PensionPro 2.0 (Web) - Release Details

Thank you for taking part in our Early Access program. Included below, please find a list of the feedback and release items in process.  This page will be updated as we receive feedback and prepare to release updates.


Early Access - Released on 6/30/2022

Enhancements in the release:

  • Hyperlinks added to the following Reports:
    • Contacts
    • Contacts Linked to Plans
    • Clients
    • Multiple Project Status
    • Plan by Employee Role

Fixes in the release:

  • Completed Date incorrectly displayed when Census Request sent from Blast Email - Fixed issue where the date would show under the Overridden On instead of the Completed On column when the task was completed. 
  • Error when manually entering date: Fixed error when manually entering dates versus using the date picker.
  • Global Employee Census Power Tool: Fixed issue that was causing fields to not import correctly with the Global Employee Census Power Tool.
  • "Null" as string for participant's last name: Fixed issue where "null" could not be entered for participant's last name in Census Collection and Distribution on PlanSponsorLink.

  • Plan Type list value improperly checking Add/Edit Plan security right: Fixed issue where Plan Type did not load properly when user did not have Add/Edit Plan security right. 


Early Access - Released on 6/16/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Blast Email - Task Completed On showing wrong dates: Fixed an issue in Blast Email where tasks left incomplete would appear with a date of 01/01/1970 in the Recipients grid.
  • Client Category List Values not showing in grid: Fixed an issue where the Access SalesPitch Conversion Tool security right was preventing the Client Category List Values from showing in the List Values grid.
  • Description column missing: Now all grids related to Time have the description column, as expected. 
  • PlanSponsorLink Terms of Service saving: Fixed an issue with the PSL Terms of Service Editor not saving updates.
  • Project selected from Dashboard doesn't open new tab: Fixed issue where the project wasn't opening up correctly from the dashboard if another task from the same project was open. 
  • Yes/No dropdowns in Doc Specs - Fixed an issue where the Maintenance security right was breaking the Yes/No dropdown in Doc Specs.


Early Access - Released on 6/7/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Communication List - Add icon: Fixed issue where Add icon was hidden if Communication List name was too long.
  • Email Notifications not triggering for Task after Approval step: Fixed issue where email notifications were not sent after completing the Approval step for data collection projects.
  • Files - Type and Description: The description now updates appropriately when users edit existing files to change the Type input field.
  • Interactions - From field: The From field now automatically populates with the name of the employee who sent the email.
  • Row color of completed To-Dos: Fixed coloring issue for completed To-Dos under plans and projects. 
  • Task reassignment limit: Removed 25 task reassignment limit.
  • Time - Grid loading: Fixed continuous load issue when the date filter is applied to the Time grid. 


Early Access - Released on 5/26/2022

Enhancements and fixes in the release:

  • Add hyperlinks to Plans report: The Plans report has been updated to include hyperlinks that direct to the Plan in PensionPro 2.0.
  • Add Proposal error: Fixed issue where the "Add Proposal" dialog would load endlessly. 
  • Extra spaces in Plan name: Fixed issue where projects would not load if extra spaces were found on the Plan name. 
  • Fetch export not showing correct dates: Fixed an issue in Fetch where exporting queries with dates changed the dates.
  • Invalid zip code issue: Fixed issue where zip code was not being validated correctly for addresses in administration plans. 
  • Reassign tasks from a Worktray: Fixed issue where a maximum task reassignment warning of 25 items would trigger even if 25 items were not selected.
  • Unable to edit Address and Number used in multiple places: Now able to edit addresses that share the same address and but different types, as intended. 


Early Access - Released on 5/19/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Document Specifications Import Power Tool
  • Global Employee Census Import Power Tool
  • Plan Cycle Data Import Power Tool


Early Access - Released on 5/5/2022

Feature item in the release:

  • Grant Helpdesk Access to Employees: Users with the add/edit employee security right can now grant employees access to the PensionPro Zendesk Help Center in the web application.

Fixes in the release:

  • Dropdown Answers Not Maintained in Task Items: Fixed an issue where some selected dropdown answers would disappear when saving a Task.
  • Note Merge in Blast Email: Corrected an issue where text entered in a Note field in the desktop app was rendering incorrectly in a Blast Email sent from PensionPro web.
  • PlanSponsorLink step text read as blank and the title display as null - Annual Administration title fields are now required to be filled in for PSL, if the title is currently blank it will default to the name. 
  • Projects Not Loading: Fixed an issue related to an extra space in the Plan Name causing the Projects to not load when trying to open them.
  • Sorting Icon Missing on Long Column Names: Fixed issue where a long column name would push out out of view the Filter and Sort icons in the Selections Step of Power Tools. 
  • Titles in Annual Administration Preferences: Annual Administration Title fields are now required to have a value to avoid blank titles in PlanSponsorLink. If the Title was blank prior to this change, it will default to the set Name. To see to these preferences, go to Maintenance > Preferences > PensionPro > Web Steps > Annual Administration.


