System Add-Ons

Once users are familiar with the basic features of PensionPro, they can further enhance their experience with PensionPro by utilizing different Add-On features. Should users need a refresher course on any of the basic features, they can reference the Module 3: Basic System Features article. This section provides information on the PlanSponsorLink and SalesPitch Add-On features that users can supplement their product tier with.


Tier Availability: All Product Tiers


Below is a grid that displays the Add-On features, what data is required to use them, and which Product Tier these Add-Ons are available with.



Some Add-On features may not be available in each product tier. Should users need to import additional datasets, they can find information on how to do so in Module 2: Data Conversion


For more information, please click the links below:

  • PlanSponsorLink
    • PlanSponsorLink acts as a secure portal that allows clients and third parties to easily and securely submit and retrieve annual data, documents, forms, valuations, distribution status, and industry bulletins easily. Users can customize their PlanSponsorLink site to conform to their firm’s branding.
  • SalesPitch
    • SalesPitch is PensionPro’s management system that tracks new business for users. Users can easily maintain information for Prospects and track Proposals for new business on a single dashboard, displaying real-time sales information. SalesPitch allows users to effectively manage their sales leads and new business opportunities.


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    Keith Keidl

    We are requesting a Tab to be named 3(16) to be added while in Workflow that would appear below Projects and Distributions. Please contact me with any questions or please provide and information and timeline to complete this.

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