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For firms using PensionPro for the first time, long-time firms seeking a solution to onboard new employees, or long-time PensionPro users looking to enhance their skills, PensionPro offers the ProPass Learning Management System (LMS) add-on to provide training on the application's many features. A selection of interactive courses will guide users in PensionPro navigation, Projects, Annual Administration, Distributions, and more—all at their own pace. Additional courses are being added regularly, ensuring that there is always something new to learn.


Available for: Team, Business


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Subscribing to ProPass


Firms interested in utilizing ProPass may purchase the add-on via the Subscription Information settings found within Firm Account Maintenance. The base price for ProPass includes access for 4 users at once; access may be granted beyond this number for an additional fee. Refer to the section Granting Access to the LMS for more information on designating ProPass users.


For questions regarding pricing, please reach out to PensionPro's Sales Team.



Users In Implementation


Firms who have purchased PensionPro for the first time at the Business tier will be granted access to the ProPass LMS for six months at no additional cost as part of their implementation process. Opting to continue the ProPass subscription following this introductory period allows firms to retain LMS access for use in exploring advanced features or familiarizing new Employees with the application. Standard billing rates will apply following the introductory period.



Granting Access to the LMS


After the ProPass subscription has been added, a firm will need to designate which of its Employees can access the ProPass LMS. This is done by adding the Access LMS Security Right to the relevant Employees.


Warning: The Access LMS Security Right is used to determine the appropriate billing amount. Assigning this Right to more than four Employees at a time will result in an additional monthly charge.


For more information on assigning Security Rights, refer to the article Security Rights & Security Roles.


Firms in the six-month implementation period do not need to assign this Security Right; ProPass access will be available for all Employees. If the ProPass subscription is continued beyond this, the Security Right will need to be added as appropriate.



Using ProPass


Security Rights Required: Access LMS


Employees who are ready to begin engaging with the ProPass platform may follow the instructions in this section to jump in to ProPass and subsequently add and complete courses.



Launching ProPass


The ProPass LMS can be accessed from any page within PensionPro. To do so, select Moremore_header.png > ProPass Learning in the PensionPro header at the top-right.


Note: ProPass must be accessed via PensionPro each time it is used.


The Learner Dashboard is displayed upon accessing ProPass. Any in-progress or completed courses can be found here. This Dashboard will be empty for first-time users; see Adding Courses, below.



Adding Courses


To add courses to the Learner Dashboard, select Course Catalog on the right-hand side of the page. All available courses will be listed; browse through all of them, or select a category on the right to help locate relevant courses.


Select the title of a course to see an overview, or select Get This Course to add it to the Learner Dashboard.



Navigating Courses


Once a course is added, it can be easily accessed from the Learner Dashboard at any time. Select a course to open it, then select Go to Course on the left to jump into the first lesson (if a course has already been started, this button will be replaced with Resume Course).


Lessons must be completed in the order presented. Lesson content consists of text readings, videos and interactive eLessons, and quizzes. Simply follow the instructions provided; select Finish This Lesson at the bottom of the page when ready to move to the next lesson.


Upon completion of a course, it will remain on the Learner Dashboard, where lessons can be reviewed freely at any time.