Early Access - Released on 4/28/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Missing Items from More Icon: The proper options in the More icon menu now display. 
  • Proposal Fee Schedule Item Edit Popup: Edit popup window now works properly when Edit is selected from the More icon menu.
  • Power Tools - Failed Count: Fixed issue where the number of failed records did not match records to update.
  • Incorrect Completed Dates When Locking Census Request Sent Step: Completed dates now properly display accordingly to the user's time zone. 
  • Unable to Contact from Communication List: Now able to delete a contact from a communication list from Contact > Communication Lists.
  • Web Template List Values Save & Open: When adding a new Template List Value, Save & Open is an option (instead of only Save).
  • Project Completion Date Incorrect: Fixed an issue where project completion dates were not displaying properly in the grid.


Early Access - Released on 4/21/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Account Maintenance: The Account Maintenance feature is now available via User Profile > Account Maintenance. Access is limited to those users with the Account Maintenance security right.
  • About: View the current tier, enabled add-ons, and links to legal pages via User Profile > About.
  • Email Address Change Notification: A new Notifications preference type, Enable Email Address Notification Change, has been added. If this preference is set to 'Yes,' a contact will receive a notification that their email address had been changed in PensionPro. The email notification will be sent to the existing and updated email addresses of the contact. The subject and body text of the emails may be customized.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for PlanSponsorLink: MFA can now be enabled for PlanSponsorLink users. For more information, please visit PensionPro Web - Using Multi-Factor Authentication for PlanSponsorLink.
  • Power Tools added
    • Field Update - Document Specifications, Investment Providers
    • Plan Cycles
    • Plans - Services Provided
  • Power Tool Error Log: Available for Communication Lists. This allows for in-app viewing of errors produced by the Power Tool. The log can be viewed in the grid or exported. In the Error Log, individual items related to messages will include hyperlinks for quick access.

Enhancements in this release:

  • Power Tools Language: Modification to language in Power Tools for standardization purposes.
  • Field Update Power Tool - Finish and Review Steps: Updated the Review and Finish steps to display:
    • Records to update
    • Selected field
    • Update value to or Remove [field name]

Early Access - Released on 4/7/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Date Sorting: Fixed issue with sorting by date on the Time grid.
  • Archived Notes: Notes now appropriately archive for Plan Cycles.
  • Add/Edit Employee Security Right: Fixed issue where security rights for Add/Edit Employee were not properly enforced.


Early Access - Released on 3/24/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Power Tools added
    • Field Update - Clients, Contacts, Plan Cycles, Plans, Projects, Tasks
    • Plan Cycles
    • Plans - Employee Plan Roles, Fee Schedules, Plan Contact Roles

Enhancements in this release:

  • Display Density Updates: In User Experience preferences, Display Density (previously Grid Display Density) now affects more views in the system besides data grids. This includes General Information, Project Workflow, and Power Tool Options screens, among others.
  • Tab Bar Usability: 
    • Tabs are now more compact to allow for more visible Tabs at one time.
    • Further information about the Tab's contents can be previewed via a tooltip (hover over the Tab to see more).
    • Close buttons on Tabs have an expanded click area that improves usability.


Early Access - Released on 3/17/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Blast Email Merge Field Issue: Resolved issue related to plan names ending with a number displaying as a date in the email.
  • Highlight Not Displaying for To-Dos: Fixed bug where newly added to-dos were not highlighted.
  • Fetch Export Not Showing Correct Dates: Fixed issue with Fetch query dates not exporting properly to Excel.
  • Task Items - Complete Button Erroneously Active: Fixed bug where Complete button would activate even when all of the required checkboxes were not selected. 
  • Clickable Are for Checkbox: Increased "clickable" area for checkbox inputs for Task Items.


