PensionPro Marketplace

Thanks to its influence throughout the TPA industry, PensionPro is able to act as a "gateway" to other applications that build onto what PensionPro already offers. To assist users in discovering ways to further evolve the way they work, the PensionPro Marketplace contains information on innovative partner solutions that integrate with PensionPro, and offers a means of quickly and easily getting in touch with these companies.


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Business


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Accessing the Marketplace


The Marketplace can be opened from any screen in PensionPro. To do so, select Moremore_header.png > PensionPro Marketplace in the header at the top of the page.



Exploring Products


When opened, the Marketplace tab displays brief descriptions of each of our partner products. Select Learn More underneath any product to view more details about the product and the partner company offering it.


If interested in a product, select View Website to be taken directly to the partner's website for further information.


PensionPro also provides the option to reach out directly to our partners. Select Contact under any product to display the Contact Partner window. Here, PensionPro will generate a simple message for the partner company; this message can be edited prior to sending if desired. When satisfied, select Contact in this window to send the message; it will be delivered directly to the partner, who will reach out in response to the request. Additionally, an Interaction will be saved to the Contact tab of the Employee who sent the request.