Here are all of the items that we have on our roadmap for the next 24 months. This article will be updated periodically as we add new items to the list and remove items that we have released. Our goal is to keep you informed of the features that we think are important and one of the biggest contributors to that importance is the feedback that we receive from our customers. Thank you for the information you have shared with us in the past and I hope that continues in the future.

  • 2019 Release 1 (Version 1.31)
    • Additional API methods (Distributions, Fee Schedules)
    • Email notifications (public preview)
    • Authorized Computer Management
    • Fetch on the web (browser version)
  • 2019 Release 2 (TBD)
    • Security role management
    • Project Field Performance Improvements
    • Two-factor\two-step authentication
  • 2019 Release 3 (TBD)
    • PSL UI\performance improvements
    • PSL customer feedback mechanism
    • PSL miscellaneous improvements
    • Power tools for PSL file categories and document display
  • 2019/2020
    • PensionPro on the web (browser version)
    • PenChecks Integration
    • FTW Document Specs Integration
    • Event Management Improvements
    • Distribution bulk launching
    • SalesPitch improvements
      • Conversion wizard launching projects
      • Mapping additional data to plans
      • Misc improvements
    • Electronic signature integration
    • Billing\Time Review
    • Additional reporting\updates


New feature breakdown by tier:

Feature Name Track Team Business Premium
Event Management Improvements     X  
Distribution Bulk Launch     X  
Email Notifications   X X  
Security Role Management   X X  
Billing\Time Review     X Document Spec Integration   X X X


Don't know what tier you are on? In the PensionPro menu go to Help-->About. The resulting pop up will show your tier.

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