Early Access - Released on 2/24/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Email Notifications - User preference: If Notifications are set to 'Controlled by User,' the user no longer requires the Add/Edit Employee security right to set their preference.
  • Interaction Detail - More Option Issue: A disabled 'Resend Interaction' option is now visible for all interactions that cannot be resent (for UI visibility). 
  • Sorting on Milestones: Sorting now remains active when switching 'Assigned-To' on the Milestone Dashboard.
  • Event Management Column Header: Header on the column for Event Name was updated to remove the word "Test."
  • Other Businesses Owners Data Not Displaying: Data now shows as intended under 'Other Business Owners' grid. 
  • Plan Cycles - Dates Displaying Incorrectly: Date values no longer display previous day's date for 5558 Filed Date, Assets Requested, Census Requested, Form Filing Due Date, Plan Cycle Completed.


Early Access - Released on 2/10/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • Line break in file description: Introduced fix to allow line breaks in file descriptions.
  • Sorting and Filters: Sorts and filters no longer hold for hidden columns. 
  • Tabs after deletion: Project/Distribution/Location will now show as an unauthorized page if the tab is accessed after deletion.
  • Reassign Task icon: Fixed continuous loading when making an assignment via Reassign Task icon. 


Early Access - Released on 1/27/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • User Experience tab issues: Fixed empty value for 'Remember My Grid Preferences' when accessing it for the first time. Also, the Default Tabs no longer show duplicate tabs when selecting 'Add all Tabs'.
  • To-Dos - Grid filter: Fixed issue related to filtering with specials characters in the To-Dos grids (Project, To-Dos and Contacts). 
  • Merge Doc - Project level issue: Fixed an issue with Merge Documents on the Project level where Merge Fields weren't showing up as ***Missing Data*** for a Merge Value.
  • Search Screen Results: Fixed continuous loading when performing search after modifying security rights. 
  • Create Merge Documents Tooltip: Fixed "undefined" tooltip for Create Merge Documents. 
  • PSL Employee Step - Date issue: Fixed time zone issue where the date would save one day behind on PSL.
  • Employee Data Export Report: A new report which allows users with access to management reports to export a list of all active employees along with details about login and contact information.
  • Report fixes:
    • Plans Missing Projects Types Report
    • Worktray Tasks Report


Early Access - Released on 1/20/2022

Fixes in the release:

  • To and From fields now auto-populate properly when creating an Interaction from the Contact screen.
  • Resolved an issue related to incorrect dates input into PlanSponsorLink saving versus displaying an error.
  • Adjusted tooltips on the screen tabs so it's displayed accurately when hovered.
  • On Milestones Dashboard, resolved filter not being honored on all Date-Type columns.
  • If an attempt is made to remove the SalesPitch security right for a user with assigned Proposals, an error will display: "This Employee has Proposals assigned to them and deleting the 'Access SalesPitch' security right will remove this Employee from the Scoreboard. Only Employees with the 'Access SalesPitch' security right will be able to view this Employees' Proposals through Search."
  • Fixed the search function to allow searching for a contact by their email address.
  • The following reports were corrected:
    • Distribution Project Status by Task
    • Distribution Project Status by Task Grouping
    • Employee Security Rights
    • Plans Missing Fee Schedules
    • Project Status by Task


Early Access - Released on 1/13/2022

Feature items in the release:

  • Project Manager's Dashboard: Brand new dashboard that provides project managers complete visibility over the projects they manage.
  • SalesPitch for the Web:
    • Add Data Menu: Prospects, Opportunity, and Proposal - Add data for Prospects, Opportunity, and Proposal on the web from the navigation panel.
    • Prospect Screen - Create or modify the following data inputs within the Sales Pitch Prospects: General Information, Opportunities, Prospect Contact Roles, To-Dos, Files, Interactions, Notes.
    • Opportunity Screen - Create or modify the following data inputs within the SalesPitch Opportunity: General Information, Proposals, To-Dos, Files, Interactions, Notes.
    • Proposal Screen - Create or modify the following data inputs within the SalesPitch Proposal: General Information, Services, Investments, Fees, People, To-Dos, Files, Interactions, Notes.
    • Scoreboard: Revenue Pipeline - View all Proposals assigned and create them directly off of the board.
    • Scoreboard: Proposal Status - View all Opportunities assigned and add create them directly off the board.
    • Scoreboard: Prospects - View all Opportunities assigned and add create them directly off the board.
    • Search: SalesPitch - The search function now captures SalesPitch related categories.
    • List Value Screen - Create or modify and set default list default values for the following SalesPitch features: Contact List Type, File Types, Investment, Proposal. Prospect.


