PensionPro 2.0 (Web) - Release Details

PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 3/16/2023


New Feature: Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication


Firms on the Business Bundle tier can now enable Single Sign-On for their users. This eliminates the need to log in to PensionPro using a password, instead allowing a user's credentials to be managed by the firm's identity provider.


The preferences for Single Sign-On are now available within PensionPro Preferences, under the General > Single Sign-On view. Additionally, the following Security Rights are now available:


  • Manage Single Sign-On: Allows the user to manage SSO settings.
  • Secure Sign-On Exempt: Allows the user to log in using their PensionPro credentials, as opposed to logging in via the firm's identity provider.


For more information, refer to the article Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication. Please note that configuration details are only available for Azure Active Directory.



If you experience any issues with PensionPro 2.0 following this update, try Clearing the Browser Cache.


For a historical list of updates to PensionPro 2.0, refer to the article PensionPro 2.0 (Web) - Cumulative Release Notes.


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    Josh Wilson

    PensionPro 2.0 feature release - 3/16/2023