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Interactions allow users to store emails, telephone calls, calendar appointments, and meeting information directly in PensionPro. Interactions can be linked to a Client, Plan, Contact, Opportunity, Proposal, or Prospect. Interactions are also automatically logged when users send Secure File Exchanges. This article will explain how to add, edit, and delete Interactions within PensionPro. 


Tier Availability: Team, Premium, Business 

Add-On Availability: SalesPitch 

Security Rights: Add/Edit Interaction, Delete Interaction 




Interaction Types

If the desired Type is not listed, it can be created:

  1. From the Application Menu, click on Maintenance.
  2. Click on List Values.
  3. Click Interaction on the left.
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. Choose a Base Name from the drop-down (these are hardcoded in the system).
  6. Enter a Display Name and Description
  7. Click the Active checkbox to make the Interaction Type active
  8. In the Roles, drop-down choose the Roles you would like to add to be displayed in the interaction slider menu.
  9. Click the Add button next to the Roles dropdown to add the Role.
  10. Once all the roles have been added click Save.

Note: If while in the Interactions tab the user does not see an interaction that in fact exists, the user will need to edit the preset 6 Month setting in the Show For Last dropdown within the Interactions tab. When this is set to All, all interactions logged will populate in the grid.


Adding/Editing/Deleting Interactions

There are many places that Interactions are located in PensionPro. They can be found in Client Details, Plan Details, and Contact Details. If a user has access to SalesPitch, Interactions can be added to Opportunities, Proposals, and Prospects.

  • Users cannot add, edit or link an interaction to a client. The client’s interaction tab is merely a list of all interactions for all linked plans, contacts, etc. for that client.
  • Interactions do not store attachments that may have been on the original correspondence.
  • Interactions created through Blast Email or Secure File Exchange are not editable.  


Adding Interactions  

Interactions can be added in a number of ways. They can be added from the Interaction tab itself, the Data menu, or by dragging and dropping into PensionPro. However, Interactions cannot be added at the Project level.

An Interaction can be linked to a Plan, Prospect, Opportunity, or Proposal via the Linking section at the bottom of the slider. After the Link to Type is selected another drop-down list will appear. The user will need to start typing the name of the Plan, Prospect, Opportunity, or Proposal and selections will show. Click the selection to link the Interaction to the target Plan, Prospect, Opportunity, or Proposal and click Save. If linked, the Interaction will then also appear on the target Plan, Prospect, Opportunity, or Proposal Interactions tab in PensionPro.

  • From the Data Menu 
    • To add an interaction from the Data menu:
      1. From the Application Menu click on Data.
      2. Click on Interactions.
      3. Click on Add an Interaction.
      4. An Add Interaction slider will appear.
      5. Complete the fields. Required fields are Type and Title.
      6. Click Save.
  • From the Interaction Tab  
    • To add an Interaction from the Interaction tab:
      1. Click on the Add button.
      2. An Add Interaction slider will appear.
      3. Complete the fields. Required fields are Type and Title.
      4. Click Save.
  • Dragging and Dropping 
    • One of the more popular ways to add Interactions to PensionPro is to drag and drop them in the Interaction tab at either the Plan, Project, Contact, Opportunity, Prospect, or Proposal level. To do so,
      1. Select an email within Microsoft Outlook
      2. Drag it to the PensionPro screen, and release it. (Please note that we only support Microsoft Outlook 2013 and later).
      3. An Add Interaction slider menu will appear. 
      4. The system will pre-fill the slider menu. The Type and Title are required fields within this menu.


Editing Interactions 

Should users need to update information on an Interaction record, they can edit Interactions. On the Interactions grid, users can choose a selection from the "Show For Last" dropdown to include only recent interaction records after a certain period or all records.

  1. In Plan Details, Contact Details, Opportunities, Proposal, or Prospects highlight the Interaction and click on the Edit button. 
  2. The Edit Interaction slider menu will appear. 
  3. Edit the desired fields on the slider menu. 
  4. Click Save. 

Note: Interactions created through Blast Email or Secure File Exchange are not editable.  

Clicking on the Participants tab within the Interaction will allow the user to add, edit, or delete a participant to the Interaction. 


Deleting Interactions 

Interaction records can be found by clicking on the Interactions tab of Plan Details, Contact Details, Opportunities, Proposal, or Prospects. Keep in mind, that in order to properly delete a Contact record, all interactions must be deleted. 

  1. From the Interactions tab, click once on an Interaction record to highlight it.
  2. Click on the Delete button. 
  3. A message asking “Are you sure?” will appear. 
  4. Click on the "Yes" button to delete. 


Resending an Interaction

Users can open an Interaction record and resend an email or Blast Email Interaction to the recipient. The email is sent from the user's email service.

Resend an Interaction:

  1. From the Interactions tab click once on an Email Interaction to highlight it.
  2. Click on the Resend Interaction (Envelope) button to resend to the interaction recipient.
  3. Click "Yes" to confirm and resend the Interaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Interaction was sent with an attachment. Where does the Interaction show the attachment that was sent? Currently, Interactions do not store attachment records. If an email was dragged and dropped to PensionPro that contained an attachment, the attachment data is not stored in the Interaction record.
  • I resent an interaction, but it did not include the attachment that was included. How can I resend with the attachment? Interactions do not store attachment records so resending an Interaction will not include an attachment that may have originally been included. Users can resend the original message from Outlook or other email provider or resend the Blast Email template that originally contained an attached file.
  • Why can't I edit an Interaction for a Blast Email I sent even though I have all security rights? Interactions created through Blast Email or Secure File Exchange are not editable.  


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