Using the Express Import Tool (Desktop)

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Express Import allows the user to easily import Clients, Plans, Contacts, and Investment Provider data in one combined spreadsheet.

Tier Availability: All Tiers

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools

The Express Import tool is only for creating new data records. It cannot be used to update existing data.

Using Express Import

  1. Click on Power Tools > Imports > PensionPro Setup > Express Import from the Applications Menu.
  2. Click on the Download a Template button.
  3. Using the empty template organize and compile the data for import.
  4. Import the data sheet into PensionPro by clicking on Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > Express Import. This will open a browser window to the Import ExpressImport page.
  5. Click on the Select a Spreadsheet button and select the file for import.
  6. Click the Upload button to import the data.
  7. Any errors encountered in importing the data will appear when the data is submitted for Import. If there are issues (not errors) with the import the user can continue to import the data. However, if there are errors then the user must stop and scrub the data before importing the file. Once all the data has been scrubbed, the import will show as completed. 

*Note: If the List Values in the spreadsheet do not exist within PensionPro, the system will automatically create them. 

Import Sheet

The import sheet contains three different tabs

Instructions tab

  • A color-coded Column Legend with instructions. These color-coded columns in the spreadsheet(s) allow the user to see what fields are required, related, recommended, or not required.

Contacts tab

  • The required fields for import are First Name and Last Name.

Plan Sponsors tab

  • The required fields for import are Client Name, Plan Name, Plan Year End Month and Plan Year End Day.

Note: The fields in orange are recommended fields. All the information can be added or edited in PensionPro once the import is complete.


 Feature feedback


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    Mike Bourne

    There are more required fields than listed above. It would be helpful to have a template that showed the options in drop downs, so one doesn't have to guess a the field names such as number type.