Using the Company Directory (Desktop)

This article describes how to view and utilize the Company Directory. The article documents processes such as editing employee information, adding location rights, setting up security rights, and resetting a password.


Tier Availability: All Product Tiers

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Employee



Viewing the Company Directory

Security Rights Required: None

Users can view the Company Directory to view other employees, find extensions, and send emails.


To View the Company Directory

  1. Click on the tab marked Company Directory on the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. The Company Directory slider menu will appear.
    • Employees will be listed by location in alphabetical order.
    • The locations will also be in alphabetical order.
    • Please note that an employee may show multiple times if he or she is associated with various locations.
      • For more information on how to add employees to a Location or adding/editing Locations, please click here.

Fields Shown in the Company Directory

  • Employee Full Name (Last Name, First Name)
  • Employee Title
  • Employee Extension Number
  • The location associated with the Employee

Emailing from Within the Company Directory

  • Click on the Envelope button to the right of the Employee's Name.  An email with the Employee's email address will appear from the user's default email application.


Editing Employee Data

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Employee

Users with the Add/Edit Employee security right can double-click an employee name from the Company directory to edit another employee's information. Here users can update general employee information, location rights, security rights, login names and even reset login passwords.


Home Tab

  1. In the Company Directory double-click on the Employee's name to open the Home tab of the General Employee Information.
  2. In the Home tab the user can edit/enter the following fields:
    • Whether the Employee is Active
    • Whether the Employee should show on PlanSponsorLink
      • If this box is not checked, then the employee will not appear on PlanSponsorLink in either the Secure File Exchange List or the Contact Us screen.
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Hire
    • Date of Termination
    • Employee ID
    • Billing Rate
    • Hourly Employee Cost
    • Hourly Overhead Cost
    • Whether the Employee is Part Time
    • Whether the Employee is Admin Task Performer
    • Payroll ID
  3. Click the Edit button to make changes to the Employee record.
  4. Click Save when complete.


Locations Tab

In the Locations tab, the user can give another user Location rights. If a user is given specific Location rights, they will be granted access to Clients and Plans linked to that Location. Users have access to all Contacts in the system regardless of Location rights.

  1. From the Employee Details > Locations tab, click on the Add button to display the Add Right slider menu.
  2. Choose the Location from the dropdown and click Save.


Security Rights Tab

In the Security Rights tab, the user can grant security rights to an employee to control what the user has access to in PensionPro.

  1. Click on the Add button to display the Add Security Rights slider.
  2. Choose the security right(s) that needs to be granted in the dropdown box and then click the add button.
  3. Once all appropriate rights have been granted, click Save.
    • For more information on Security Rights, click here.


Accounts Tab 

Security Rights Required: None

In the Accounts tab, the user is able to see and edit the Employees’ Login Name, view whether the Employee has Helpdesk Access, and reset their password. Users do not need any rights to view their own Account Tab.

Edit Account Information:

  1. Click the Edit button to the right of the Account grid to edit the user's Login Name or Signature.
  2. Make the desired changes.
    • Changes to the Login Name will require the user to use the new Login Name to log into PensionPro, PlanSponsorLink and/or Fetch depending on product tier.
    • If the user is looking at their own Account tab, they can update their password by checking the box for Update Password.
  3. Click Save

Reset Password:

If Reset Password is clicked, then that Employees’ password for PensionPro will be reset and the Employee will receive an email with a temporary password. The employee will need to use the temporary password when they next try to log into PensionPro. They will be prompted to update their password upon logging in.


Preferences Tab

Security Rights Required: None

In the Preferences tab, the user is able to enable Email Notifications. Users can now elect to receive email notifications from PensionPro when Proposals, Prospects, Tasks or To-Dos are created activated or reassigned to them, alerting those users to check their Dashboard for updates.

  1. Click the Edit button to the right of the Preferences grid to edit the user's Email Notifications preference.
  2. In each of the drop-down menus, select Yes/No for each preference the user would like to receive Email Notifications in.
  3. Click Save.
    • For more information on Email Notifications, click here.


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