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Users can override Tasks to move projects forward if necessary. With the Task Override security right, the user can click the Override button. This can be important if a Project was abandoned or if a Task needs to be overridden to move forward in the Project.


Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Business

Security Rights Required: Task Override



Task Override

Override a Project Task

To Override a Task from the My Tasks Dashboard:

  1. Double-click a Task from the Dashboard to open the Project Task.
  2. Click the up arrow from the blue Task Detail banner at the top of the screen.
  3. In the Project Tasks grid, click the Override button.
  4. This will override and complete the Task.
    • Overriding a Task will activate the next Task in the project
    • A checkmark will appear in the Status column of the Project Tasks grid.
    • Overridden tasks will display "Overridden By: [Employee Name]" on the Summary tab when the Task is opened.

On any Task Grouping > Task Screen there is an Overridden On column that tells you when a Task has been overridden.

Go to the Task Summary tab to see Overridden By field to find out who overrode the Task. 


Note: With the release of this feature, the Overridden On has been back filled but are unable to back fill Overridden By.



Overriding a Data Collection Step

Users can override a data collection step from the Data Collection tab of an Annual Administration Data Collection Project. The Project must have an "Annual Administration" Project Type, "Annual" Project Frequency, and require Data Collection for the Data Collection tab to appear.

  1. From the Data Collection tab of an Annual Administration Data Collection Project, click on a Data Collection step tab on the left of the grid.
  2. Click the Complete (lock) button.
    • The lock button will appear unlocked for steps that are not completed.
    • To override a step with this button, the user must have the Task Override Security Right.
  3. A popup will appear. Click "Yes" to override and complete the step.

Users can also remove completion for a Data Collection step. When a Data Collection step is completed, the lock button will appear locked. This button can then be clicked to remove completion for a completed step. Users can hover over the button to read a message confirming the function if unsure.


Returning a Project to an Overridden Task

When a Review Task returns a project to a Task that was previously Overridden, the Overridden On and Overridden By are removed.


Viewing Overridden Tasks in Fetch

To access that data points for Overridden On and Overridden By,


  1. Open Fetch 
  2. Expand the node tree: 
    • Firms > Locations > Clients > Plans > Projects > Task Groupings > Tasks > Task States
  3. Nodes
    • Date to see when a task was Completed or Overridden
    • Task State to see whether the task was Completed or Overridden
    • Current State shows you true for the most recent change in task status. It will show false on previous modifications to a task's status. For example, if you Complete a task, but later remove completion and Override it later.

Tip: Set the filter Current State to true to see a unique list of Tasks ignoring and previous history for that task.

Note: It was not possible to record who overrode the task prior to this feature. Under the Created By node, the First Name will display Sys and Last Name node will display Admin for any tasks that were overridden but were unable to determine who.




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