Module 1: Getting Started with PensionPro

Now that you are a PensionPro user, there are a few fundamentals to learn while getting started. Below is a list of these fundamental features and controls that guide you through your first steps as a PensionPro user. If you still need to download PensionPro, you can do so from Downloading And Installing PensionPro in the Help Center.


Tier Availability: All Product Tiers



For more information regarding each feature, please click the links below:


  • Add Employees
    • The first step is to set up any fellow employees or users of PensionPro in the system. You can control rights for each employee independently, so each person only has access to the things they need to.
  • Application Menu
    • The Application Menu is the grey bar that appears across the top of any screen in PensionPro. This menu is the home to many different tools and functions in PensionPro.
  • List Values
    • List Values create the values that appear in the dropdowns you will see throughout PensionPro for various data fields. This ensures that your data entry is streamlined and efficient.
  • Help Center
    • The PensionPro Help Center is where users can find and request important information PensionPro features and functions as well as leveraging system knowledge.
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