Troubleshoot PSL Login (Desktop)

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PensionPro users may need to help troubleshoot login issues with their clients as they try to log into the PlanSponsorLink site. The purpose of this article is to help guide users in this process for their clients to login successfully. 


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If a contact is having trouble logging into PlanSponsorLink, users should review the possible sources below to troubleshoot login issues for their client. 


The user may be using an outdated browser to log into the PlanSponsorLink site. PensionPro supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. PensionPro does recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome as the default browser for logging into PlanSponsorLink. 


If the contact is getting an error message that their username is not recognized, users should confirm the contact is using their email address as their username. The email address found on the PensionPro Contact Details screen for that contact is what the person should be using as their username. 

If a PensionPro user is logging into PlanSponsorLink, they should use the same login they use for PensionPro to log into PlanSponsorLink. This is found on the Account Tab of the Employee Details screen.

First Time Registration 

If it is a contact’s first-time logging into PlanSponsorLink, they will need to register as a first-time user. The user cannot login to PlanSponsorLink until after they have registered as a first-time user. To do so the contact should: 

  1. Browse to the correct PlanSponsorLink site and click the “First time user?” link at the bottom of the login page.  
  2. A First Time User Registration popup will appear.  
  3. Enter their email address in the Email Address field. 
  4. Click Submit. 
    • The email the contact should use is the one that the user has on file in PensionPro on the contact’s Contact Details screen. 
    • If the contact enters an incorrect email, they will receive a message that “No contact information could be found matching “[contact’s email address here].” 

Forgotten Password 

Should a contact forget their password, they can follow the steps below to reset their password. 

  1. Open the browser to the PlanSponsorLink login page.  
  2. Click on the “Forgot password?” link. 
  3. Enter their email address in the Username field. 
  4. Click Submit. 
  5. The contact will receive an email from that contains a temporary password. 
    • If the contact does not receive an email, they should check their spam and junk folders to see if the email was rerouted there. 
    • The user may want to check with their IT department to make sure emails from are whitelisted. 
  6. Enter their email address in the Username field and then carefully cut and paste the temporary password from the email and enter it in the Password field of the PlanSponsorLink login page.  
    • Make sure there aren't any trailing spaces copied from the temporary password email when copying the password.
  7. Click Sign In. 
  8. The contact will be prompted to update their password to something more memorable. 
  9. Click Continue. 

If a user has the Manage Contact Security right, the user can reset the contact’s password. For more information on how to reset a contact’s PSL Password, please review Resetting a Plan Sponsor’s Password. 

The contact must register as a first time user for the Set Password field to appear in PensionPro. 

PensionPro users logging into PlanSponsorLink should use the same password they use to log into PensionPro. Resetting their password will reset their password for PensionPro, PlanSponsorLink and Fetch as these three features use the same credentials.


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