PensionPro 2.0 - Latest Release Details

PensionPro 2.0 – Released on 9/14/2023


Fixes in this release:

  • Data Deletion – Cannot delete Distributions: Resolved an issue that prevented Distributions marked for deletion from appearing in the Data Deletion Manager.
  • Navigation Assistance – Incorrect link: The View 5500 link within the Navigation Assistance menu will now correctly navigate to the 5500 Forms page in FTW.
  • Interactions – Poor load times: Performance has been improved on the Interactions view of the Client tab.
  • Projects – Unhandled Exception error: Attempting to change the Period Start and End dates on Annual Administration Projects to a range that overlaps an existing Plan Cycle record will now return a more descriptive error message.
  • Time Tracking – Incorrect Time Code sorting: The alphabetical sorting of Time Codes from the dropdown within the Add Time Slip window has been corrected to disregard character case.


If you experience any issues with PensionPro 2.0 following this update, try Clearing the Browser Cache.


For a historical list of updates to PensionPro 2.0, refer to the article PensionPro 2.0 - Cumulative Release Notes.


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    Josh Wilson

    PensionPro 2.0 patch release - 9/14/2023