktray from the dropdown to open it
  4. A list of active Tasks in that Worktray will appear 
    • New items that have been added to the Worktray will be displayed with an orange New icon to the left of the Task.
    • The All Worktray displays Tasks assigned to every Worktray the user is a member of.




Reassigning a Task


  1. Navigate to the designated Worktray 
  2. Click once on a Task to highlight it and click the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the grid
  3. Click the Reassign Tasks button and a Reassign Task pop-up menu will be displayed
  4. In the Reassign To dropdown, users can reassign Tasks to themselves by selecting their name
  • To reassign the Task to other Worktray Members, the user must be a Leader on the Worktray.
  • To reassign all Tasks in the Project that are currently assigned to the Worktray to the selected employee, check the box to reassign all Tasks in the project.
  • Click Save to complete



Assigning multiple Tasks to another Worktray Member


  1. From the Worktrays Dashboard, click each individual Task while pressing the Ctrl key on the keyboard
  2. Once the Tasks have been selected, click the More icon and select Reassign Tasks
  3. Select the employee from the Reassign To dropdown and click Save



Printing Worktray Tasks


  1. From the Navigation Panel, select Reporting > Projects > Worktray Tasks
  2. Select the Location, Plan Type, Project Type, Project Name, Plan End, and Worktray filters from the appropriate filter dropdown menus
  3. Click View Report
  4. The report can be exported by clicking the Save icon. Various file formats are available for export in the dropdown menu