PensionPro 2.0 (Web) - Release Details

This article contains a brief description of the updates to PensionPro 2.0.


PensionPro 2.0 - Released on 12/1/2022

Fixes in this release:

  • API - Invalid File ID error: A more helpful error message will now be displayed when requesting an invalid File ID.
  • API - Field binding issues: The Billable, CreatedBy, and UpdatedBy fields will now bind properly.
  • Distributions - Data Deletion error: Fixed a bug that prevented some Distributions from being permanently deleted via the Data Deletion Manager.
  • Employee Accounts - Login Name update: Fixed an issue where the Employee Login Name was not updated on-screen after being edited and saved.
  • Files - Blank File upload/download: Files with a size of 0 bytes can no longer be uploaded to PensionPro or PSL.
  • - Data import error: Phone number formatting in FTW should now cause imports to fail less often.
    • The following characters will be removed from phone numbers during import: dash, comma, parenthesis, full stop, and space.
  • Import - Incorrect error message: An appropriate error message is now displayed when an invalid Category is entered on the Note import sheet.
  • Import - Security Rights: Fixed a bug that allowed Employees to access the Global Employee Census Import without the proper Security Right.
  • Opportunity - Field update: A Company Name can now be added when editing an Opportunity.
  • Opportunity - Interactions: The Last Interaction field will no longer remain visible if all Interactions are deleted.
  • Projects - Completion of "Waiting" Task: Tasks with Task Items set to Waiting can no longer be accidentally completed.
  • Projects - Date validation error: Fixed an issue where a date validation error message on the Add Project window was not being removed after the error was corrected.
  • Projects - Edit Annual Data Collection: Data submitted during Data Collection can no longer be added to or edited once the Plan Sponsor completes the Approval step on PSL.
    • This applies to all Data Collection views on the Project tab of an Annual Administration project with Web Collection
  • Project Fields - Date includes Timestamp: Project Field answers with a Data Type of Date will no longer include a timestamp on the relevant Project Field views.
  • Project Templates - Cannot edit Tasks: Fixed an issue that prevented the editing of Tasks for Projects named "Distribution Request".


If you experience any issues with PensionPro 2.0 following this update, try Clearing the Browser Cache.


For a historical list of updates to PensionPro 2.0, please visit our article: PensionPro 2.0 (Web) - Cumulative Release Notes.


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    PensionPro 2.0 patch release - 12/1/2022