Creating A Short Plan Year End (Desktop)

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This article describes how to launch an Annual Administration Project for a Short Plan Year End. Creating a Short Plan Year is as easy as launching a project. Please do not manually create Employer Data or Plan Cycle records prior to following the steps below.

Now the user can change the Period Start and Period End Date in both annual projects with web collection and annual project without web collection. Please note that annual projects without web collection will no longer create plan cycles or employer data records automatically. However, the user can create those manually after the project is launched if needed.

Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Business
Security Rights Required:  Access Power Tools, Add/Edit Project


  Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.


Launch an Annual Administration Project with Web Collection 

To launch a Short Plan Year End Annual Administration project with web collection the user should do the following:

  1. From the Plan Details > Home tab, click on the Workflow tab.
  2. Click the Add button to add a Project.
  3. Select the Project Type (Annual Administration).
  4. Select the Template (an Annual Administration with Web Collection template where the Project Frequency is "Annual").
  5. Add a Period Start Date.
  6. Add a Period End Date. If the Period End Date does not match the plan year end in Plan Details the user will no longer receive the checkbox that says Short Plan Year.
  7. Save the project.

This will launch an Annual Administration with Web Collection Project. The system will also create a Plan Cycle (Plan Details > Plan Cycle) and an Employer Data record (Client Details > Employer Data) for the same time period. Please do not create the Plan Cycle or Employer Data first. The Plan End in Plan Details will remain unchanged. Users can edit the Plan End field in Plan Details manually.


Edit Project Period Begin and End Dates for Launched Annual Administration Web Collection Projects

Users now have the ability to edit the Period Start and Period End dates for previously launched Projects.

  1. From the Plan Details > Workflow tab, double-click on a project to open it.
  2. Click on the Summary tab of the Project.
  3. Click the Edit button to the right of the grid.
  4. Make desired changes to the Period Begin and/or Period End Date field(s).
  5. A message will appear stating that Linked Plan Cycle and Employer Data periods will be updated to the dates selected.
  6. Click Save to confirm changes.

Updating the Period Start and/or Period End date for an Annual Administration Web Collection Project will also update the Period Start and Period End dates for the linked Employer Data record and Plan Cycle record periods. The Plan End field on Plan Details will remain unchanged. Users can manually edit the Plan End field by clicking the Edit button on the Plan Details > Home > General tab.

Period Start and Period End Dates can also be edited from either the Plan Cycle or the Employer Data records. If the date is changed in either place, then all linked records will be updated also.


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    Jennifer Barto

    So does that mean if you have a plan that currently has a 9/30/16 PYE and they are moving to a calendar year plan so you will have a short plan year from 10/1/16-12/31/16, that as soon as you create your short plan year for the period of 10/1-12/31/16, you lose the project information for the regular plan year of 9/30/16? You cannot have two different cycles running simultaneously?