Early Access - Released on 12/30/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Clear Order and Sorts was disabled even when the sort/filters were activated when toggling through 'Show Archived'
  • Project Template grouping issues
  • Documents improperly marked as accessed; consequently, the task from the PSL user's My Active Tasks was removed
  • Multiple clicks were required on Reassign and Assign to Me button
  • Filtering on Milestones Dashboard adjusted to apply on Census Requested, Census Received
  • Data now refreshes in real time when changes are made to Plan Cycles
  • Sending email notifications related to Data Collection
  • Employer Data now refreshes in real time
  • To-Do subtab now updates within a project, contact, plan, etc. when modified while the To-Do Dashboard tab is open
  • Plans Report correction
  • Plans Missing Projects Report correction


Early Access - Released on 12/21/2021

Feature items in the release:

  • Drag and Drop Outlook items to create Interactions (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome only)

Feedback items in the release:

  • Search enhancements
    • Ability to rearrange order of search results
    • Ability to show expanded results immediately
  • Dashboard automatic refresh
  • Project Task usability enhancements
    • Task items are now highlighted in green to easily show completed status
    • Complete button on Tasks now automatically floats under the last task item for easier availability
    • Task items now save automatically when completing a Task with unsaved changes
  • Dashboard tab preferences
    • Ability to pin Dashboards onto user's default list of tabs
    • Ability to place Dashboards in desired order
  • Set password in Contact > General Information screen

Fixes in the release:

  • Save and Open screen loading issue


Early Access - Released on 11/18/2021

Feature items in the release:

  • Document Specifications Maintenance
  • Plan and Portal User Linking Screens
  • Client, Plan and Contact Linking
  • Project Review Tab

Feedback items in the release:

  • Dashboard and Worktray More Button

Fixes in the release:

  • Project Task Item hyperlinks not displayed correctly
  • Plan Investment Details report correction
  • Grouping by Follow-up date format
  • Endless spinner loading Tasks on return to a Project
  • Unable to add an Employee to a Firms Location
  • Inactive Employees displayed in Employee Plan Role Add/Edit pop-ups
  • Task Items were displayed in other Tasks during Project editing
  • Duplicating Blast Email Template not authorized


Early Access - Released on 10/28/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Blast Email was not completing the Census Request Sent Task when sending
  • Blast Email was not following the application preferences regarding batch size and sending pause
  • Blast Email was not marking Interactions with an identifier when there was no subject line
  • Project files were incorrectly being marked as accessed when opening them from the web application
  • File uploads with special characters were not being translated correctly into a file name
  • Plan Investment Details Report had multiple filters that contained special characters that prevented the report from generating filters


Early Access - Patch Released on 10/10/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Worktray Task Reassignments were not accessible by users if they were not assigned the Maintenance Security Right
  • Blast Email would not create Interactions with an extremely long sender email address.
  • Interactions created by Blast Email would use the name and email address of the person sending the blast, not the sender assigned
  • Newly added attachments to Blast Emails would not be attached even though the email would be sent.  Existing email templates with attachments would still send correctly.


Early Access - Released on 10/7/2021

Feature items in the release:

  • Blast Email
  • Team Information
  • Bulletins
  • Distribution Preferences
  • Communication Lists
  • Data Deletion

Feedback items in the release:

  • Add time slip popup to include plan
  • Easily close all open tabs
  • Increase Dashboard and Worktray Items per page maximum to 500
  • Plan Name added to Project tab
  • Views column width adjuster
  • Adjust Grid Display Density

Fixes in the release:

  • Adding Contact linked to a Company
  • Add/Edit Security Right Enforcement
  • Project Due Date cannot be before Start Date


Early Access - Released on 9/21/2021

Fixes in the release:

  • Emails sent from Plan Contact Roles screen now contain CC's
  • Plan Services Provided service name editing prevented
  • DocuSign settings tab name corrected


Early Access - Released on 9/15/2021

Items in the patch release:

  • Status by Task report filter fix
  • Follow-up Date filtering fix on Worktrays


Early Access - Released on 9/2/2021

Items in the feature release:

  • Project Task Assignment Identification and Reassignment (Feedback)
  • Missing Worktrays (Feedback)
  • Project Template Editing
  • PensionPro Application Preferences
  • List Value Maintenance


Early Access - Released on 8/9/2021

Features converted in the initial release:

  • Dashboards and Worktrays
  • Reporting and Fetch
  • Companies, Clients, Plans & Projects
  • Time tracking and Time Code maintenance
  • Adding new data
  • Merge Documents, Secure File Exchange
  • Firms and Locations
  • E-Signature and FTW Integrations
  • Distributions and new power tool
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