Merge Documents Bootcamp 12/06/2018


The following video is a recording of our PensionPro Merge Documents Bootcamp presented on 12/06/2018.



  • Can I format Dates and Numbers?
    • Yes, you can format on a per field basis.
  • Can I mass create Merged Documents?
    • Not currently.
  • Can I add logic and conditional statements?
    • Yes, you can add conditional statements to your Word template. You can find a video here.
  • Can I use Project Field data?
    • Yes, make sure they exist in your projects before year-end launch.
  • Can I have images?
    • Not currently.
  • Are you able to format numbers with a comma in the merge documents?
    • You can use the following syntax to add commas to your currency merge fields. { MERGEFIELD \# "$#,##0.00"}  For sample syntax on how to format Word merge document fields click here.
  • Would it be possible to send out some sample merge templates for the letters you are using?
    • We are working on building a library of sample templates for download.
  • When uploading to a project, how does the system know which project you are uploading to?
    • When you open a Project in PensionPro and click the Create Merge Documents button, the system will use the project you are currently on when creating the merge document and uploading it.
  • Does this work with any Word template? We frequently use Word coding to do if/then statements with merge fields. Would it be possible to use this with this wizard?
    • It sure does work with Word merge document templates using if/then logic.  You can use your existing Word templates by simply replacing the merge document fields.
  • Are there plans to allow us to merge to other file types such as Outlook Message Format or an Excel .xls file?
    • We do not currently have any plans to create other file formats for merging.
  • Is it possible to create the same merge document for multiple plans in a batch?
    • Mass creation of Merge Documents is not currently available as a feature. We are planning on adding additional enhancements to this feature, but do not have a time frame set for it.
  • Do you have a tutorial showing how to add a merge field in a Word template?
    • Yes we do.  Click here to open the tutorial for adding a merge field. The 3:00 mark shows how to add merge fields using the Insert tool in Word.
  • Is there a list of all the merge fields that are available?
    • When editing a template, you can find a list of all the merge fields available for each Data Source (Contact, Plan, Project, Distribution, SalesPitch) on the Template > Fields tab for each respective Data Source. You can expand the selections in the Merge Fields list.
  • Do the templates have to be in WORD?
    • Yes, both .doc and .docx files are acceptable to be uploaded.
  • Are all templates available from all screens or are they associated with the screen you open the tool from?
    • The templates are only available if their Data Source matches the screen you open the Create Merge Documents tool from. For example, if you click on the Create Merge Documents button from the Plan Details screen in PensionPro, the wizard will display Merge Document Templates that only have a Plan Data Source.
  • Is it possible to rename the document before downloading/sending it?
    • You can change the name of the document before downloading or uploading it. On Step 2 of the wizard, you can update the Merged Document Name by editing the text in the field below the Merge Field grid. Once you change the Merged Document Name, you can click Continue to progress to Step 3.
  • If the source document is in PDF, how do you insert and place the merge fields? For example, we have vendor forms that we'd like to populate the data from the system.
    • The source file must be in Word, so you would need to convert the PDF into a Word document to be able to place merge fields in it.
  • Does this feature only work in SalesPitch?
    • The Merge Documents feature is available for all Business Tier users for all data in PensionPro, even those who do not have SalesPitch. For users that are utilizing SalesPitch, they will have access to the SalesPitch Data Source in the Merge Documents feature.
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