How-To: HTML Links for Benefit Insights Newsletters

When sending newsletters to clients, it may be important to include links to drive readers to a website. HTML links are hyperlinks that can do just that. 


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What is an HTML Link?

HTML Links can be found all over websites and marketing emails. HTML links are hyperlinks in a website or document that allow users to add clickable links which will direct readers to another document or website. 



HTML Link Syntax

When crafting an HTML link, it is important to remember the proper syntax when creating the link. HTML Links are created using the <a> tag. 

HTML Link Syntax: <a href="url">link text</a>

For example:

<a href="">For more information, click here!</a>

Here, the href section defines the address readers will be directed to ( from the link. Additionally, the link text is the text section that readers will view for the link. When users click the link text, they will be sent to the address specified in the href section.

Simply paste the HTML link in the desired location of an email or newsletter to direct readers to the specified location.



Additional Resources

Users can click the link below for additional resources including adding local links, using images, adding link colors, and testing link syntax. To test link syntax, click the Try It Yourself buttons in the link below.