Installing and Running PensionPro on Mac (Desktop)

This article will highlight the steps required to run PensionPro on Mac computers. The PensionPro installer is a Windows application and requires Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework in order to run. If you are a user of a Mac computer, follow these steps to run PensionPro on your Mac.


Parallels Desktop for Mac is an application that creates a virtual machine running Microsoft Windows on a Mac computer. It is available with a 14 day free trial with paid access there after through multiple versions. See below for comparison of versions. 

Comparison of features by version of Parallels:

Buying and installing Parallels will give users the ability to install and run other Microsoft Windows based applications in addition to PensionPro. Follow the link below to start a free 14 day trial.

Free 14-day trial of Parallels desktop for Mac:

On the page for the 14-day free trial, Parallels has listed 3 easy steps for getting started with the new application. 

  1. Download and Install Parallels
  2. Download and Install Windows
  3. Use your favorite Windows programs

Once you have installed Parallels and Windows, you will need to install .NET Framework and PensionPro by following the instructions in the link below. 

Downloading and Installing PensionPro:

The ClickOnce Installer is the recommended installation for PensionPro. 


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    Database Manager

    If you do not want to purchase Parallels you can also run PensionPro on a Mac using bootcamp. This link is to an article for Boot Camp Assistant Either way you will need to purchase a version of Windows. The difference is that Parallels will allow you to work from your mac desktop while Boot Camp will not. I am currently running Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac Pro Edition and it works well.

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    Darren Conner

    Thank you Kathy! It's nice to have an alternative.