How Do I Know What Plans I'm Billed For? (Desktop)

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Not sure which plans are included on your PensionPro invoice? The Monthly Plan Count Invoice report can help with that. This article will help explain how to access, run, and navigate the Monthly Plan Count Invoice Report to confirm which plans are included in your monthly PensionPro Invoice.


Tier Availability: Track, Core, Essential, Premium, Team, Business

Security Rights Required: Management Reports



Accessing the Monthly Plan Count Invoice Report

Users can see what plans they are being billed for on PensionPro. To do so, users must have the Management Reports security right in PensionPro. You can find more information on security right in the following article: Adding Employees and Security Rights

If you have access to management reports, you can click Reports > Management Reports > Metrics > Monthly Plan Count Invoice Report to run a report, viewing all of the plans the firm is billed for.



Running the Report

Once a user opens the report, that user can enter the date of the billing period end in the Period End Date filter and then click View Report. Users will view plan counts by Billing Category in their results after running the report.



Navigating the Report

Clicking the + button to the left of the Billing Category will display the list of plans contained within that billing category. All plans will be organized alphabetically to help with locating any plans the user may need.





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