Tier Availability: Team, Business


Note: SendGrid is available at no extra cost with a Business Tier subscription.


SendGrid is an email relay service that takes the pain out of setting up a secured relay and works from anywhere. When using SendGrid, PensionPro has the ability to analyze and troubleshoot possible errors that might arise when sending a Blast Email.


Using relays from other major mail vendors can impose daily rate limits and will not allow someone to send emails on behalf of others which can be limiting when sending out email blasts. If hosting your own email server, chances are that you will spend a lot of time setting up your relay, it will only work within your office, and you will have to pay someone to configure it. If an IT Specialist spends 2 hours setting up a relay (which is a very low estimate), that cost could cover using SendGrid for two years.


The cost of SendGrid is $10 per month, which will allow for 10,000 emails per month, and the fee will be added to your monthly PensionPro billing. We take care of the entire setup process and generally can have it up and running within 48 hours. If interested, please reach out to us on the Help Center.