Using Data Filters

Data Filters in PensionPro are used to narrow the results of data displayed when using Blast Email and Power Tools. These data filters allow the user to filter on items such as plan year end, project name, document specifications, Plan Cycle data, and other information to target specific data needed to execute a Power Tool or send a Blast Email.   


Tier Availability: Track, Team, Core, Essential, Premium, Business

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools, Blast Email


How to Filter Data in Blast Email and Power Tools

  1. Click on the Options button.
  2. On the right-hand side labeled Selections are various fields found within PensionPro that can be retrieved to assist in the data filtering process. Each field can be expanded by clicking on the arrow next to it to display the underlying fields below it. Some of the underlying fields also have arrows which will allow them to expand. The fields selected will be returned within the grid as columns of data.
  3. Data Filters can also be added to narrow the results of information returned.
    1. To add a Data Filter, click on the Add button located in the middle of the Options pop up box.
    2. In the left dropdown, select the desired field to filter.
    3. In the middle dropdown, select whether the value should be equal to, not equal to, starts with, ends with, contains, or does not contain. This is the operator by which the filter is utilized.
    4. In the right-hand box, either enter the list value, date, value or selection to filter.
  4. After all appropriate filters have been selected, click on the Options button again to hide the Options pop up box.
  5. Click on the Refresh button to refresh the List screen with the Selections and Data Filters selected.
  6. The resulting data can be filtered further by clicking on the filter buttons to the right of each header column. After clicking a filter button for a header column a filter window will appear.
    • Users have the ability to select a specific entry or multiple entries with specific value(s) or filter on specific actions like Is equal to, starts with, or contains a certain value.
    • The filters can be removed by clicking on the broom button located above the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  7. The resulting data can also be grouped and sorted by using the Toggle Grouping button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
    • Click on any column header and drag the header to the light gray grouping bar. The screen will reorganize in a collapsed view according to the grouping column selected.
    • Click on the collapsed line item to expand the grouping and see the details of the items within the group.
    • Click on the Toggle Grouping button again to remove any groupings from the screen.


Selections in Blast Emails

The Selections that the user has available in Blast Email is based on the Mailing type. Different mailing types will allow more or less Merge and Selection Fields within Blast Email. Some selections will be greyed out and others selected. Email, First Name, and Last Name are selected by default as these fields are required for the basic Recipient refresh. Any other greyed out fields are determined by which Merge Fields are used on the Subject and Body tab.


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