PensionPro - Latest Release Details

PensionPro Patch Release 3/27/2024


Changes in this release:


  • Activity Logs
    • The Employee/Contact name has been added to each entry for all firm-wide log exports.
    • Available history for all logs has been reduced from 6 months to 1 month to resolve timeouts when retrieving large volumes of activity. PensionPro’s servers will still retain 6 months of activity data. An enhancement to restore user access to the full 6 months is currently in development.


Fixes in this release:


  • Annual Data Collection – Field does not roll forward: The prior year’s Date of Entry Collection Field now rolls forward properly when launching Annual Administration.
  • Dashboards – Grouped time values not updating: The Total Hours shown for groupings on the Time Dashboard will now be updated appropriately when filters are applied.
  • Document Specifications - Validation missing on Value: The Money Data Type no longer accepts non-numerical values in Document Templates.
  • Fetch, Merge Documents – Timestamp included with date: Resolved an issue that added empty timestamps to date-only items.
  • Reporting – Incorrect data type: Resolved an issue that caused currencies to appear as numbers in the Client Data Collection Summary report.


The following functionality has been removed from PensionPro:

  • Authorized Computer Management


If you experience any issues with PensionPro following this update, try Clearing the Browser Cache.


For a historical list of updates to PensionPro, refer to the article PensionPro - Cumulative Release Notes.


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    Josh Wilson

    PensionPro patch release – 3/27/2024