Helping your firm navigate the CARES Act

Many TPAs are facing an influx of distribution and plan amendment requests due to COVID-19. To expedite the processing of these requests PensionPro has created free templates to help you track changes due to the CARES Act legislation. This includes templates for collecting requested changes via PlanSponsorLink, amendment tracking, distribution processing, and a new CARES Act distribution reason.

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New Distribution Reason added

We have added a new Distribution Reason titled "CARES Act" to our distribution module so that you can better handle and organize the requests you are receiving.  Click here if you need more information about using Distribution Reasons.

Blast Email templates to keep your clients updated

Here are a few templates for you to use for client communications using Blast Email.    

  • Email Template 1 - What your company is doing to combat the virus.
  • Email Template 2 - What your company is doing to combat the virus including action items.
  • Email Template 3 - A communication guide explaining each segment in the email template.

Project Templates for tracking your updated process

We have created templates for you to leverage in tracking the new items you must handle for the CARES Act.  Click here to open the article with our process and the projects we think would help.

Benefit Insights newsletter for your clients

If you already subscribe to our Benefit Insights newsletter, we will be producing our quarterly issue early to specifically address the law changes related to the CARES Act.  Click here to purchase.   If you need more information about our quarterly newsletter, please click here.


If you are looking for some help, click on one of our bootcamp links to get some more helpful details.

  • Security, Logistics and Communications During COVID-19 - The coronavirus outbreak has consumed the headlines of social media feeds, local and national news, and seemingly every conversation we have. While this fear and uncertainty has consumed our attention, it is our responsibility as business owners and service providers to calm the storm as best we can. With employees and clients relocated to home offices, what can you do to keep communication channels open and still maintain productivity?

  • CARES Act Project Templates & Process Review - Please join us on Thursday, April 9th at 2 pm EST as Katie Boyer and Bill Renninger host a free bootcamp for PensionPro clients and industry peers to provide assistance with putting measurable process in place to keep track of CARES Act changes and distribution requests. We've drafted a web collection project to collect client amendment requests, along with a new Corona-related distribution template, including a CARES Act distribution reason that's been added, and a template for amendment tracking. The bootcamp will provide you with specific instructions on uploading and using project templates, including the use of project fields and worktrays for best practice.