Merge Documents Feature Demonstration

This video is the recording of our demonstration from November 1, 2018, discussing how PensionPro can help users create merge documents with the new document merging tool for PensionPro's Business tier. This time-saving tool will merge data stored in PensionPro to create documents like engagement agreements, contribution letters, participant forms, and more. Create, store, and deliver your documents with a few clicks. 

Demonstration Questions and Answers

  • Q: How do I know what tier I'm on?
    A: From PensionPro, click on the Help menu and click About. This will display for you the current tier you are on.

  • Q: How much does it cost to upgrade to Business?
    A: Reach out to, or through the Help Center, to get a proposal for your upgrade costs.

  • Q: Can number merge fields be formatted?
    A: Yes. We are working on a way for you to choose the formatting you want inside your Word template so that you have control of how you would like the numbers to appear on each merge field.
  • Q: Can this feature be used to merge SH Notices into the Communications tab which we create in batch through FTWilliam?
    A: No, the merge feature was designed to create single merge documents only. Importing of batched documents would be part of another feature.
  • Q: Can we import pre-existing word templates into PensionPro?
    A: Yes. Your current templates will be importable, you'll just want to verify that the merge fields line up with the data silo in PensionPro.
  • Q: Can we merge more than one plan at a time?
    A: Not currently, but we are planning on working on multiple document merge after we complete our initial releases for single merge documents.
  • Q: Can you merge into Excel Files as well?
    A: No. You can merge into PDF and DOCX
  • Q: What about our documents with conditional logic? Will those work in here?
    A: Yes. Conditional logic will be recognized within the templates.
  • Q: For data type - is it not possible to select more than one?
    A: You can choose from multiple nodes of data when creating a merge document, but for our first release it will handle one set of data for each type you select.
  • Q: How you find the merge code to put in your document?  
    A: The merge code is copied from the Fields tab of the template editor. You can then use the insert feature of word to paste the field name into a word document template.
  • Q: Is there any way to sort or categorize the available templates?
    A: Yes. You can Sort, Group and Filter the grid containing the Merge Templates.
  • Q: The document merge is a one to one merge or can it be a multiple contact (etc) merge?
    A: Currently, it is a single contact merge, but we are planning on enhancing that as we release new versions throughout the first quarter of next year.
  • Q: What tiers get this feature included in them?
    A: The Business tier 
  • Q: What were the new number types for project templates again? currency, and... what and what? 
    A: The new types added are Integer, Currency and Number.
  • Q: Can we control who has access to make changes to templates?
    A: Yes. Document Merging will have two associated security rights. One will control a user's access to merge documents, the other will control the user having access to make changes to templates.
  • Q: Will this be available to use for distributions as well?
    A: Yes. Distributions are available as a data source for merging into your documents.
  • Q: Do you have to be on the business tier to use this document merger?
    A: This feature will be included in the Business tier only. However, users at our Essential, Premium and Business Basic tiers have the opportunity to trial the feature through the end of 2018 for free.
  • Q: Once you merge in a word doc, if you want to make changes to the language in the template, how do you update it?
    A: To edit, you can download the document template from the templates screen or locate your original source document, make the changes and upload it to the merge template.
  • Q: Can you also print these out as Word Docs as opposed to just PDF
    A: Yes you can create a merged PDF document
  • Q: Will we be able to auto-upload the file to PlanSponsorLink?
    A: Yes. One of the options to save the file is to upload it directly to PlanSponsorLink.
  • Q: What happens if all the fields are not filled in? 
    A: For our first release you will need to provide the data for all fields before you can generate a document. In subsequent releases were are going to allow for the template to be created without all field data if you allow it.
  • Q: Since there are no project fields in salespitch how can this be used in salespitch?
    A: All of the data that exists on the Opportunity and Proposals are available to merge. For example, you can merge the Fee Schedule, Investment Provider and Contacts into a document.
  • Q: Can you send the document created from salespitch via secure file exchange too?
    A: You can by generating it as a file and then dragging it into a Secure File Exchange. We are also going to be automating it so that it is an action that can be chosen as part of the merge.
  • Q: Is there a limit on document size, or how many templates we can have?
    A: No. You will be able to create as many templates as you need, and there is no limiter on the size of the file that can be uploaded.
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